What if the baby bites the chest duringfeeding?

Having coped with difficulties at the initial stage of feeding,
Some mothers will soon again face the problem – the child
bites his chest. Why does he do that? Usually children bite their breasts in
a period when their teeth are cutting through. So the kids are trying
relieve itchy gums. Прthemерно с трёхмесячного возраста младенцы
begin to play with the mother’s breast, developing new skills.
Naturally, the mothers have a question – how to wean the baby off to bite in
feeding time while keeping the breast


Why baby bites nipple when feeding – causes

Small children who have not yet cut their teeth can bite
сосок при кормлении, сжthemая его дёснами. Psychologists say that
kids know the world around, show curiosity. They are interested
что же произойдёт, если хорошенько прижать мамину грудь – отнthemут
her or not? This interest is closely related to the psycho-emotional
child development.

Children as young as three months can nip their nipples, even
if they are hungry. So they play with their breasts. During the game kids
they look at mom, smile at her while biting her nipple and
moving it from side to side. These actions help the child
get new skills. He masters the movements of the lips and tongue. If your
ребёнок ведёт себя themенно так, будьте уверены – он просто
amused. Do not worry that your milk is tasteless or
it is not enough.

What should mom make so that the baby doesn’t

You need to show the crumbs that you do not like this behavior.
This can be done by briefly taking away the chest. At the same time you need to do
strict face and calm, but seriously say: “You can not! Mom hurt
из-за укуса, поэтому молочка Дthemа (Яня) больше не получит».
Despite the dissatisfaction of the crumbs, try not to give him a breast.
как минthemум минут 10-15. So repeat every time. After some
время (два-три раза) ребенок поймет, что происходит после
how he will bite mother’s breast: mother is not happy, breast
unavailable. Карапуза оба эти варианта не устраивают, поэтому
He will try not to bite you anymore! It happens that the nipple is bitten to
blood. In this case, you should not give a sick breast to the child while
the blood will not clot and turn into a scratch (otherwise baby
swallows your blood, which is not good).

Teeth cut through

Children who have teeth erupting experience pain. They
constantly gnawing something, trying to get rid of unpleasant
sensations. Mother’s breasts can be used for these purposes. BUT
baby’s cutting teeth are as sharp as knives! BUT челюсти такие
strong! У крохи режутся зубки, и само собой разумеется,
ребенок хочет понять, зачем же это нечто появилось у него во
mouth Therefore, the baby during this period bites everything. Only here’s mom from
this is not easier.

How to proceed?

If crumbs have swollen gums, give them before feeding.
special toy teether for teeth. You can buy it in
any pharmacy. Let be малыш почешет свои дёсенки, сколько ему нужно.
After that, offer him a chest. Preferably several times
interrupt feeding so that the crumb can use again
teether When another tooth climbs, lubricate the child
воспалённые дёсны специальным обезболивающthem гелем, прежде чем
start feeding.

прорезыватель для зубов

прорезыватель для зубов

Не дышит носик

When the crumbs of the nose, he feels discomfort when sucking.
At the same time, he can direct his displeasure to the mother’s breast,
because, being in the mouth, it prevents him from breathing. One of
ways to fix something or show that he is uncomfortable –
bite mom’s nipple.

How to help the child?

If the baby is suffering from a runny nose, clean his nasal before feeding.
Aspirator moves, removing the selection. Apply it to the chest
upright, in this position, the crumbs will breathe more easily.

Incorrectly applied to the chest

If during breastfeeding mom is distracted by something else
– talking on a cell phone or watching TV, a child can
crawling off the right grip on the chest. In such случае сосок матери
is no longer deep in the child’s mouth. Baby will surely give
to know mom that he was uncomfortable to eat.

What to do?

Correct the situation can be, if you constantly monitor how the child
took the chest. That’s right, when the baby’s lips capture the areola around
the nipple, while the tongue rests on the lower jaw, bulging a little

правильное прикладывание к груди

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baby to the chest

Scarce does not want to eat

If the baby is already full and does not want to suckle anymore, he may
just play with her. According to some moms, their children are starting
nibbling the nipple when the breast milk is over. Sometimes baby
it does when it falls asleep or, being carried away by something, turns
head to the side.


Also, a child may bite at the breast due to a lack of milk,
малыша есть желание поэксперthemентировать с маминой реакцией и
привлечь к себе внthemание, из-за постоянного использования резиновых
pacifiers and nipples.

How to react to mother when baby bites breast?

Если кроха в первый раз укусил сосок мамы, он не понthemает, что
made. However, the mother at this moment feels pain. Her natural
the reaction is to scream or sharply pull the nipple out of the baby’s mouth,
can scream at the child and scold him (it is useless, he does not
blame and bit you not specifically). Although restrain yourself pretty
difficult, but this behavior when biting the breast by a child is impossible
allow in no case. Услышав вскрик мамы, младенец
can get very frightened, and then give up the breast altogether. Sharp
it is also impossible to remove the nipple from the baby’s mouth, so movement is easy
injure the skin even more than with a bite. If the baby squeezed nipple
teeth, you need to try as soon as possible to release the chest.

