What if nauseous: diarrhea, weakness,dizzy

Update: October 2018

States and illnesses accompanied by a feeling of nausea are very
lot. Notкоторые из них опасны для жизни, другие способны только
greatly degrade its quality, causing a state where it is constantly
nauseous. Read more about the causes of nausea in this

A universal recipe for all reasons not invented. Of course,
There are drugs used to eliminate this symptom, but they
they do not cure the disease that caused it, but “turn off” this sensation in the brain,
while the disease continues to progress. Therefore, below we
We describe brief action algorithms, what to do if you feel sick in
combination with one or another symptom.

Nausea по утрам без болей в животе

If nausea in the morning worries for a long time necessarily
It is necessary to consult a general practitioner or a gastroenterologist immediately in order to
eliminate the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, GERD-gastroesophageal
reflux disease).

Cause and additional symptoms How to determine What to do


Changed taste, odor sensitivity

Perform a home test, donate blood for chorionic
gonadotropin, visit a gynecologist

If nausea is severe, you need to contact a gynecologist.

If nausea occurs 3-5 times a day, even if
accompanied by vomiting, no weight loss:

  • try to eat more often, in small portions;
  • Take a snack for nuts: walnuts, almonds, cashews;
  • Get mint or sour candy. They can be absorbed by
  • for breakfast try to have a baked pumpkin, baked
  • during the day, drink tea with a small amount of ginger (if
    no contraindications)


Taking drugs on an empty stomach or due to side effects

There may be retching and other symptoms that
описаны  в инструкции к препарату

Reconsider taking medications, many can cause
Take them according to the instructions, in case of severe nausea – discuss
the possibility of their change by others similar in action

Biliary dyskinesia (functional dyspepsia)

JPD – this diagnosis has already been abolished, now it is called
postprandial distress syndrome or epigastric pain
syndrome or simply functional dyspepsia.

She is может быть и в сочетании с желчнокаменной болезнью.

There may be vomiting, bitterness, metallic taste in the mouth,
nauseous can and during food. There may be discomfort in the right

Ultrasound of the liver and biliary tract Before consulting a doctor, it is dangerous to do something
that the stone will move and block the biliary tract. therefore
Sign up for an ultrasound scan, a gastroenterologist’s appointment, and before that:

  • exclude from the diet “pan” (all dishes that are prepared
    in the pan – by frying);
  • eat 5-6 times a day;
  • drink enough liquid


it скопление жидкости в полости черепа.

Develops after a traumatic brain injury or transferred
brain diseases.

Accompanied by headache, a feeling of pressure on the eyes,

MRI or CT scan of the brain

Prior to consultation with a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, no active
no action can be taken.


  • sleep with the head end elevated by 30 degrees;
  • take painkillers without exceeding them

Nausea по утрам и боли вверху живота

Symptom and presumptive diagnosis How to confirm What to do

Stomach ache and nauseous on an empty stomach

Or when you want to eat or 30 minutes after eating

  • duodenitis (inflammation of the duodenum) or
  • duodenal ulcer

Only with the help of FEGDS (fibrogastroesophagoscopy, when necessary)
�“Swallow the probe”, equipped with an optical system).

Suspect this diagnosis can gastroenterologist

Before visiting the doctor you can only:

  • eat 5-6 times a day;
  • eliminate onions, garlic;
  • soups, cereals, potatoes – only 2 broth;
  • meat, fish, eggs – only boiled;
  • spices, fried foods, soda, alcohol, marinade
    – exclude.

If you are very sick, you can take 1 pill of the drug “Mosid”
under the tongue, but after 15-30 minutes you must eat

Pain and nausea occur after eating in 1.5-2 hours

  • stomach ulcer;
  • gastritis

Only with the help of FEGDS (fibrogastroesophagoscopy, when necessary)
�“Swallow the probe”, equipped with an optical system).

Suspect these diagnoses can doctor of any specialty,
feeling the belly

Similar to what is observed in 12-prone diseases

If nausea is accompanied by pain in the middle abdomen.

