What dishes to buy for a child in the firstturn

It is clear that household items and
hygiene products for each family member should be their own.
Especially strictly this principle should be respected in relation to
little babies. With hygiene it is different and not be
can, and how to be with household objects? For example, does a baby need
own dishes? The answer is simple – needed. And the first
посуда малышу может понадобиться уже вскоре после
of birth. What dishes should a child have, how to choose it and
properly care for her – read below.

первая детская посуда

The first dishes for the baby

  • Silicone spoon.
силиконовая ложка для детей

силиконовая ложка для детей

Это именно тот предмет детской посуды, который может
need in the first months of life. No, we will not feed
baby soup and porridge. Using a soft silicone spoon
small children are given liquid medicines, decoctions of herbs or some water.
Usually such a need arises during the period of infantile colic.
It would seem so much easier to water a child with dill water using
Bottles and nipples? However, in such actions lies the danger:
after nipples babies have “nipple confusion” and they refuse
suck a mother’s breast because it is much more to get milk from it
harder than getting drunk through the nipple. Metallic and even
silver spoon in this case are inferior to silicone.
Во-первых, объем ковша силиконовой ложечки меньше
and more commensurate with the baby’s mouth. Во-вторых,
A metal spoon can accidentally injure the delicate mucous
mouth crumbs.

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(Nuk), Chicco, Bebe Confort, Maman, Canpol babies.

  • Non-spill poker.
кружка поильник

кружка поильник

Ребенок растёт, осваивает новые навыки, в том числе навыки
self-service at the table, and he already needs a real children’s
dishes. Helping your baby learn drinking from a cup can
non-spill poil. The particularity of drinking bowls is that they have
cover, which means that the contents will not be spilled by. Most
Drinkers have handles on both sides so that the baby can
hold it with two hands. In stores you can meet a huge
number of different drinking bowls: with a soft or hard nose, with
cap and without, with a straw, with handles, without handles, with double
walls to maintain the temperature of the contents. It is hard to say,
which option is the most successful and convenient. Better than himself
no one can solve the child, so probably
Try different drinkers before you can find your own.

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Lubby, Canpol babies, Philips AVENT, The First Years,

  • Plate.
тарелки для кормления ребенка

тарелки для кормления ребенка

Onдобность в тарелках появляется тогда, когда малыш начинает
receive supplements, that is, about six months. Dishes for
child 6 months must meet the needs of the age.
The first portions of prikorma are not very large in volume, therefore the first
plates should not be large and deep. The bigger baby
will eat, the more you need a plate, and later the better
get two different plates: deep for first courses and
more flat – for the second. Although plastic is being criticized
for non-environmental friendliness, the most convenient children’s dishes exactly
plastic. Glass, porcelain and ceramics are too fragile
materials, metal plates are inconvenient because
heat up.
High-quality food grade plastic (namely from
Such a baby should be made a plate) is not toxic, it is not
crashed, it is impossible to burn yourself. Choosing a plate for
baby, pay attention to its stability. Exist
special plates with suckers, but they are not always convenient.
Sometimes it is very interesting for the kid to move the plate on the table himself.
Suckers at the same time provoke “emergency” situation: the child
you have to make an effort to move the plate from its place, but
correctly calculate the force and the point of its application, he is not yet capable,
therefore, the plate along with the contents may even be on the floor.
Rubberized bottom plates are more convenient in this sense: they are
protected from accidental slipping, but at the same time, from
painlessly can be moved around the table.

Производители и брэнды: Bebe
Confort, CHICCO, NUBY, The First Years.

  • A cup.


После поильника наступает «эра» обычной чашки. Cup like
Any utensils for feeding children should be comfortable and safe.
It is better if it is plastic too. Consider that full
it is inconvenient to hold the cup with one hand, so you can
get a cup with two handles or no handles at all. Volume
cups should be small, again for the convenience of her little
the owner.

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Tippee, Bebe Confort.

Статья по теме: как научить / приучить ребенка
drinking from a mug
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/pitanie/uchimsya-pit-iz-kruzhki.html

  • Fork and spoon.
пластиковая ложечка и вилка

пластиковая ложечка и вилка

Собственные столовые приборы нужны ребёнку с момента введения
complementary foods. Metal spoons and forks in this case again not
suitable because they are easily injured. The best option –
plastic devices from high-quality food grade plastic. Fork
must have rounded teeth. Very comfortable kids
cutlery with a special bend handle. Bring to mouth
such a spoon or fork is lighter than a straight-handle device. When
baby will try to eat independently, do not interfere with appliances with
rubberized handle: they do not slip out of an inept palm.

Статья по теме: как научить / приучить ребенка
есть ложкой (10 советов). Читаем также: Как
научить ребенка есть самостоятельно и аккуратно – полная инструкция
for parents

Video: dishes for feeding a child:

Какой должна быть посуда для самых маленьких

The choice of children’s dishes in the stores is huge. To not
get lost, you need to know exactly what the requirements must meet
dishes for the little ones.

  1. Safe stuff. We already found out that
    самой безопасной посудой для малыша является пластиковая dishes.
    Certainly it must be high-quality food grade plastic. On
    the pot must be marked that it is suitable for
    The fact is that poor quality plastic gives off
    toxic substances when heated. Отметка на пластиковой посуде –
    показатель того, что она может использоваться для hot.
  2. Onдёжный продавец. Buy dishes for children
    better in specialty stores or pharmacies. Such sellers
    check with suppliers all quality certificates, so buy
    Poor fake chances are not much. Onдежные продавцы
    на рынке это Philips AVENT, Bebe
    Confort, NUBY, CHICCO, Нук (Nuk).
  3. The dishes themselves should not have any damage.
    (chipped, cracked), it should have smooth smooth edges without
    If in the process of using something broke off
    или треснуло – посуду обязательно нужно заменить.
  4. That the baby was nice and interesting to eat as
    adults, children’s dishes decorated with pictures.
    Pictures should be of high quality. Check if the paint is slipping.
    when washing or using.
  5. It is better if the dishes have a simple construction.
    This mainly concerns drinkers, because some models
    have hard to reach places. Baby dishes should easy

Video: Philips AVENT tableware (Philips Avent) for
baby feeding:

How to care for baby dishes

Children’s dishes require special care, because of her condition
depends on the health of the little man.

  • У посуды должен быть только один хозяин –
    Use baby cups, spoons and
    adult dishes can not. The fact is that in the oral cavity
    An adult contains a lot of bacteria that can be
    dangerous for the baby;
  • Wash baby dishes thoroughly without
    use of chemical detergents.
    Can pick up
    special “children’s” gel for washing dishes, or use
    проверенными средствами – содой или мылом. These substances are completely
    washed away and do not contain anything harmful to the crumbs;
  • It is better if the dishes will dry naturally.
    in a way.
    Do not wipe baby dishes with a kitchen towel.
    worth it. Если уж речь идёт о вытирании – лучше воспользоваться
    disposable paper towel;
  • From time to time, the dishes need to be disinfected.
    This can be done by holding the dishes in boiling water;
  • Not superfluous will store children’s dishes separately from
    an adult.
    Well suited for these purposes closable
    the locker. Если такого шкафчика нет – можно просто завернуть посуду в
    clean towel.

Video: Чем мыть ДЕТСКУЮ посуду? what means

On этом премудрости выбора и ухода за детской посудой
are running out. Все остальное – дело вкуса и удобства каждой мамы и
baby Do not forget that dishes should “grow” with the child,
besides, the dishes need to be updated periodically, so if
какой-то вариант посуды окажется не очень удачным – он не успеет
get bored.

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