How to release a breast if the child has bitten it?

  • Do not pull out the nipple – the risk is even greater
    damage the skin, especially if the child already has several
  • Press the crumb so that he buried his nose in the chest. In such
    the position of the child is difficult to breathe and even bite the chest. To
    take a breath, he will have to open his mouth. Some moms
    prefer to gently pinch the nose of the child, so that he opens his mouth and
    released nipple. Although to me personally (Razahatskaya Natalya) is a way with
    little finger seems less stressful;
  • Very gently put a little finger in the corner of the baby’s mouth
    slowly dissolve his jaws. Without removing the finger, release
  • Lightly press your baby’s chin with your thumb. When he
    open your mouth, pull out the nipple.
Lightly press your baby’s chin with your thumb. When he откроет рот, вытащите сосок

Lightly press your baby’s chin with your thumb.
When he откроет рот, вытащите сосок

Как отучить ребёнка кусать грудь во
время кормления

To пресечь все попытки ребёнка кусаться при кормлении, маме
need to show him – you can not play with the chest. Try
use several tricks described below.

The child is most afraid of being left without her mother’s breast. This
fact and need to use to stop all attempts
biting nipple while sucking. If the baby bit you, take it away.
his chest, strictly look him in the eyes, calmly say
the word “no” or “no.” The child can not understand the first time
a lesson, but if it happens again and again, repeated mom
he will remember the actions – if he bites, he loses his chest.

When a child, despite your “no,” continues to play with
nipple, biting him again and again, take away his chest and
put it on the cot. Having lost a breast for a few minutes, a crumb
figure out that mom did not like his behavior.

If he asks for the breast again, attach it again. Bites –
postpone, explain and leave the room. This must also be done
calmly, without strong emotions. So we show that not
we want to communicate when the child behaves this way. In a minute
come back, soothe, offer breasts. If starts hard
cry, you can immediately go in, pick up, calm, but nevertheless
less do it without guilt, with inner confidence in

But be prepared for the fact that in a few days the child
will want to make sure once again the seriousness of your intentions. Need to
will try to remember and repeat the exact same reaction,
so that the child gets bored experimenting in this direction

Kids from the year who are already aware of what they did to mom
biting her chest hurts, a technique based on
praise. After each feeding that did not bite,
show your baby that you are happy – hug, kiss and praise him
for good behavior.

Author Elena Dudina
— http://mamakormit.ru/rebenok-byvaet-kusachim/

Often simultaneously with the episodes of breast biting, the child begins
to pull the second breast while nursing, as well as pinching the mother,
tugging at her nose, hair and other places as long as he can
reach out These extra movements of the child are unpleasant to mom,
therefore, they too can and must be fought. If you do not stop in time
such manifestations, it is possible to reach absurd situations. On one of
I’ve read forums dedicated to this issue that some kid
ate breast only if during feeding
allowed to roll a little car over mom’s body. Imagine
how “comfortable” mom felt at the same time … And immediately
it is clear who dictates the rules in this family. Who comes out the winner
at collision of interests. Who, after all, is the leader of the pack.


In one more familiar family, the girl got used to falling asleep, pulling
mother’s elbow. Breastfeeding is long over, and the elbow is nowhere
not gone away To заснуть, ребенку нужно теребить чей-нибудь локоть.
In my opinion, this is an already formed “bad habit” of the type
finger sucking or nail biting. As you know, children are very
it’s hard to get rid of these habits, so it’s much better not to
prevent their occurrence.

The reaction to the unwanted actions of the child should not be such
emotionally bright as if bitten (after all, it doesn’t hurt you,
so do not exaggerate). But the way wean off these
habits are similar: remove the chest and explain why. Another way
(helped me) – hold the child by the hand while feeding. Let be
quietly pulls fingers, it will help calm down. Anyway,
do not try to walk with your child in the wake, yet still you them
control, not him.

Наблюдайте за своthem ребёнком, когда кормите его. If he already
Saturated or began to fall asleep, remove the chest. So you succeed
prevent excess bites. Over time, the baby will understand that this part
Mom’s body is not intended for games. Just be patient with you
everything will turn out!

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Video tutorial: What to do if the baby bites the chest?

Neoberdina Svetlana Nikolaevna, specialist in thoracic
feeding. Experience as a consultant for GW 10 years. Tells
about breast biting about during feeding:

Video consultation number 2

The baby bites the breast (nipple) during feeding. What kind
Are there reasons for biting a child? Will the child be sure to bite
chest if he cuts his teeth? How to eliminate the causes of biting
baby by the nipple? How to wean the child to bite the breast when feeding.
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