There may be several options. You can suspect them
based on what you ate the day before:


Nausea после употребления жирной пищи

it может быть желчная колика, которая развивается как при
acute cholecystitis (it is treated in a surgical hospital) and
during exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the gallbladder (it is treated
therapists). Most often, there are stones in the gallbladder.

An attack of biliary colic is a pain in the right hypochondrium, which
can give in the right half of the neck, back. In addition to nausea,
появляется рвота много раз,  с примесью желчи.

If at this is no temperature increase, and the pain does not become
unbearable and does not spread throughout the right hypochondrium, not
brightens the feces and does not darken the urine, help is as follows (in
otherwise – urgently in the “ambulance”):

  • drink a pill “No-shpy” or “Spazmalgona”;
  • drink more fluids;
  • exclude from the diet fatty foods, fatty meats and fish,
    sweets, smoked and spicy foods;
  • go to the pharmacy and buy any domperidone: Domrid,
    �”Motilium” or “Motoricum”, as well as “Rabeprazole” or “Pantoprazole.”
    After drinking 1 tablet of two different drugs, you need to wait 30
    minutes, then eat a little, at least a crust of bread, despite
  • you need to eat 5-6 times a day, in small portions to the intestines
    and the stomach began to move in the right direction – from the mouth, and not
    to him, and with the intestines began to move correctly gall
    the bladder that caused nausea.

Abdominal pain and nausea appeared after a feast with alcohol,
spicy and meat food

If the stomach hurts and nauseous, pain is noted in the left
hypochondrium or girdles, and soon there will be vomiting and
diarrhea, it speaks well for pancreatitis. After such an error in
pancreatitis can develop without pain, but it does not become
less dangerous.

  • Everything that can be done at home, before the arrival of doctors
    �”Ambulance” – drink the pill “No-shpy” or “Spazmalgona.”
  • As well as a proton pump blocker (esomeprazole, rabeprazole).
    Perhaps antacid on aluminum (almagel, gastal, phosphalugel), you can
    cerucal or motilium (see heartburn medication).

Lack of emergency medical care for acute pancreatitis
can lead to death.

If nausea with or without abdominal pain appears after
eating foods with cream, dairy products, ready meals
questionable catering or in hot weather

Here, most likely, takes place, food toxicoinfection
(poisoning), which is indistinguishable from intestinal infections. Both of these
diseases have common symptoms: nausea and diarrhea, weakness, with
intestinal infection (such as salmonellosis, dysentery, infection,
caused by E. coli) – fever. Pay
attention: both of these diseases are similar to pancreatitis, the difference
is the absence of pain in the abdomen, vomiting rarely takes
indomitable character, the stool is not always mushy – it can
be present mucus, greens, blood streaks.

What in this case can be done at home, see treatment
food poisoning:

  • drink a sorbent (activated carbon, white coal, polysorb,
    Filtrum, Enterosgel);
  • drink as much water as possible;
  • take a tablet Enterofuril, Stopdiar (Nifuroksazida).

Pay внимание: препараты типа Лоперамид или Имодиум при
food poisoning can not be taken.

Nausea and pain in the lower abdomen

It may be:

  • Acute appendicitis. In this case, the pain is in the foreground. She is
    can descend from the epigastric region into the region below the navel and
    right, and can be found immediately below the navel and right. Nausea –
    intermittent, may be 1-2 times vomiting, single or double
    loose stools;
  • In women: inflammation of the uterus, ovarian apoplexy,
    ectopic pregnancy. The pain also comes to the fore
    belly, which is localized on the one hand.

What to do to not feel sick in these cases? It can help
doctor intervention only: for appendicitis – general
(abdominal) surgeon, for diseases of the female genital organs
– gynecologist.

Nausea and pain in the abdomen

This causes either intestinal obstruction or inflammation.
peritoneum developed as a complication of acute inflammation
appendix, gallbladder, uterus appendages. In that
the plan to the forefront is not that sick week, but pain in
stomach, which occupies an increasing area.

