What foods contain vitamin B17? For whatanswers and to whom is prescribed?


  • Is vitamin B17 dangerous?
  • Products containing vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)
  • Reviews of oncologists about vitamin b17
  • The benefits and harms of vitamin B17
  • What is a laertilklinika?
  • Preparations with vitamin B17 against cancer

Considered a panacea for diseases causing uncontrolled
cell growth, vitamin B17 in which products are contained and in which
proportions safe for the body: this issue is of concern not only
part of the medical professions, but also of people fighting every day for life
deadly disease.

A ray of hope that they are given drugs based on this
vitamin, it is worthwhile for scientists to return again and again to
research. Their conclusions are often contradictory. Unconditionally
trust the rumors of a panacea supporters of traditional medicine, desperate
find salvation in his proposed methods of traditional medicine.

Is vitamin B17 dangerous?

The vitamin problem is that it contains benzoldehyde and
even more poisonous cyanide. Easy to dissolve in warm alcohol
water, vitamin B17 in the human body is split into several
constituents, among which is prussic acid. Her
the impact is deadly.

Adherents of the theory of victory over cancer with the help of B17 argue
that over the course of a lifetime, people consume a fair amount
products secreting in the process of digestion is a toxic substance.
In small doses, poison is much more beneficial than harm.

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Products containing vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)

витамин в 17

Amygdalin – the so-called synthesized compound of vitamin from
group B contained in the fruit:

  • blackberries;
  • cranberries;
  • cherries;
  • apple trees;
  • elderberry;
  • currants;
  • gooseberry

A lot of amygdalin in blueberries are very healthy
gardeners with great enthusiasm took up the cultivation of unusual
Blackberry hybrid – Emalemina, which is called boyzenova berry.
Bear blackberries are not only bigger and tastier, but also contain
substances useful to the body are many times greater than raspberries, or
Blackberry, or Logan’s Berry, from which crossing it is received

Rich in vitamin B17 and other plants. The table lists
products and the amount contained in 100 grams of vitamin B17:

100 mg cress, cashews, rice (brown), dried apricots.
from 100 to 500 mg plums, gooseberries, buckwheat, elderberries, raspberries, linseed oil,
macadamia (nuts), cherry.
more than 500 mg peach, apricot, cherry, peach oil,
apricot, beans, cranberries, apple seeds, pears.

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It should be remembered that the highest content of amygdalin in them –
in the bone, grains that recommend carefully choosing before
cooking, for example, compotes or juices at home
canning. After long storage after heating
The concentration of acid increases significantly.

All kinds of raisins loved by many housewives are rich in vitamin
thanks to the pips.

  1. Useful for digestion and slimming prunes with
    pits also contains B17.
  2. Bones and grains in them in apricot, peach can poison
    compotes with hydrocyanic acid, are considered cooks.
  3. High concentration of vitamin in quince, apple seed, pear.
  4. Some of the B17 is found in legumes, green peas.

Almost all people eat foods one way or another,
containing so frightening doctors amygdalin, whose benefit never
manages to prove.

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Reviews of oncologists about vitamin b17

For decades, debates about conditionally referred to vitamins do not subside.
amygdalin Drugs based on it are sold in
pharmacies, but oncologists do not consider them effective. In some
countries, they are completely prohibited as a cure for cancer. Doubtful
it is considered and generally useful effect B17.

The suppression of the growth of tumor cells is still a hypothesis
no one could prove a positive effect. Oncologists for questions
B17 refer to this and do not recommend taking this vitamin.
Moreover, they warn of danger, toxicity of drugs and
even products that contain vitamin.


People interested in non-traditional methods of combating oncology,
on the contrary, it is believed that this substance was used to
treating terrible diseases for hundreds of years, helped to defeat ailments.
They cannot prove their arguments, because research as such does not
was carried out.

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The benefits and harms of vitamin B17

витамин в17 в каких продуктах содержится

B17 has a lot of names. Letril or amygdalin, as well as Laerthal
contain poison and capable of causing irreparable harm to health. But at that
while drugs based on it can:

  • relieve pain in diseases of the joints, such as arthritis or
  • normalize blood pressure by helping hypertensive patients and
  • speed up metabolism, improving metabolic processes;
  • reduce the risk of infectious diseases by supporting
  • promote weight loss;
  • to restore strength during heavy physical exertion.

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There is no evidence of a positive effect of drugs, but there is no
obvious side effects from taking them. Only dangerous overdose,
at which there is a risk of even death.

Not only vitamins purchased at the pharmacy, but also cooked
folk healers decoctions of pits, almonds, powders from them, even
amygdalin-containing fruits themselves, if you eat them much more
norms can kill.

This is a science-proven fact, prussic acid is different.
deceit, can accumulate in the body. Poisoned victims
most often become children.

You can independently calculate the safe amount of berries or
fruits, if you know how much B17 is contained in a particular

On the day an adult can take no more than 3000 mg
vitamin A. It is necessary to distribute the dosage so that at 1 reception
accounted for only a third of the norm, so the poison can not harm.
The amount needed for a growing body, the child will receive when
proper nutrition in any case, so acquire these vitamins
for the baby is not worth it.

In no case can not use B17 with alcohol, significantly
enhances the toxicity of amygdalin. In this case, the impact of his
will have the hardest consequences.

Alcoholic infusions of cherry or apricot pits if they take,
it is strictly adjusted doses of 3-5 drops, can it be done,
You should definitely ask the attending physician.

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What is a laertilklinika?

Several decades have passed since Dr. Krebbs
suggested that along with scurvy, pellagray cancer also
is just a form of beriberi.

Since mankind began to consume purified and
processed cereals and legumes, as households have lost their popularity
cherry jam, gooseberry, dried bird cherry, diligently
ground in mortar, wholemeal bread, B17 almost
ceased to enter the body. Biochemist believed that people themselves
deprived themselves of a substance capable of overcoming many diseases, one of
most beneficial vitamins.

Found in almonds a very bitter substance interested scientists
back in the nineteenth century. Bitter compound called amygdalin,
isolated it from the kernels of almonds, plum seeds, apple seeds.
It was believed that the thus obtained “medicine” rejuvenates,
stops aging, fights depression, obesity and improves
skin condition. Widespread drugs healers do not
Received as side effects became known:

  • nausea;
  • irrepressible vomiting;
  • asthma attacks;
  • heart failure.

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All of these symptoms appeared during overdose, but how much can
drink a little-studied remedy without negative consequences, exactly
failed to install.

After 100 years, amygdalil was obtained in the laboratory,
so it’s easier to choose safe dosages. N17 nitrilotsida
Laertil, Letril, Metamingalin – known under such names
vitamin now.

For those who seek salvation from the disease among traditional healers and
I agree to the treatment with nitrilocides, the Laertilclinics are open.

What are these clinics?

Living conditions are as close to natural as possible.
for the beginning of the twentieth century. Simple, affordable products containing
vitamin complex, including natural raw cake,
millet, flax, healthy air and lifestyle, supporters say
This treatment helps to save a person from avitaminosis B17 and
give the body a chance to overcome even cancer.

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