What if dad is afraid to stay withchild – 7 simple tips

Men are often afraid to even take the baby in their arms. Thought itself
about having to stay alone with a child, causes
they are a real panic and protest. So when mom needs to leave,
Dad is ready to invent any excuse to stay at home. what
to make a woman in such a situation? Hope that dad suddenly
magically learn how to handle babies? Or wait until
the child will grow up, abandoning all the work, hobbies and
entertainment? The hardest thing to persuade dad to stay with the child
if the baby is only a few weeks or months old, especially if he
breastfeeding. However, experts
consider that one-on-one dad-and-child stay is very helpful
for both dad and baby. That is why the establishment of contact
dads with a child should not be allowed to drift from the very first days
baby’s life. If dad is afraid to stay with the child, you need to
help him a little.


I know firsthand how difficult it is to persuade
dad sit with the baby for at least half an hour. However i managed
make contact with her husband’s child, even though it took
time. Now I am ready to share my experience and give advice.
new parents.

1. Get used gradually

Dad is really afraid to be alone with a baby.
Especially if he first became a father and never before
not babysitting with a newborn. Therefore, I advise you to act
little by little, so that the new father got used to the karapuz.


Начните оставлять baby с папой, не уходя из дома. Simply
leave dad to look after the child, and do your own work
chores in another room or in the kitchen. Let father first stay
alone with infants at least 10-15 minutes, then a little longer.
When dad starts to cope with his son or daughter
for a full hour, you can go about your business.

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2. No criticism

It is difficult, but try to avoid criticism of the pope. Yes,
the first time he will be inept to handle the baby, but you too
did not immediately know how to swaddle, make a mixture, prepare a bath.
Help a man learn these things too, encourage him to

When the baby begins to cry, first give the dad a chance to calm him down.
Perhaps he is already able to cope with this situation without your

3. Always in touch

Leaving the house, assure your husband that he will be able to you at any second
call and ask something about the baby. It will give him
confidence that he will cope. If you drive an important
meeting or other event where you are too busy
Leave your mom or girlfriend’s husband with her husband
children and who can help.

4. A well-fed child is a satisfied child.



Before you leave, be sure to feed your baby and make sure that he
happy, well feeling. For starters, it will be nice
podgadat so that your absence coincided with the time of sleep
baby Dad will get a positive experience with the child, will
more confident in their abilities. So next time he is more eager.
will agree to sit with the peanut and maybe even be able to
feed and change his clothes.

5. Leisure

Think in advance about what dad and child will do while you
will not be at home. Prepare toys, put extra clothes on
prominently, strain the milk or make a mixture.

If dad is not the first time left with the baby, it’s time to teach him
prepare the mixture yourself. After all, you can stay, and
the baby will need something to feed.

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6. Baby crying is normal.

Explain to papa once and for all that you should not be afraid of children
crying. It’s just his way of communicating, because talking a little pussy isn’t
is able.


Every mother can tell if she wants to
eat or ask you to change your diaper (how to understand the reasons for crying
newborn baby). Dad can learn this too. More often
invite your husband to determine what the crumbs need. Gradually he
gain experience and begin to distinguish all shades of baby crying is not
worse than you. The most advanced dads know the sound of crying
distinguish what exactly the baby needs at the moment, but this knowledge
comes only with experience. Arrange daddy “workout”

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7. Calm, only calm

Of course, mother is always thrilled to leave her child even on
недолгое time. However, you should stop worrying, leaving
baby with dad. If you are calm and positive, your mood
will be transferred to the husband with the child.

Returning home, do not forget to praise the spouse, even if at home
mess, and the baby seems to you not enough fed. Feeling he
copes well, dad will stop dodging care of his
a child.

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to deal with a baby

When mom is not at home. When father is left alone with
as a child :)

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