Nothing but calling the ambulance and contacting the profile
hospital, in these cases, nothing can be done.

Motion sickness treatment

If you are sick and sick, it is recommended:

  • do not get into the transport hungry or immediately after eating;
  • take a seat next to the driver or go
    face in the direction of travel;
  • do not look in the side window;
  • lean in the direction of the turn;
  • do not read while driving;
  • if you are on a ship – go more often to the deck, if in the car –
    open windows for ventilation more often (or turn on cold airflow,
    sending it to yourself);
  • suck minty or sour lozenges;
  • do breathing exercises;
  • you can drink a tablet of Dramina or Avia-Sea if not
    contraindications (see first aid kit on the road).

If you are already sick and sick, try to get out, breathe fresh
air, at this time you can chew a piece of ginger, lightly
shake your head from side to side.

If you rock all the time, you need to be examined by a neurologist,
ask him what gymnastics for the vestibular apparatus can
use in your case what drugs to take. Not
buy, without the advice of a doctor, motion sickness medications that
sold without a prescription: each of them has serious side effects.
effects that can harm a person with chronic or
congenital diseases.

Nausea after alcohol

When feeling sick after libations:

  • take a sorbent (activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per
    10 kg of weight, Polysorb, Enterosgel, Atoxyl or similar
  • drink more water;
  • after 1-1.5 hours drink ascorbic acid 500 mg, drink
    tea with lemon, dogrose broth or eat an orange or grapefruit –
    Vitamin C partially neutralizes the effects of alcohol;
  • after at least 1 hour, drink another sorbent;
  • all this time try to sleep and drink more, but at the same time
    monitor urine to excrete enough
    blood volume in this state is dangerous, since even more
    increases the load on the heart, which also suffers from
  • no need to lean on mineral water: gases dissolved in water,
    will cause an increase in the volume of the stomach, from which more will be
  • use the sorbent at least 4 times a day;
  • Do not neglect water procedures – it will help to ease

Nausea после употребления грибов

What if nauseous after you have eaten collected
Independent or purchased at the market? Only 2 things:

  • take a sorbent (“Activated carbon”, “White coal”,
    �”Polysorb” and others);
  • call an ambulance.

Nausea и боль в пояснице

So can be renal colic – a condition where
is overcrushed (usually with a stone or tumor) or irritated (when
inflammation) ureter. Manifesting severe back pain
extending to the genitals and thigh, against which nausea appears,
necessarily accompanied by vomiting.

Help: drink No-shpu, Spazmalgon, Baralgin along with Analgin,
Diclofenac or Ibuprofen, apply a warm heating pad to the lower back.
If symptoms persist for 30 minutes or increase –
call an ambulance so that the blockage of the ureter does not end
death of the kidney.

When nausea is accompanied by fever

If nausea and fever, it can be any disease
caused by microbial cause: angina, poisoning, complicated
inflammation of the abdominal organ. But then usually to the fore
there is pain in the affected organ.

If nauseous, but does not vomit at a temperature, and this is the main
symptoms that bother you, it can be either inflammation
kidney disease (pyelonephritis), or pneumonia.

What to do? Call a physician before inflammation has passed into
blood poisoning, and no life threatening complications.

When nausea is accompanied by weakness or dizziness

When a person complains that he is sick and weak,
it can be:

  • Decreased hemoglobin, when a change in taste is also noted,
    skin and mucous membranes become pale, and appear in the corners of the mouth
    zadyy. Here will help eliminate the causes of anemia and the admission of those
    drugs that will help form a normal amount
    hemoglobin (see iron supplements for anemia);
  • Decreased blood glucose (this is characteristic of
    pregnancy or diabetes when insulin was injected, and
    then taken an insufficient amount of food). In that случае нужно
    drink sweet tea, eat sugar, honey or sweets, see symptoms
  • Reducing blood pressure. It is often nauseous and
    dizzy, marked weakness. Try to relax, drink
    sweet strong tea or coffee. If it does not help, you need to call
    �“First Aid”: it is possible that the pressure is not reduced due to
    vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD), and due to the pronounced
    inflammation that has not yet manifested itself
  • Exhaustion. Then the man himself can say that he eats
    insufficient or consumes a limited list of products. Help:
    with the help of a doctor to find out what substances in the body are not enough, and
    fill their shortage.

