What if the child is grimacing?

Some children have a habit of teasing.
other people – they grimace, make faces, make faces. Alone
children clowning around only in the circle of people close to them, being at home.
Others arrange a similar circus in public, in the presence of
outsiders. Why are they doing that? What should parents do if
requests to stop ape children do not react?

rebenok krivliaetsia

Why does a child make faces?

1. По мнению психологов, существует несколько
reasons why a child often grimaces. One of them is
желании ребенка самоутвердиться. By his crooked child
trying to draw attention to himself. He likes everything
surrounding look at him. It seems to the child that he behaves
boldly, brightly and effectively, to everyone for joy, and, in general, – ogogo! The
more that around a little clown dances usually begin with
tambourines, someone grumbles, someone laughs, someone gets angry – emotions
seethe, life is in full swing, and all this reinforces the importance of the child: I
I am worthy of attention.

2. Если ребёнок считает себя не таким
interesting or talented, like other children of his age, he can
start to ape to stand out from their background. Baby can
be unsure of yourself, consider yourself worse than others, be shy and
тревожиться, —  и тогда кривляние становится странным способом
still ensure the necessary contact with people, as if through
protective mask.

3. Когда малыш подвержен чувству неуверенности
in himself, he can also clown around. Children who face
ridicule from peers about their external data
or inner qualities (peers ridicule for completeness,
clumsiness, excessive modesty or another quality that makes them
unlike the rest.), often pose as jesters.

4. Когда появляется второй ребёнок в семье,
older children lack care and attention
jealousy of the youngest child because mom is more busy with
baby Naturally, the eldest son or daughter feels offense, which
and encourages them to use different ways to conquer
mother’s attention. One of these ways is grimacing,
which is like a cry for help.
The child as if shouts:
�”Mom, well, finally, turn your attention to me!”

5. Клоунаду нередко устраивают и избалованные
children who were allowed everything in early childhood. Excessive custody
parents usually lead to the fact that their children do not know how to be
independent, they are accustomed to being cared for, like babies.
Reaching the age of 5-7 years, they continue to behave like
small, not aware of their role in society. Curse is only
confirmation of the infantilism of spoiled children, they get used to
the role of the baby, because they do not know that you can behave somehow

6. Дезадаптация у младших школьников. Have
undergraduates grimacing and joking at school and at home often
become one of the signs of school maladjustment when
child has difficulty learning and communication in the classroom. This
problem must be solved together with the teacher: find out how the child
behaves at school, what difficulties does he have in school
process, in communication, ask the teacher to help the child to establish
contact with classmates (praise him, call to the board and give
feasible tasks). And at home to do more with the child – and not
only lessons, but also ordinary things, instilling in him all the same
self esteem and giving him parental attention.

7. Вперед, на сцену! And the last
list, but not important: there is a chance that your actor is growing! BUT
his “antics” is only a way to tell the world about his rich and
subtle emotional world that breaks out. If you
suspected in the child’s penchant for performing arts, help
he will develop in this direction and create a niche in which
all “posturing” is invested: theater studio or dance, studio
animation, fine art or puppet shows. The main thing is to baby
felt at ease. Then episodic ape
will acquire grace and moderation.

What can parents do if a child makes faces?

chto delat` kogda rebenok krivliaetsia


1. Родителям нужно помочь детям как можно
quickly get rid of the habit of grimacing until she
turned into a character trait. First you need
постараться развить у ребёнка чувство уверенности
. it
can be done if you give the child more options, where
if he could be independent. Trust him small
orders – ask to remove the table, collect toys,
make the bed. When the crumb himself undertakes to do something, not
Hurry. Be careful – sometimes parents just don’t
notice some of the little things that the child did himself.
Be sure to express your approval for the efforts of children, praise them
for any work done to increase their self-esteem.

2. Help the child find himself in something
. Offer him to dance
sports, painting or collecting. If he possesses
good memory, use this talent. Let the child remember
new interesting facts about the world teaches poems. It is important that
the kid was fascinated by the process, sought to achieve some
results. Possession of unusual skills will allow the child
stand out among his peers. Cling to all that your children
do well, develop these skills, praise for them. Feeling
parental support and approval, the child will easily cope with
its uncertainty.

3. Чтобы помочь детям избавиться от неприятной
привычки, родителям нужно научиться не обращать внимания на
the way they are wriggled.
it нелегко, но действенно, потому
that children make faces and make faces just to
cause a reaction in the family (in no case should
support the child’s antics with attention, laughter or
interest, cry and swearing). If not, then there is no meaning.
continue clowning. Remember when you shout, swear, demanding
stop the circus, you show the same reaction or response,
whom the child expects.

Do not try to deal with it. Just ignore
on his antics. The more annoying you are, the stronger it will be
ape, but when he sees that you are not interested in it, he
calm down. The result will certainly not be instant, but you should
try not to respond to his actions for several days. If so
too infuriates – take a deep breath and count to ten. And not
scold the child, maybe he will grow up as an artist :)


4. Когда сын или дочка начинают кривляться,
it is better to calmly explain to them that this occupation is perfect
useless. Tell the child that you were just going along with
him to do an interesting thing, so you wait for him to finish

5. Когда малыш кривляется, он не видит себя со
parties. Give him the opportunity to look at himself. Ask for
draw him some face in front of the mirror, turning him
attention to how stupid and ugly he looks at it.
Draw a caricature of portraits. Trying to give advice
do it in a positive way, pay attention to the good,
what is in the child. For example: “You are a kind and intelligent boy, to me
like it. But I don’t like it at all when you grimace. ”
The words: “Now stop wooing!” Will be less effective,
than those in which praise sounds at first.

Following the above tips, parents will soon
will notice that their child is less likely to make faces and mimic
surrounding He realizes that it is much easier to draw attention to
myself, doing standing and useful things.

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