What foods will help enhance lactation?

Not always new moms have enough
breast milk, due to which the baby is deficient in food, loses
in weight, capricious. You can correct the situation – for this you should
adjust lactation. Do not use drugs at all
necessarily – there are foods that increase the production of breast
milk, if you include them in the diet of nursing mothers. And worth
notice that this way of improving lactation is absolutely
is safe.



Squirrels называют строительным материалом для неокрепшего организма
baby, which is why they must be present in the diet of the baby
in sufficient quantity. For this, mother needs daily
употреблять мясо, курицу, сыры, кефир, творог или
If you combine these products with fresh
vegetables or fruits, as well as whole grain bread,
provide your child’s body with all the necessary
trace elements, while improving lactation.

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The nuts

It is known that nuts are a great helper in increasing production.
breast milk. Many young mummies use it. but
It is important to remember that this product, especially walnuts, contains
it is a lot of fat therefore it is badly acquired by little weak
by the body. To improve lactation, it is enough to eat 2-3 kernels.
walnut, and the daily supply of useful trace elements (potassium and
magnesium) is provided.

Almonds are allowed, even recommended, when breastfeeding –
it contains less fat. but больше 4-5 ядер съедать не
recommended – a large amount of almond provokes
gas formation and abdominal distention in an infant. Pine nuts
You can make nutritious cocktails. For this, a tablespoon of kernels on
overnight pour 250 ml of water. In the morning this mixture is boiled, cooled and
have a drink. To make a cocktail taste more enjoyable, you can
sweeten with honey. Note: nuts are enough
allergenic product, so always follow the reaction of the baby, and
from peanuts and should be abandoned.

Vegetables and fruits

It is unnecessary to talk about the benefits of garden products – about this
наслышаны все (читаем: овощи при ГВ и фрукты при
GW). But many people do not suspect that the fruits and vegetables that are familiar to us
– an excellent tool to combat hypogalactia (deficiency
breast milk). To increase lactation, it is recommended to enable
in the diet:

  • radish;
  • blackberry;
  • carrot;
  • gooseberry;
  • bow;
  • currants (white, black);
  • watermelon;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • flax, sunflower, cumin seeds;
  • dill greens;
  • blueberries;
  • fennel leaves.

Mix several types of plant products not
It is recommended as they are often not combined at all. Result
this incompatibility – increased gas formation in the child, colic
in a stomach.

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Honey — сильный аллерген. But nursing mother to refuse him
not worth it. Of course, if you eat half a can of honey at a time, it will be bad and
baby and mother. But from 1 tsp there will be no harm –
exceptionally good.

Honey содержит микроэлементы, которые положительным образом
affect the formation of blood cells. Honey предотвращает запоры,
soothes, improves the work of the intestines. But the most important thing is
improves lactation. Therefore, if an allergic reaction to this
the product is not found either in the mother or the baby, you can safely
daily take a small portion of honey. If the baby
there was an unpleasant reaction, this product should be abandoned,
picking up the best alternative.

Dairy products

To adjust lactation, a nursing mother should make it a rule.
daily use a glass of kefir or ryazhenka. From whole milk
for a while it’s worth giving up – this product may cause bloating
baby, upset the digestive tract.

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The drinks

Refusing liquid, the feeding mother risks to worsen
lactation. To avoid this, you need to drink at least 2-2.5
l liquid per day. It may be warm drinks: tea, infusions from
herbs, juices. Improve lactation helps warm tea with the addition of
milk or honey. Пить такой напиток следует перед кормлением
child (20 minutes).

Among other drinks to increase lactation as much as possible

  • compote on the basis of dried fruits;
  • dill tea, decoction of cumin or anise seeds: a spoonful of seeds
    pour 200 ml boiling water and insist 3-5 hours in a thermos. Ready
    infusion is taken in two doses;
  • lactic acid cocktail with dill: dill seeds are ground
    (can be a coffee grinder) and mix with a glass of kefir, add
    nutmeg and salt (on a pinch). Cocktail filter and drink
    (take better in the morning on an empty stomach);
  • tea from lemon balm or mint: grass is added to tea or brewed
    leaves of these plants, as an independent drink. Similar teas
    perfectly calm, relax, improve lactation;
  • fresh currant and carrot juices that are best diluted with
    boiled cooled water;
  • ginger tea: the root of a plant is to be poured with a liter of boiling water and
    boil. Add lemon, honey. Drink three times a day, one-time
    portion – 50 ml;
  • barley decoction cook by yourself) or ready
    barley drinks (sold in diets);
  • decoction of dandelions is prepared as follows: chop the root and leaves
    plants (a teaspoon) and pour grass with boiling water. After
    infusion decoction filter and drink 3-4 times a day, 50 ml;
  • dandelion leaf juice: the fresh leaves of the plant interrupt
    blender or grinder, squeeze the juice, salt it and leave it on
    half an hour. Next, add honey (sugar) or lemon juice to the juice. Drink
    in small sips, slowly, no more than 2 times a day.

Even if a nursing mother knows all the secrets how to improve
lactation, consumes all products that contribute to the development
breast milk, respecting the drinking regime, it must also remember
about a good full sleep and rest. You should not overwork
overload yourself physically, you should avoid stress. And most importantly
– Do not forget about the night feeds: they often
become the main trigger of lactation.

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