What hormonal nasal drops to choose whenrunny nose?


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Hormonal nasal drops are common to
glucocorticosteroids. They contain hormone analogues,
produced by the human adrenal cortex, a synthetic
origin. is heи предназначены для снятия отёка и воспаления и
as usual nasal sprays have a vasoconstrictor effect.

The active ingredients of hormonal drops help restore
vascular tone, which is important in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.
Due to the duration of such diseases of the usual vasoconstrictor
effect is not enough.

When using ordinary drops from a cold, patients cannot
get rid of nasal congestion. This is due to addiction.
the body to help the active ingredients of drugs. Alternative
method of normalizing breathing and getting rid of a cold
use of hormonal drops from a cold.

Indications for use

Hormonal nasal sprays are prescribed for
following diseases:

  • allergic and vasomotor rhinitis;
  • nasopharyngeal polyposis;
  • chronic forms of sinusitis and sinusitis;
  • rhinitis medication that developed due to addiction to
    vasoconstrictor drugs from the common cold.

Use hormone drops as the only
remedies are recommended only for diseases
allergic nature. In other cases, you should use them as
part of a set of measures aimed at combating the disease.

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The composition and principle of operation

Corticosteroids occupy most of the active ingredients.
hormonal nasal drops. is heи разбавляются очищенной водой, а
also include cellulose and some other compounds.

The effect of the use of drugs can be seen from several
minutes to two hours after application, depending on
used active substance. Mucosal edema subsides.
nasopharynx, itching sensation decreases, mucus secretions stop and
the patient stops sneezing.

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Hormonal drops from a cold based on fluticasone

In some preparations, the active substance is used
fluticasone. This corticosteroid not only provides
anti-inflammatory effect, but also reduces the rate of reproduction
mast cells, lymphocytes and macrophages, release mediators
воспаления на ранних и поздних стадиях allergic reaction.

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It is this group of hormonal drugs from the common cold.
Recommended in the treatment of allergic forms of the disease. Titles
most popular drugs:


При использовании гормональных капель нужно воздержаться от
receiving alcohol-containing drinks. Choosing a drug should
consider contraindications.

  • Назарел — не рекомендуют использовать в первом
    trimester of pregnancy and lactation due to the likelihood
    ingestion of the active substance in breast milk. Nasarel can not
    использовать детям в возрасте до 4 years old.
  • Авамис — использовать этот препарат беременным
    Women and children from 2 years old can only under the supervision of a doctor.
    The main contraindications are diseases associated with
    abnormal liver function.
  • Фликсоназе — в качестве терапевтического
    remedies for the treatment of hay fever is recommended to use
    only under medical supervision. Fliconase is contraindicated in pregnant women.
    женщинам и детям до 4 years old.

Each of these drugs is prohibited with an individual
непереносимости fluticasone и других компонентов. Side
effects such as urticaria and allergic
dermatitis. Less common are short-term bleeding from the sinuses.
nasopharynx, increased itching and increased dryness of the mucous membrane
the nose.

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Beclomethasone Nose Drops

Glucocorticoid beclomethasone inhibits the spread and
activation of cells that are involved in the inflammatory process,
helps to seal the basement membrane, reduces the level
mucus secretion and reduces the number of mast cells. Besides he
helps to restore sensitivity to andromimetics
hormones produced by the adrenal glands, which is important after
long-term use of vasoconstrictor drugs.

Beclomethasone has a high absorption rate,
so that the effect is noticeable a few minutes after
of use. The most popular means based on
beclomethasone are considered:


Как и предыдущая группа гормональных средств от насморка они
have a number of contraindications.

  • Беконазе — этот препарат запрещён при
    tuberculosis, candidiasis, herpes, glaucoma and severe dysfunction
    the liver. Despite the absence of a contraindication, doctors do not
    рекомендуют использовать его детям в возрасте до 4 years old.
  • Альдецин — в период беременности
    рекомендуют использовать препарат only under medical supervision.
    Alcedine is contraindicated in tuberculosis, fungal and bacterial
    infectious diseases, with damage to the mucous membrane
    nasopharynx, hemorrhagic diathesis and under the age of 6 years.
  • Насобек — этот препарат противопоказан
    women in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the presence of fungal and
    viral infectious diseases, tuberculosis and bleeding from
    sinuses nasopharynx.

These drugs can not be used with individual
beclomethasone intolerance. After using some
urticaria and allergic forms may appear in patients
dermatitis in the face and neck.

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Hormonal nose drops from a cold based on mometasone

Glucocorticosteroid mometasone has anti-allergic,
antipruritic and anti-inflammatory action. He helps
eliminate the increased permeability of blood vessels and remove fluid,
accumulated in the tissues. Mometasone inhibits the production of mediators
inflammation and blocks the spread of arachidonic acid. is he
recommended for the treatment of the initial stages of allergic

  • Самым популярным назальным спреем этого типа является препарат
    Назонекс. is he обладает пролонгируемым эффектом,
    thanks to which it is used only once in 24 hours. Under
    Observation of the doctor in small courses can be used
    children from 2 years and pregnant women. Nasonex spray is contraindicated
    only with tuberculosis and after recent surgeries
  • Дезринит можно использовать для лечения
    polyps in the nasopharynx with only 18 years. With allergic rhinitis it
    can be used from 2 years. As a remedy for sinusitis it
    can be used by children from 12 years old as an aid in
    antibiotic treatment time. In tuberculosis and infectious
    diseases can only be used under medical supervision.

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Preparations containing topical steroids

It is recommended to treat mild forms of allergic rhinitis.
hormone nasal antihistamines that
called topical steroids. This is a type of corticosteroid.
has a local effect, and helps to cope with the manifestation
allergic reaction. The most popular of them are
Allergodil and Histimet.

  • Аллергодил выпускается в форме капель и
    sprays. The first can be used by children from 2 years, and the second from 4 years.
    In the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis, it is not recommended for children under 12
    years old. The drug contains azelastine and is prohibited in case of intolerance.
    this active substance.
  • Гистимет выпускается в виде капель и спрея. is he
    banned for pregnant women and women during lactation. Histimette can not
    использовать детям в возрасте до 12 years old. Active substance –
    levocabastine. In case of hypersensitivity to this component, the drug
    can not be used.

In some patients, urticaria, dryness
слизистой оболочки nasopharynx. Less dizziness, increased
drowsiness, cough, nausea and tachycardia.

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