What is a nipple thermometer. Is it worth itbuy?

Every parent should have a thermometer for
измерения температуры тела новорожденного child This is usually
mercury or electronic devices that need to keep the armpit.
However, for the smallest there are other temperature meters –
nipple thermometers. What is it and how to use them – consider
more details.

The content of the article

  • 1 Pacifier Thermometer – what is it?
    • 1.1 What age to use?
    • 1.2 Controversial Issues
  • 2 How to choose the right pacifier thermometer?
    • 2.1 Consumer reviews


Pacifier Thermometer – what is it?

The mechanism of the product is quite simple: the design resembles
ordinary latex or silicone pacifier. Built into it
special sensor that displays the temperature. The device is supplied
power button – off. Many of them have backlighting,
providing free temperature measurement at night
days. The indicator can show the state of the temperature change
color signal: normal temperature – green light,
increased – red.


The principle of action is as follows: The child takes the pacifier-thermometer in the mouth. With
pressing the power button starts the measurement sensor
temperature Numbers are highlighted on the display. Soon the device delivers
signal, notifying the end of the measurement. Depending on the
manufacturer, the nipple thermometer measures the temperature from one to
five minutes. Turn off the thermometer and immediately remove from the child’s mouth,
as the pacifier thermometer cannot be operated for a long time,
like a regular dummy.

The last result is saved automatically.

Соска-термометр как прибор абсолютно безопасен
and meets all standards and norms of consumer

What age to use?

Can be used from birth. Manufacturers in the instructions
рекомендуют использовать соску-термометр до достижения
a child of three years old.


The advantages of the device include:

  • Temperature measurement time – 1 minute;
  • Safety – does not contain mercury, it can not be accidentally broken.
    Not able to cause injury due to soft latex or silicone
    from which the nipple is made;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Auto power off function;
  • The presence of the backlight – the results are easy to read, even in the dark
    Times of Day;
  • Save the last result.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • You can not suck the thermometer-nipple all the time, as usual
  • At the most inopportune moment batteries can sit down;
  • Error. Although manufacturers promise precise
    result with a small error of 0.1 ° C, but some reviews
    they talk about greater inaccuracy. This is due to the fact that
    sucking nipple moves. Breathing is also very influential.
    ребёнка и его плач во время измерения temperature Baby should
    breathe through your nose without opening your mouth. That is, in the case of a cold instrument
    will not give a reliable result. Some manufacturers themselves
    indicate that you should pay attention to additional factors:
    face redness, sweating, anxiety. And emphasize
    the need to confirm the result by measuring others
    thermometer rectal in case of high temperature or if
    doubts arose;
  • Disinfection. Not all models can be sterilized as usual.
    dummies. Although it is possible to wash the thermometer with warm soapy water or
    use for processing hydrogen peroxide solution or
    isopropyl alcohol.

It is best to buy collapsible nipples, thermometers,
because it will give you the opportunity to boil or sterilize
nipple before use.

Controversial issues

The controversial issues include the time taken to measure the temperature,
the term of operation and cost nipple thermometers. We will consider them

  1. Manufacturers promise fast reliable results within
    sixty seconds. However, the same instructions indicate that
    нормальное время измерения — около five minutes.
  2. The warranty is valid for two to five years, then the instrument
    may become inoperative. The battery must last for three
    years, however the guarantee does not extend to it. Replace
    you can’t do it yourself Withчём многие термометры-соски капризные:
    afraid of direct sunlight and high humidity, not to mention
    about bumps and falls.
  3. The cost of nipple thermometers varies from 350 to 1,500 rubles.
    The average cost is about 500 rubles. When compared with the usual
    a mercury thermometer, the price of which does not exceed one hundred rubles,
    it turns out expensive. However, if the amount is divided by a couple of years
    operation, the price no longer seems high.
  4. Another controversial point is the presence of a sound signal. For
    parents signal is a positive phenomenon, for a small child he
    may come as a surprise. The squeak of the device can disturb the baby
    во время процедуры измерения temperature

How to choose a pacifier thermometer?

Even if the baby sucks a pacifier – not the fact that he will suck
unusual for him pacifier thermometer. After all, ordinary dummies are
round, drop-shaped, in the form of a cone. Therefore orthodontic form
nipple-thermometer may not be suitable. Parents know how picky
in this regard babies. Therefore worth take into account the shape of the nipples,
the material from which they are made (latex or silicone).


