What is a hormone antimuller responsible for? What kindNormal values ​​of AMH in the female body?


  • What you need to know about the test for antimuhler hormone?
  • When it is necessary to take an analysis on antimullers
  • Table AMG by age for women
  • Preparation with delivery of the analysis on AMG?
  • Norm antimühler’s hormone
  • Decreased Anti-Muller Hormone Level
  • How to increase the inhibitory substance
    Muller (AMG)?
  • Increased AMG level
  • Video
  • Artificial insemination for AMG disorders

The growth rate in the female body is directly dependent on
production of antimullerian hormone. Norm antimühler’s hormone у
women may differ depending on age. Other name
– Müller inhibiting substance. It is a local hormone.

What it is? Unlike other substances produced in
human body, the brain does not participate in
development of antimullerian hormone. This function is assigned
exclusively on the ovaries.

What you need to know about the test for antimuhler hormone?

The amount of this substance indicates the state of the reproductive
functions of a woman. In girls who have not yet started sex
ripening, this analysis is not performed.

The maximum content of anti-Muller hormone in the blood
наблюдается в молодом возрасте – до 30 лет. Then
the concentration level gradually decreases, and during menopause
completely disappears.

анализы амг

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When it is necessary to take an analysis on antimullers hormone?

  • If there are side effects in the body caused by
    testosterone or drugs containing the male hormone.
  • When checking the functioning of follicle-stimulating hormone.
    He is responsible for the maturation of the ovocyte in the ovary.
  • In the initial stages of polycystic ovary, which may
    cover adjacent organs. As a rule, we are talking about
    the kidneys.
  • When establishing the cause of infertility.
  • With failures in sexual development.

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Table AMG by age for women

Normal values ​​of the hormone AMH, as already mentioned,
observed at about 30 years of age. Accordingly, in 40 years
This indicator is guaranteed to change. Decryption
result is performed using the following data:

Amh value Indicator
Tall >6,8
Normal 4-6,8
Normal низкий 2-2,4
Low 0.3-2.2
Very low <0,3

Indicator измеряется на основе анализа гормонов венозной blood.
As a rule, the result becomes known 2 days after this

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failure in women

Preparation with delivery of the analysis on AMG?

Detecting the level of anti-Muller hormone – rather troublesome
a process that is influenced by many factors:

  1. The procedure should be carried out on an empty stomach, you can not smoke,
    take alcoholic beverages. It is allowed to drink water;
  2. The test should be carried out on certain days of the menstrual cycle.
    Best done on the second to fifth day;
  3. Required to exclude both physical and moral
  4. The analysis shows the most truthful results when passing it to
    morning time;
  5. Subject to the presence in the body of infectious diseases, and
    also in the case of recent colds,
    carrying out the analysis is better to transfer.

The analysis should be carried out in a specially equipped

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Norm antimühler’s hormone

It is worth noting that the normal rate of anti-Muller hormone
found in modern women all
less often. Do not worry if there are small deviations.
However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the reasons.
low or high levels of this hormone in

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Decreased Anti-Muller Hormone Level

Such a phenomenon can talk about the following:

  1. Наличии раннего полового развития у девушки, а
    also the menstrual cycle is too short (less than 28 days);
  2. Ожирении или большом количестве лишнего
  3. Пониженном уровне гормона при климаксе, то
    there are opportunities for women to conceive a child in a natural way
  4. Наличии генетических аномалий, которые
    inherited from parents.
  5. Механическом повреждении половых органов.
    This is especially acute for the ovaries. Wound could come as in
    as a result of injury, and due to careless
    surgical intervention.

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How to increase the inhibitory substance Мюллера

It is worth remembering that to do this, even with medication
escort is almost impossible. Currently developed
various diets as well as nutritional supplements to increase levels
antimullerian hormone. Nutritional supplements are presented as
bee products, preferably – royal jelly. They are
applied by patients before eco-fertilization.


Мёд и прополис рекомендуется употреблять и во
time for a successful pregnancy to improve lactation.

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Increased AMG level

Although any deviations are considered dangerous for
the body of a woman, precisely at an elevated level of this hormone in
blood serious diseases are observed (genital cancer).
Also in this case, there is a high probability offensive
premature birth or miscarriage.

Article in topic: What type of blood will the child have? Is it possible
determine by parental data?

The main reasons for the increased level of anti-Muller

  1. The presence of violations in the sexual development of girls;
  2. The presence of malignant or benign formations in the body.
    Even if the tumor was successfully eliminated, the patient must
    be monitored regularly by a specialist for level examination
    Inhibiting Mullerian substance;
  3. The presence of pathologies of the ovaries. Revealing it is quite simple.
    since with such a diagnosis the menstrual cycle has an irregular
    character. Ovulation cannot be performed due to malfunction.
    ovary. The risk zone also includes the ovaries, hypothalamus,
    pancreas. In this case also may develop

Immediately after the woman has a high level
antimullerian hormone, the doctor must appoint her
ultrasound of the genitals. Based on his
result you can already determine the exact cause of the level deviation
hormone from normal. Only after an ultrasound rational to prescribe treatment
in order to lower the amg.

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