What if a child is afraid to sit onpot

In the first years of life it happens that children refuse something.
seemingly for no apparent reason. Under external capriciousness
и вредностью  часто скрываются страхи. When a child is afraid
pot, then training him to the toilet becomes a problem, i.e.
именно приучение ходить на pot становится
problem …

ребенок боится садиться на pot

Pot Fear: Causes of Fear

  1. Often babies are trained to pot when on physiological
    reasons he is not ready for it.  The emergence of new
    abilities, including stool and urine retention, in all children
    depends on the maturation of certain centers in the brain.
    The areas of the brain responsible for defecation and urination enter into
    силу, начиная с  1.5-2.5 лет, поэтому требовать от годовалого
     child’s ability to use the pot is absolutely useless.
    Можно подлавливать, использовать pot как игрушку, подготавливая
    baby to a new skill, but in no case nor to teach.
    Untimely, intrusive learning can lead to
    negative perception of this subject by the child, which
    усугубляется страхами и полным отказом ходить на pot в
    the future.
  2. The child is afraid of the pot, because it is new for him
    thing. This happens if the parents have not bought in advance.
    pot, малыш не успел привыкнуть к новому «другу». And now his
    try to put on this cold, slippery and rather
    страшный thing.
  3. In kindergarten, there are cases when educators
    inadequately respond to the fact that the child did not have time or forgot to walk
    to the toilet. Эмоциональные возгласы  по поводу неприятности,
    who has befallen the child in front of other children can settle in the shower
    baby’s fear of not only the pot itself, but also acts of defecation and
    urination. Arranging a child in kindergarten, parents
    обязаны  посмотреть, какой там туалет: удобные ли горшки
    (toilets), whether there is toilet paper, whether the child can retire.
    The absence of these conditions almost always leads to the fact that children
    restrain the urge to defecate before coming home, which leads to
  4. The next reason the child is afraid of the pot directly
    derives from the previous one. При появлении  у ребенка
    physiological constipation, babies feel pain during bowel movements due to
    the fact that fecal masses become dense and injure the mucous
    rectum. Discomfort while using the pot
    ведут к тому, что у малыша этот предмет  начнет
    ассоциироваться только с болью, и ребенок станет  бояться
    какать в pot. Such constipation is already psychological.
  5. Parents who are trying to plant a child by the hour, deprived
    children of autonomy and stingy on praise may face
    тем, что кроха начнет бояться садиться на pot. When baby
    punished for being untidy, ashamed, his level increases
    anxiety and fear. Fear of not meeting the expectations of parents, with
    which a child has weak emotional contact accumulates
    inside, not finding a way out. If the child is afraid of the pot – it can
    to be the result of excessive demands on him and inadequate
  6. The source of fear in children may be their own fantasies,
    которые часто не обходят стороной и pot. A baby may seem
    that in the toilet someone lives and grabs him by the ass, or during the descent
    water it will pull into the pipe. Such illusions in children can be
    associated with the usual children’s pot. Must confidentially
    talk to the baby and find out exactly what he is afraid of.
  7. Причина того, что ребенок боится садиться на pot,
     may be so banal that many parents don’t even
    suspect how poorly they understand their baby. there is
    shy, under age shy children who are 3 years old
    могут  отказываться ходить в туалет в присутствии посторонних
    or parents of the opposite sex. In this case, enough
    create a child comfortable, secluded conditions and the problem will be

Video: What to do with the fear of the pot?

ANDтак, когда вы пытаетесь усадить ребенка на pot,
а он плачет, вопит, убегает, прячется, то в такой
ситуации добиться от ребенка, чтобы он «свои дела» сделал в pot
useless. But there are a number of tips on how to help your child overcome fear.
in front of the pot.

  • Оставьте ребенка в покое, подождите пока ситуация
    забудется, а малыш перестанет be afraid of the pot. It is very important,
    Without this item, everything else will not work! You must
    stop running after the baby with a pot on the edge. After all
    fixing on this problem in the family worsens the fear of the pot
  • Можно купить ребенку новый pot (пусть ребенок выберет себе
    him myself). It is very important, чтобы малыш почувствовал этакую власть
    over the situation.
  • Put the purchase in the room where the child is most likely to be,
    but do not insist that the baby use it immediately
    purpose. Otherwise, you can provoke the fact that the child will start again.
    be afraid of the pot. Пусть малыш к нему попривыкнет, сам регулирует
    distance This will take the pressure off of you, i.e. you will not
    run after the peanut with this question.
  • You can study him, get to know him, see from what he
    made, touch, turn, etc. This will remove part
    fear of the unknown, i.e. incomprehensible pot.
  • It is necessary to lose this situation in games. Let the child plant on
    pot куклы, игрушки и т. п. В результате таких игр, малыш будет
    gradually perceive it as something ordinary, mundane. AND
    what is most important here: the game carries positive emotions, playing
    �”Pot” situation – positive emotions in relation to the pot.
  • Вместо того, чтобы настаивать «Аня, пойдем на pot!», можно
    водить «на pot» любимые игрушки ребенка: «Вот наш зайчик писать
    I wanted to, let’s go with him, ”and so on. This technique is very similar
    to the previous one and the actual mechanism of action here is the same
  • Наклейте на pot глазки и улыбку. So unfamiliar impersonal
    the subject will turn into a friend of the kid.
  • This technique works very well: invent, tell and
    play with the kid fairy tales on the pot theme. A fairy tale may
    to be like this: the pot is very sad just to stand idle, lonely
    and so on. He cries very much when he is not pissed or pinched.

Видео: Ребенок отказался ходить в туалет на pot


ребенок боится писать и какать в pot


Обычно  к 2-м годам дети уже любят, когда им читают книжки.
An excellent method in the treatment of fears in children is
fairy tale therapy. If the child began to fear the pot for some
reason, a fairy tale can help reveal it and then neutralize it.
Listening to stories, children associate themselves with the main characters. More often
всего малышам неосознанно нравятся сказки,  сюжет которых
reflects their own problem or fear. Therefore, inventing
therapeutic tale for a child who is afraid of crap and write
в pot необходимо:

  • Draw an analogy between actions in a fairy tale and problems
  • Персонаж сказки должен быть ровесником  ребенка;
  • In the fairy tale there should be a solution to the problem with a favorable outcome.
    By drawing parallels of fears in a child’s life and history,
    minimize the importance of what the child is afraid of;
  • The tale should be in a language understandable for the child;
  • Tell a story when the baby is positive.

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