What if burned in the sun? Treatmentsunburn: ointments, creams, sprays

Update: October 2018

Every person faced with a sunburn. Cost
a little bit of sun or just get under the sunshine on
the peak of their activity – and now the skin begins to “burn” and acquires
typical reddish tint (see how to sunbathe on
the sun).

If badly burned in the sun, the first symptoms begin
to disturb already in half an hour, and in a day full
clinical picture including:

  • очаговое или общее покраснение skin, на ощупь кожные покровы
    hot and dry
  • swelling, soreness and hypersensitivity
  • itch skin
  • blisters on the skin of different diameter
  • hyperthermia
  • fever
  • infection skin (присоединение вторичной инфекции)
  • headache
  • dehydration down to shock

For children, especially small ones, behavior change is characteristic –
weakness and drowsiness or irritability. If a person
got sunburn, treatment should begin as soon as possible

Degrees of sunburn

ATыделяют 4 степени солнечных ожогов:

  1. Покраснение skin без волдырей.
  2. Покраснение skin с папулами, волдырями и общие симптомы –
    headache, hyperthermia, fever.
  3. Нарушение структуры всей дермы с повреждением 60 % skin.
  4. Complete dehydration with depression of the kidneys and heart function
    until death.

What you can not do if burned

Sunburn treatment в превалирующем большинстве случаев
carried out at home and independently. If the affected person
works correctly, then the unpleasant symptoms will soon remain
only a memory, but inept actions can significantly
complicate the situation when without the help of physicians can not do.

So, what is strictly forbidden if the skin is burned:

  1. A common mistake is to lubricate damaged skin with cubes.
    ice ATременное облегчение обернется печальной картиной отмирания
    epithelium and a long recovery period, possibly with
    cosmetic defects thereafter.
  2. If the skin is burned in the sun, do not wash the damaged areas.
    using alkaline soap that destroys skin protective
    layer, and rub the skin with a washcloth or scrub, because
    any maceration enhances the inflammatory response.
  3. When sunburn, treatment can not be done by applying to
    damaged skin alcohol products, because alcohol causes
    additional dehydration.
  4. Do not treat burns in the acute period by means of
    vaseline-based, because similar products seal pores and do not give
    skin breathe. It is also not advisable to apply in the acute period.
    mutton, pork fat, etc.
  5. In no case do not need to pierce blisters and papules, because
    это прямой путь к инфицированию skin.
  6. AT течение всего восстановительного period нельзя загорать либо
    be in direct sunlight with unprotected skin (in
    If necessary, only in closed clothes).
  7. You should not drink alcoholic drinks, strong coffee and teas,
    because it aggravates the state of dehydration.

First Aid for Sunburn

Первые спасительные для skin и организма мероприятия должны быть
Immediately started with any degree of burn, especially since
степень повреждения skin изначально определить невозможно. Overall
first aid plan is as follows:

  • If your face burned in the sun or another part of the body, you should
    Immediately hide from direct sunlight. Perfect,
    if it is a cool place, but in the absence of
    such a shade of trees or a canopy.
  • Adequately assess your condition. If you feel chills,
    сильную headache и головокружение, тошноту и слабость –
    an ambulance should be called because these symptoms suggest
    severe burns and possible heat stroke (first aid).
  • If the general condition is not affected, you should actively help.
    their skin and body to deal with damaging effects
    the sun:

On the damaged areas of the skin gently put
sterile gauze or clean pieces of cloth dipped in cool
water and change them as heating in 15-20 minutes. Can
wrap yourself in a wet sheet. Actions must be sparing, without
pressure and maceration. These lotions have a double effect –
reduce pain and burning, as well as moisturize the skin, preventing
further destruction of its layers.

  • If conditions are available, you can take a general cool shower.
  • If the burn is local, you can use a bath with a cool
    water and lower the injured part of the body
  • In parallel, it is necessary to take a sufficient volume of fluid for
    prevention of dehydration, for example, non-carbonated mineral
    water or ordinary drinking water, but by no means
    ice cold
  • To relieve pain, you can drink painkillers,
    for example, analgin, ibuprofen, baralgin or aspirin.

