What if your child is afraid of high-profilesounds

что делать если ребенок боится громких sounds

Baby of the first month of life tight enough
sleeps both at night and in the daytime: his sleep is not disturbed either by loud noises or
speech or background noise. However, from the second month of life crumbs
The situation may change dramatically. Some babies are beginning to be afraid.
phone ringing, shuddering from the buzz of a coffee grinder, crying, hearing
singing clockwork toys. Parents realizing that their child is afraid
громких sounds, не могут выяснить причину этого и не знают, что

When and why does a baby’s fear arise?

Страх громких sounds проявляется почти у всех детей на раннем
stage of their development (development from birth to one year). Mom can
notice that a two-three-month-old baby scares a laugh, the buzz of a working
vacuum cleaner, loud talk and other harsh sounds. Baby can
flinch at annoying noise or cry when stepping into

Why is the child still afraid (or just started
боятся) громкого шума\sounds?
Almost all babies fears
laid by nature itself. An exception is the fear of a particular
a case experienced by a kid, for example, the fear of water after an unsuccessful
bathing. Причина страха громких sounds — не в неправильном
raising a child and not in an oversight of parents. This is a reaction
naturally developing nervous system crumbs. To similar fears
child fear of being left without mom, fear of strangers
by people.

Боязнь шума и резких sounds чаще всего наблюдается у малышей
not for long. Such fear can persist for up to a year or two years. If a
the child continues to be afraid even after this age
the nervous system has problems that require consultation
specialist. How much and long does the baby feel
Fear of noise depends on the behavior of his parents.


What should parents do?

Мама и папа часто не могут понять, что делать если
малыш боится. Some parents are able to scream at the child.
or even slap it. However, with the baby before the year
permissible, it can only worsen the situation and turn it into
a real problem for a child in the future.

To soothe the baby and gradually rid it of
страха громких sounds, родители должны:

  • more often talk to the child calmly and tenderly using
    constant intonation and voice strength. Well, if a crumb can
    hear men’s voices: so he quickly learns to perceive
    unusual baritone for him;
  • hearing a sharp or loud noise, noise, behave as usual
    do not jump or scream otherwise the child will consider that
    there really is a danger;
  • sometimes include beautiful baby melodic music;
  • show crumbs the source of the sound that frightened him. For example,
    вместе рассмотреть гудящий пылесос (читаем ребенок
    afraid of vacuuming – what to do?), give hold the phone rang,
    look out the window at the signaling car;
  • teach a child to make different sounds: quiet and loud.
    Inspired by the new fun, the baby will be calmer to respond to
    external noise;
  • soothe and relax your baby by singing to him quiet
  • do not keep absolute silence during sleep of the child. Better if
    он будет засыпать в обстановке негромких sounds: при работающем
    tv or relaxed conversation. In this case, a sharp violation
    silence, for example, the doorbell does not frighten or even wake
  • когда ребенок боится громких sounds постоянно, закатывает
    hysterical every time with a sudden noise, badly calms down, his
    need to show a neurologist. Timely appeal to this
    the child specialist will help to identify a violation in the work of the nervous
    crumbs system and find a way to calm him down. Together with the appointment
    doctors can use daily baths with a soothing

Watch the video on the topic:

For a baby who is afraid of loud and sudden noise, the most
the main thing is calm parents and a favorable atmosphere in the family.
Adults should understand that such a problem in children under 12 months
– not uncommon, it does not speak about rejection or developmental disorder
baby To get the baby accustomed to the noisy world, it is important to surround
his smiles, gentle looks, quiet songs and calm

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Почему ребенок боится

Дети боятся sounds. Смешные дети пугаются sounds


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