Consider the individual characteristics of the child, as he takes
innovations, does not refuse unusual objects, because
The nipple thermometer is heavier than a regular pacifier because of the built-in
mechanism. And a capricious crumb can refuse the subject,
different from everyday nipples.

It is better to purchase a pacifier thermometer in a pharmacy or store
medical equipment. They contact a specialist who will give advice
and help determine the choice.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как новорожденному ребенку померить
temperature (where it is better to measure and how thermometer)
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/uhod-za-rebenkom/kak-novorozhdennomu-rebenku-pomerit-temperaturu-gde-luchshe-izmeryat-i-kakim-termometrom.html

Consumer reviews


Reviews of parents who purchased different nipple thermometers
manufacturers, most of them are positive. And all
note an interesting idea, safety of the device and simplicity in
application. Наиболее популярный бренд — Little Doctor
и Baby Temp
. Другие — Microlife, Maman,
Philips Avent, Mothercare, Safety 1st, Camera, Сказка и
All negative reviews are related to high
accuracy of such nipples. When a child is sick, you can not take risks.
Especially, if the baby is quite a baby. Among other shortcomings –
high price.


Buy pacifier thermometer can be in the children’s Internet
stores BABADU.ru and in the store AKUSHERSTVO.ru

Юлия Усманова, г. Москва: «Насчёт верности
Measurements with the “Little Doctor” pacifier – I can safely confirm it, since
the temperature value coincided with the usual mercury thermometer. But
My baby does not like nipples very much, therefore, measuring the temperature, you need
make sure that he does not spit out the pacifier-thermometer and distract
child But безопасность — несомненный плюс, да и по скорости
advantage over a mercury thermometer in its favor. So that

Ирина Петрова, г. Воронеж: «За изобретение
you can put the “five”, for utility – no more than “two”.
Bought a thermometer “LD – 303″, thought – a useful thing. But no,
just throw money away. If the child is sick, his nose
it is laid and breathes through the mouth. And the temperature measurement condition
соской — только закрытый рот child Her baby’s form is not
liked He squeaks loudly – the child was frightened when he was small.
Measurements with an accuracy of 0.2 – 0.3. It is important! Charging not
is changing. What good is such a wonderful nipple? The idea, the absence of mercury,
ease of use and good design. No more”.

Елена Райдер, г. Ижевск: «В аптеке мне
offered to buy a digital doctor “Little Doctor LD-303”. Never i
I did not regret this wonderful purchase! Thermometer is very similar to
Our usual pacifier from Avent. She does not interfere with the child,
The procedure for measuring the temperature passes unnoticed. Takes not
more than two minutes. Сигнал тихий, не пугает сонного child
The result is identical to the testimony of a mercury thermometer. Checked more than once.
Only the measurement time with a pacifier thermometer is less. Hence he
more convenient. I trust the nipple 100%! ”

Марьяна Ленина, г. Дмитровск: «Ещё до рождения
my daughter bought a Microlife thermometer pacifier in advance because
many friends praised her very much. It is convenient because the background of the display
is changing. If the temperature is high, except for the result in numbers,
the display will be red, accompanied by frequent picking, as
like an alarm. If there is no temperature – the display
green. It does not need to shake like a mercury thermometer. It is supplied
the cap protecting a pacifier from dirt. The nipple itself disconnects.

Victoria Koroleva, Rostov-on-Don:
�“Thermal nipples are a miracle invention, in my opinion. We have
This nipple company “Avent”, whose products has proven itself
as an indicator of quality in the market for children’s products.
It is convenient to use the teat soak when the baby sucks the usual
pacifier Measures temperature not as fast as we would like. But
You can slip it at any time. But вот показаниям я бы верить не
became, because it overstates the temperature. Therefore, I insure and
I usually measure the temperature by two thermometers. ”

If you decide to purchase a pacifier thermometer, keep on
just in case the house and the usual thermometer. Review allows you to see
That such a measuring device in the form of a nipple is not a panacea, it can
to err. And the battery can sit at the wrong time at the digital
thermometer. Take care of your children. We wish them strong

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