What if the child rolls over in his sleepon the stomach

Often for the mother becomes a problem failure of the baby
sleep on your back or side. We will tell you what to do if the child
переворачивается во сне on the stomach, нужно ли беспокоиться по этому
about how and as much as possible to protect him from possible


Сон on the stomachе. What to do?

Many children still from infancy like to sleep on
. They ridiculously pick up legs and sweet
snuffle, and even grunt. However moms have a similar body position
The child is alarming and even scared. Many think, not harmful
ли такой сон и не сулит ли постоянное засыпание on the stomachе проблем
with health. Moreover, grandmothers and other relatives in one
голос утверждают, что спать on the stomachе для ребенка – это страшно и
is unacceptable. And on women’s forums too much controversial
information. Some moms write that baby can choke or
choke in a dream. Others altogether frighten the likelihood of an offensive.
Svds. And the third reassures that nothing wrong with the child is not
will happen.

Asking what to do if the child
переворачивается во сне on the stomach или не хочет засыпать на спине,
можно ответить кратко – ничего
. Actually, no
this habit does not represent fear. And even brings great benefits
for the baby.

Плюсы засыпания on the stomachике

Глядя на странную позу грудничка, спящего on the stomachике, многие
Moms think that he is very uncomfortable. The legs are tucked up, baby like
as if on knees. In fact, this posture repeats
the position of the fetus in the womb. The child subconsciously chooses
самый лучший для него вариант, ведь сон on the stomachе снижает нагрузку
on the still weak spine.

младенец спит on the stomachике

The first months the child has frequent problems with
digestion. This is manifested in constipation and gas, permanent
colic. And many experienced pediatricians recommend to lay out more often.
грудничка on the stomachик. It is in this position that the digestive processes
normalized. As a result, babies rarely have colic and
other troubles.


ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как правильно выкладывать
новорожденного ребенка on the stomachик

— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/kak-pravilno-vyikladyivat-rebenka-na-zhivotik.html

In addition, in this position, the baby feels much more comfortable.
Нижняя часть  туловища оказывается немножко приподнятой, а
значит,  улучшается кровоснабжение мозга. Muscles of the spine
плечиков и шеи  укрепляются гораздо быстрее. If during
such a dream, the baby also spreads her legs widely, it’s just
excellent prevention of dysplasia.

Also, many parents are concerned about the frequent belching of small
baby Children up to one year long regurgitate, and sleep on the back can carry
threat – the baby is able to choke at night. If he sleeps on
tummy, this will not happen.

Some mothers are concerned about direct communication.
между сном on the stomachе и наступлением СВДС, известного как синдром
sudden infant death. In fact, the causes of SIDS medicine are not
known, but eminent professors completely reject
the likelihood of death due to the position of the child’s body in a dream. Seem to be,
here are deeper reasons for health

ЧИТАЕМ ЕЩЕ: Can ли новорожденному спать на
stomach? Сон младенца on the stomachе — плюсы и

So what to do if the child rolls over in a dream on

Someone from the parents, disturbing, turns the baby
back to back, someone leaves as is. In fact,
there is no reason for great unrest. But some moments
should consider:

  • The presence of a small pillow or its full
    . Babies under one year old do not need a pillow at all, her
    need to replace a simple thick diaper. Лежа on the stomachе, ребенок не
    should face down into a soft cloth. Generally, all pediatricians in
    one voice asserts a simple truth – in the crib should not
    there are no toys, pillows and other clutter that
    Falls can pose a threat to infants life. Closer to the year you can
    purchase a thin small pillow designed specifically for
    little children. Читаем также: с какого
    age child can sleep on a pillow;
  • Варианты сна на спине. If by any
    причинам вы боитесь оставлять ребенка спать on the stomachе, можно
    consider ways to make him take a “normal” pose.
    Засыпая on the stomachике, многие детки умудряются ползать во сне по
    bed, lie down across and curl in the most unbelievable postures.
    It is possible to exclude these movements by swaddling, but it is convenient only for
    parents. The kids here have to tight in every sense – and
    it is impossible to move, and blood circulation may be disturbed.
    You can replace the swaddling of the baby with hard pillows,
    making it difficult to turn the baby. Or replace the crib with
    cradle. And finally, many parents place the child next to
    yourself to control his sleep. However, this option is not always
    good because later wean the baby from the habit of falling asleep in
    parents’ beds are very hard (how to teach a child to sleep in his
  • Исключение развития кривошеи. It concerns
    children in the first months of their lives. Frequent finding of the head in one
    position can cause the formation of torticollis. To prevent this
    happened, you need to take care of the alternation of sleep on the left and right
    the sides (read about crooked);
  • Preparing a child for sleep. Provide
    quiet and healthy sleep your baby can be properly prepared.
    An hour and a half before falling asleep, you must eliminate noisy games. Can
    take a baby soothing massage, give him a glass of warm
    milk, tell a good tale. Soothing baby quickly fall asleep
    and can even sleep all night in one position. Just need
    get up more often at night and check how he sleeps.
    ИНТЕРЕСНО: Гениальный трюк — как уложить
    baby sleep for 1 minute.

Наши дети всегда будут удивлять нас, своих parents.
His actions and statements, unexpected manifestations
character And our task is to enjoy every stage of development.
little man Therefore, if the baby likes to roll over
sleep, pull up your legs and put your finger in your mouth, try
just remember this funny habit. So years later,
gathering the whole family at the table, laughing about her

The position of the newborn during sleep:

Доктор Комаровский рассказывает о том, как
to properly sleep a baby:

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