Further actions relate to treatment activities and
направлены на профилактику инфицирования поврежденной skin и
its speedy recovery. AT ряде случаев, при легком перегреве
to improve the condition enough of the above activities.
But even if in the morning there was not a trace of yesterday’s redness — not
worth rushing to the beach because the skin is still in
stressful and in need of protection from the sun.

Sunburn treatment

You can cure sunburn of your back, face and
UV damage other localization when
satisfactory general condition and burns 1-2 degrees. In all
other cases, without the help of doctors can not do. All healing
Events can be divided into the following groups:

  • Therapy with drugs for internal use;
  • Treatment by external means (cream, ointment, sprays, etc.);
  • Folk ways.

Preparations for internal use

Group of drugs Act How to apply
  • Vitamins, especially from the group of antioxidants (A, E, C)
Promote the speedy regeneration of the skin, prevent
malignant cell degeneration
Reception according to the instructions within 10-30 days.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen,
Reduce the severity of the inflammatory reaction, relieve
swelling and eliminate pain
1 tablet every 4-6 hours for acute
  • Antihistamines (Loratadine, Cetrin, Fancarol,
Reduces itching and burning, relieve swelling, and
prevent a possible allergic reaction to external agents
therapy (see list of allergy pills)
According to instructions

 How to smear the skin – ointments, creams, sprays


Panthenol (sunburn spray 160 rubles, cream 200 rubles),
Бепантен (340 руб), Д-Пантенол (170-250 руб), Dexpanthenol (90 руб)
Pantoderm (170 rubles). Panthenol after sunburn
(Milk price 280 rubles), it includes not only panthenol,
which restores damaged skin, vitamin F (linoleic and
linolenic fatty acids), skin softening, allantoin
wound-healing effect and Glycyrrhizinate dicale, which has
wound healing, anti-inflammatory and protective action.
Promotes the formation of a new skin layer and its regeneration.
Application: 2-4 times a day on damaged skin until recovery.
If there are infected areas, pretreat

Что делать если обгорел на солнце

Panthenol after sunburn

 Livian aerosol

Livian – the combined drug – 210 rubles.

The composition includes linetol, fish oil, lavender oil, sunflower
oil, a-tocopherol acetate, anesthesin, cyminal, a mixture of freon. is he
accelerates metabolic reactions, has antiseptic,
analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Use:
Spray once on damaged skin during the day before

 Sunburn treatment

Elover ointment

Elovera – Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Improves Cellular
metabolism, tissue trophism, activates skin regeneration and
prevents the development of peroxidation reactions. Contraindicated in children up to
18 years. Aloe Barbados is a biogenic
stimulator that improves trophism and tissue regeneration. Vitamin E –
antioxidant, fat soluble vitamin.

Application: 2-4 times a day with a thin layer on the affected areas
до recovery

Мазь от солнечного ожога

Karotolin solution extract (beta carotene)

Carotolin regulates cellular metabolism and levels
damaging effect of free radicals. Betakaroten protects
cells from damage, has antioxidant properties,
protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Apply: 1-2 times a day on sterile wipes, and then
прикладывают на поврежденную кожу до recovery

Средство от солнечного ожога

 Vinylin Balsam (polyvinyl butyl ether)

Viniline (price 50 gr 200 rub, 100 gr 300 rub).

It has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic action,
accelerates the regeneration and epithelization of wounds. Used as
antiseptic – disinfectant drug.

Apply: 2-4 times a day with a thin layer directly on
пораженные участки либо на стерильные салфетки до recovery


Zinc Ointment (Zinc Oxide), Desitin, Calamine Lotion

Desitin (200-230 rubles), Calamine (780 rubles), zinc paste 40 rubles,
ointment 30 rub. Prevents infection of damaged skin,
has a drying, slightly astringent effect, therefore
used as a protective and anti-inflammatory agent for
small burns.