If the headache and nausea, it can be:

  • Migraine: half headache, nauseous, but not vomiting, fever
    normal, movement, speech, swallowing, breathing are not disturbed.
    Treatment – “Nomigren” or similar drugs that should
    appoint a doctor after excluding stroke and microstroke;
  • Meningitis. It is also manifested by a rise in temperature,
    photophobia. Treatment – only in the infectious diseases hospital, as this
    condition – life threatening;
  • High pressure. In that случае голова болит в области затылка,
    “flies” appear before my eyes, and a tonometer will show pressure higher
    140/100 mm Hg Help: прием препарата, снижающего давление. it
    may be “Kaptopress”, adopted under the tongue, “No-shpa” or
    �”Spazmalgon”, washed down with water. With a pressure higher than 160/100 mm hg,
    it is better to call an ambulance until you have a stroke or
  • A stroke, in which the headache comes to the fore,
    after which there is a speech disorder, numbness of the limbs,
    deterioration in their sensitivity and a sharp restriction of movements.
    Treatment – only in the neurological hospital. Than before
    apply, the higher the chance to survive and stay with less
  • A transient ischemic attack is completely transient.
    reversible cerebrovascular accident (vascular spasm type,
    feeding the head). It can pass, and can then be transformed into
  • Encephalitis. Manifested by headache nausea, vomiting,
    a rise in temperature against which either speech is disturbed or
    movement, or sensitivity of the trunk and limbs;
  • Brain tumor. At the same time, there are also violations.
    sensitivity, speech, movement, swallowing, but these
    symptoms gradually, no fever.
    Treatment – only in the hospital. First aid home sick yourself
    will not be able to.

If you feel dizzy and nauseous, this is how diseases appear
who are treated only by eliminating the cause that caused them. They all don’t
allow self-medication. it:

  • Meniere’s disease;
  • labyrinthitis;
  • otosclerosis;
  • neuritis of the vestibular nerve.

Nausea у ребенка

What to do if the child is sick:

  1. Try to calm him down.
  2. Not отходите от него, пока его беспокоит тошнота: маленькие дети
    They do not know how to act when vomiting, and may choke
    own vomit. Therefore, there should be someone from
    relatives, who either turn his head to the side of a lying child,
    or tilt it forward if vomiting develops.
  3. Remember: vomiting is a defense mechanism, and like nausea it’s not
    you just need to stop without understanding the reason. So do not try
    Give your child adult pills or drugs for nausea. It is better
    arrange a “water-tea” pause, at least 2 hours without giving the child
    there is, but only by drinking it with water and tea, not very sweet, you can –
    with the addition of mint and chamomile (if they are not allergic).
  4. If you are sure that there has been a stale poisoning
    food or a child could eat an inedible thing, give it
    Smektu, Polysorb or Atoxil in the age dosage. If a child
    small (up to a year), this can not be done before the exclusion of invagination
  5. An urgent need to call a doctor if the child is sick without
    temperature and:

    • nausea lasts more than 2 hours;
    • growing dullness of the child;
    • there was vomiting of greens, the vomit was brown or in them
      there were streaks of blood;
    • was vomiting “fountain” or “mouthful”;
    • from the child noticeably smell of acetone;
    • have complaints of abdominal pain, headache or
    • nausea (retching) or vomiting itself occur in a child
      up to a year;
    • increased body temperature;
    • besides nausea, diarrhea “pours”;
    • mushrooms were eaten the day before.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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