What does the hormone estradiol in women?Normal indicators and symptoms of deviation


  • Cycle and estradiol
  • What is estradiol responsible for?
  • Normal Estradiol Performance
  • Symptoms and causes of deviations
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  • Conclusion

Female sex hormone, very important for maintaining a healthy
The state of the reproductive system is estradiol. Hormone, the norm
women whose should be maintained within certain limits, allows
feel good and look great. His action
extends not only to the internal systems of the body, but also to
the appearance of the woman, and also prevents the appearance of various

Cycle and estradiol

Концентрация в организме эстрадиола зависит от дня
женского цикла
. For the first half of the cycle is characteristic
the greatest production of this hormone. After the phase is complete
ovulation, progesterone concentration begins to dominate, and
estradiol falls. Estradiol change progesterone is

When an egg matures, the level of estardiol becomes
maximum. Only when peak hormone levels are reached,
The egg cell is able to mature and develop normally. In ovulation
the female body is fully prepared for fertilization thanks
increase in hormone concentration.

After fertilization of the egg and the development of the fetus estradiol
required for embryo attachment. This substance contributes to
accelerate the process of regeneration and division of cells lined

If fertilization has occurred, then the concentration of the female hormone
begins to decrease and begins to produce another – progesterone.
In the case when the level of the substance does not decrease even after ovulation,
then it signals a malfunction in the female reproductive system.

Characteristic symptoms by which deficiency can be identified
hormone, no. However, it is possible to pass tests and identify
concentration of this substance in the body.

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What is estradiol responsible for?

Any hormone has a significant effect on health and
condition of the body, despite the fact that often produced
they are in small quantities.

Estrodiol is primarily necessary for a healthy state.
female reproductive system, but there are other aspects to which
affect the content of this substance.

Thanks to estradiol:

  • the figure acquires feminine features, namely narrow waist,
    bulky chest, rounded buttocks and thighs;
  • the timbre of the voice becomes typically feminine, the skin is thinner,
    more elastic and more gentle;
  • the uterus begins to grow in size, its walls thicken in
    gestation period, blood circulation increases in the uterine
  • the mood rises, the level of physical increases
    endurance, energy is added;
  • sexual desire increases if it interacts with

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On the other organs and systems of the body has the following

  • Anabolic activity is characteristic of the hormone, which allows
    enhance metabolic processes in bone and muscle tissue
  • supports the cardiovascular system;
  • able to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and not
    prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis;
  • helps to improve conductivity in neurons.

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Normal Estradiol Performance

Strengthening the production of estradiol is observed in the first
menstrual cycle day. After that, its concentration grows and
gaining its maximum 2 days before the time of ovulation. Indicators
The norms for each period are as follows:

  • for the follicular phase that runs from day one
    месячных до момента овуляции составляет 57-227
    mon / mg;
  • в овуляционный период норма вещества составляет 127-426
    mon / mg;
  • during the corpus luteum phase, in other words luteinizing,
    показатель нормы равен 77-227 mon / mg;
  • in the period of gestation, the rate indicator is
    210-27000 mon / mg;
  • upon the onset of menopause, the hormone concentration decreases and
    нормальный показатель составляет в 19-82
    mon / mg

норма эстрадиола

If we talk about the indicators of the norms that characterize healthy
state of the female reproductive system at different ages, then they

  • immediately after birth, the estradiol level is at zero;
  • upon reaching the age of 4 years and up to 6 years of age in girls
    является 22 пн/мг;
  • when reaching adolescence rate fluctuates
    от 25 до 30 mon / mg

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Symptoms and causes of deviations

Women’s health is largely determined by estradiol levels, with
it is important that the concentration of this hormone is within
norms. Both excess and deficiency affect
health status. To determine the increase in the level of the hormone can
following features:

  • chest pain;
  • the breasts become swollen and at the same time increasing
    nipple sensitivity;
  • feels heavy in the legs;
  • venous deformity may occur;
  • hormone imbalance is also reflected on the nervous system, leading to
    nervous exhaustion and depressive states;
  • headaches often worry;
  • irritability and nervousness appear.

повышенный эстрадиол

The reasons for which the concentration increases estradiol in the female
организме following:

  • malfunction of the thyroid gland which lie in
    increased production of hormonal substances;
  • the appearance of ovarian tumors or the formation of cysts;
  • kidney disease, for example, cirrhosis;
  • the appearance of breast tumors;
  • overweight;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • frequent use of drugs. Drugs that
    provoke an increase in estradiol levels, are the means
    contraception containing hormonal substances, steroids
    anabolic type, drugs from the class of antifungal and

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With regard to lowering estradiol levels,
это можно определить по following features:

  • disturbed menstrual cycle in such a way that they are observed
    regular delays for more than a week;
  • menstruation becomes painful, while during menstruation
    there is a burning sensation in the reproductive system;
  • sexual desire disappears;
  • there is general malaise, constant fatigue and
  • frequent headache associated with an increase
  • sudden weight loss;
  • bone tissue becomes fragile, so there is a risk of
  • фигура of womenы изменяется, начинают расти волосы в местах, где
    they should not be.
  • The reasons for the decrease in concentration
    estradiol, note these:
  • malfunction of the reproductive system, which leads to
    atrophy. In other words, this condition is called hypogonadism.
    It is provoked mainly by the genetic factor, as well as
    inflammation of the reproductive system, ovarian hypoplasia or
    pathological changes in the pituitary gland;
  • increased production of prolactin, which provoke the emergence
    pituitary tumors, abortions, various surgeries, dysfunction
    thyroid gland;
  • the process of synthesis of estradiol and progesterone is broken;
  • the appearance of inflammatory processes in the reproductive system.

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