Used: 2-3 times a day on damaged skin before

 ДеситинЦинковая мазь

Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil алтайвитамины (100 мл 250-350 руб),
Sea buckthorn oil косметическое 40 руб. Provides antibacterial
action, activates reparative processes and contributes
healing. It has a tonic effect, cytoprotective,

Use: 2-4 раза в день на стерильные салфетки до

 Sea buckthorn oil от солнечного ожога

Olazol aerosol (combined preparation)

Olazol (price 170-200 rubles) The composition includes: boric acid,
benzocaine, chloramphenicol, sea buckthorn oil. Renders
bacteriostatic action, stimulates regeneration and
promotes skin healing.

Apply: before using spray spray can
shake well, spray 1-4 times daily
поврежденную кожу до recovery

 Олазоль от ожога

Solcoseryl gel and ointment (biological preparation)

Solcoseryl (160-200 rubles). Composition – from the blood of dairy calves
deproteinized dialysate. Stimulates collagen formation,
accelerates the growth of granulation tissue.

Gel: 2-3 times a day on cleansed skin before granulation of tissues;
Ointment: 1-2 times a day for healing burns until complete healing


Psilo-balm (diphenhydramine)

Psilo-balm (160-200 rubles), reduces hyperemia, pain and itching,
reduces puffiness, reduces the increased capillary permeability,
has a local anesthetic effect, has a pleasant
cooling effect. Gel base leaves no trace and protects

Apply the gel: 3-4 times a day on the affected surface to
skin healing. It helps well if it itches after
sun exposure

 Псило- бальзам против солнечного ожога

Actovegin ointment (biological drug)

Actovegin ointment 90-120 rubles, cream 110-140 rubles, gel 150 -180 rubles).
Stimulates skin regeneration and improves local blood supply. AT
small pains may be experienced at the beginning of use,
which then pass.

Apply: Twice a day for healing burns, duration
application 10-12 days


Flucinolone -glucocorticosteroids (hormonal ointment)

Sinaflan (price 40 rubles) Flutsinar gel and ointment 200 rubles. Decreases
inflammatory and allergic reaction, has antipruritic
action. Since it is a hormonal drug its use
possible only by prescription, short course, with gradual
cancellation of the drug.

It is applied: 2-4 times a day on the disinfected sites
skin or dressing no more than 5 days.


Floceta gel

Floceta (price gel 150-200 rubles, spray 250-300 rubles), composed
calendula, chamomile extract, aluminum aceto-tartrate. Eliminates itching and
skin redness, bactericidal and wound healing
действие, охлаждает skin

Use: 2-3 раза в день

 Floceta gel


Eplan (цена 150 руб). The drug has a regenerating, softening,
wound healing, antibacterial, analgesic, protective
action. Accelerates the healing of wounds, thermal burns, manufactured
based on polyoxy compounds and lanthanum salts. Application: lubricate
burn affected area as it is absorbed and dried several times
in a day.



Radevit (цена 320 руб) Состав: эргокальциферол, ретинола
palmitate, α-tocopherol acetate. Improves the protective function of the skin,
обладает противоitchным, репаративным, смягчающим action.

Application: тонким слоем 2 раза in a day.



Phenystyle гель (250 руб), действующее вещество Диметинден, это
antihistamine, antipruritic,
противоаллергическим, обезболивающим action. Act геля
наступает через несколько минут после нанесения на skin Applied
2-4 times a day.



Sudokrem имеет сложный состав: ланолин, синтетический воск,
citric acid, lavender oil, liquid paraffin, benzyl cinnamate,
benzyl benzoate, zinc oxide, benzyl alcohol, linalyl acetate,
propylene glycol, butylhydroxyanisol. Used burns like
wound healing, anesthetic, emollient.


