What did the child learn in 6 months

что умеет ребенок в 6 months

A six-month-old baby is already so big and
independent within the arena or bed! But after all
Six months ago, when you looked at your newborn miracle, you didn’t think
that he will learn so much. А ведь и в самом деле, что умеет
baby at 6 months?

Do not compare the children and their skills – the occupation is
useless and unnecessary, harmful. After all, your baby is unique

Physical skills at 6 months

  • He confidently holds his head, she does not lean or fall on
    breast and hangers. You can sometimes sit him down on your
    knees. Some babies at this age may sit a few
    minutes and yourself. But do not force events, do not imprison a baby
    too early. (When can you sit down a child?)
  • If you place it with armpit support, it relies on
    bent legs and on the fingertips. He can be taught lightly
    bounce. But be careful, he will like the game, and you will
    forced endlessly “bounce” it.
  • Some children are already so strong that they will try
    stand on legs and stand, holding on to the support. Do not worry that your
    the child will damage the spine – the baby will start to get up when
    will be ready for this.
  • Lying on his tummy, he immediately starts looking around.
    parties, in search of favorite toys. He holds well
    balance, relies confidently on the forearm, even the palms, and the legs
    it can be completely relaxed. Малыш в шесть
    months умеет легко переворачиваться, делает это в обе
    the parties, however, prefer one of them.
  • He will already be trying to reach the toy that is
    a little further than he can get. And if he succeeds, it happens
    very satisfied. This is the very first step to active crawling.
  • When a baby reaches for a toy, it scoops it up for themselves,
    takes palm. Oppositions big thumb yet
    almost no, it will appear later.
  • Conducts “serious research” of their pens. Like this
    – shift the toy from one hand to another, and what will happen if
    hit the rattle handle.

Emotional development in half a year

  • В 6 months ребенок должен уметь безошибочно узнавать
    their loved ones among the rest of the people. If you ask to look at
    mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather – he will do it with great
    pleasure. Willingly goes to his home on the handle. But strangers
    does not love, treats them with suspicion, maybe even to tears of them
    get scared.
  • He not only recognizes his loved ones and his toys, pictures and
    other items, but also premises. The kid may even understand that his
    put to bed and begin to refuse – to act up, cry,
    express their dissatisfaction in every possible way. (How to put the baby to sleep
    without tears)
  • Another achievement is petty mischief! Learned to throw
    a toy that was given to him. With this contagious laugh. You
    рано или поздно начинает что должен уметь ребенок в 6 months

    выкидывать из кроватки или манежа игрушки. Their best
    tie not very long ropes and teach a child
    pull them out yourself.
  • Favorite game – hide and seek! Tightens the diaper, “hiding.”
    At the same time, with pleasure “invites into the game” everyone who
    agree to play with him. You can in the same way for a moment
    hide from him. And then laugh together.
  • Уже в полyearа у ребенка могут появиться любимые
    toys – you will notice that he prefers to play with them.
    Sometimes he is extremely unhappy when toys are taken from him,
    may even burst into tears.

Календарь развития — Развитие в 6 months
(detailed article)


Speech development of a six-month baby

At the disposal of the baby more and more sounds. The gully
changed to babble, he can lie for a long time and repeat one or another
syllable, experiment with your tongue, sponges.

We must help him, show how the sounds are pronounced. He will
carefully look right in your mouth, copy. Him
речевые навыки с каждым днем совершенствуются, и скоро он
will say its first weighty word!

  • Навыки прошлого месяца — Умения ребенка в 5-ть
  • Следующий месяц — Навыки в 7 months

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