 Folk remedies

Folk method Act и эффект Application
  • Regular wet wipe without perfume additives
Cools, saves skin from drying out and reduces pain. At the first symptoms impose wipes on damaged skin
and change them as they dry
  • Ice or freezer products
Cool and soothe the skin, reduce pain and redness. Have ice at a distance of 5-10 cm from damaged skin and
hold until relief
  •  Egg white
 Eliminates pain, soothes the skin, warns
dry skin
 Applied охлажденный белок на поврежденную кожу до
drying, then re-apply
  •  Cool kefir, natural yogurt or sour milk
 Eliminates pain, soothes skin  Applied на пораженную кожу, не давая высыхать
  •  Lavender oil (you can make yourself by adding a couple
    drops of lavender essential oil in any vegetable)
 Eliminates redness, pain, warns
 Applied на стерильную салфетку и прикладывают к ожогу на
several hours
  • Watermelon juice
Eliminates pain and itching, relieves swelling of the skin Fresh juice is used as a lotion on damaged skin or
soak them napkins and put to burns
  • Lotions from infusion of mint leaves (fresh or dry leaves
    plants pour boiling water and cool)
Eliminates pain and itching, soothes and cools the skin,
предупреждают infection
Applied на стерильную салфетку и прикладывают к пораженным
  • Gruel of grated potatoes (or carrots, pumpkins, beets)
Renders вяжущее действие, уменьшает боль и жжение, устраняет
Applied на пораженную кожу либо применяют в виде
  • Lotions from infusion of nettle flowers (a handful of flowers poured
    a glass of boiling water and cool)
They have an antiseptic effect, promote regeneration.
Applied на стерильную салфетку и прикладывают к пораженным
  • Soda solution (1 tablespoon soda per cup of cooled boiled
Оказывают антисептическое действие, устраняет itch и жжение,
reduces puffiness
Смазывают пораженные места либо применяют в виде compresses на
sterile wipes
  • Lotions from fresh clover flowers (boiling water and
    wrapped in gauze)
Устраняют боль и itch, предупреждают infection Apply to the affected skin before drying.
  • Clay lotions (clay is mixed with water to liquid
    pasty state)
Обезболивают, способствуют регенерации skin и предупреждают
Пропитывают чистую ткань и прикладывают к пораженным places, не
letting the fabric dry
  • Mumiye 2%
Предупреждает infection, способствует регенерации skin Lubricate damaged areas after 3 hours.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that if
sunburn than smear – the individual choice of each. AT любом
case, there will be time help in treatment, since none
drug or folk method is not able to help for a few

Who can not sunbathe?
  • babies under 1 year
  • To old people
  • pregnant women
  • individuals taking certain medications
    (антибиотики, кортикостероиды, антидеперссанты, НПATС и пр),
    photosensitizing (photodermatosis, see allergy
    in the sun)
  • persons suffering from neurasthenia (symptoms), tuberculosis,
    cardiovascular disease, systemic red
    lupus erythematosus


To avoid sunburn, it is enough to completely eliminate
contact with sunlight, however it is almost impossible and
because, thanks to these rays, our skin is capable
produce vitamin D. How not to burn in the sun and at the same time
get a beautiful tan – this question is especially relevant in the summer

Изначально стоит исходить из возможностей своей skin, поскольку
no cream will save if the skin is exposed to sunburn and
very bad sunbathes. Such “aristocratic” skin requires
constant protection with clothes and creams, and if you had to sunbathe,
it should be done in the shade, under the reflected rays. For people,
well tolerated by the sun, safe tanning tips
relevant because they most often become victims
sun, quietly burning and not feeling symptoms for a long time

ATыбирая крем для загара, основная цель которого защитить кожу от
the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, you should look at the factor
protection, since it is he who is decisive, and not the mark
cosmetic products. Children and people with pale skin need
choose a cream with a protection factor of 30-50 SPF, and only then go to
15-30 SPF products recommended for tanning
mass of the population.

The cream must have a blocking effect for ultraviolet.
There are also shielding creams, but their protection is worse and often they
cause allergic reactions. ATажно, чтобы крем хорошо
kept on the skin and not washed off at the slightest contact with

A bottle of drinking water not only saves you from thirst, but also
prevents dehydration, so forget about drinking regime
worth it.

The most important recommendation is moderation. Contact with
sun rays need to start with a small time interval in
5-10 minutes and gradually increase it, avoiding hours with high
solar activity (12-15 hours of the day).

Let your tan be beautiful and your skin healthy!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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