What did the baby learn in four months?

Что умеет ребенок в 4 of the month

A four-month baby is very different from
newborn baby. By this age, children are already significantly grow up
compared to the first months after birth, they change externally,
physically and psychologically.

Пропорции тела немного меняются: разница в
volume of the head and chest, which catches the eye in the first
months of life, gradually decreases, limbs become
longer. In general, body proportions slowly approach proportions.
an adult. In addition, by four months, the baby “eats up”
cheeks and turns into a glorious plump toddler.

There are new skills. Baby masters
different ways of studying the world, begins actively with him
interact, master new actions. It all happens on
against the background of the improvement of the organs of motion, senses and nervous system.
The fact that the child is able to 4 months, let’s talk more.


Four month old skills

  • In four months, the prehensile will fade away.
    reflex, and grabbing becomes arbitrary.
    means that before the child reflexively clenched the cam as soon as
    something touched his palms, and now he grips the object with a pen
    when he wants to take it. The arbitrariness of the movements is large.
    progress in development, because it means that the child is already trying
    learn to control your body, coordinate movement. If a
    talk about grabbing, then for a child it is new, much more
    complex chain of nerve impulses, the trigger mechanism of which
    is the child’s interest in the subject. (About reflexes)
  • When a child takes some interesting pen
    the subject, he no longer just holds it, but tries to make different
    manipulations, examines, necessarily pulls in the mouth.
    may try to knock the object, touch the details with your fingers. it
    natural and very important stage of knowledge. True, in four months
    coordination of movements is still very far from ideal, especially muscles
    brushes are poorly developed, so the child cannot hold anything
    not for long.
  • At the age of 4 months, many babies do not master
    only the ability to roll over on his stomach, but in the opposite
    the side.
    Usually when a child appears in an arsenal
    the whole set of coups, parents resettle the child on the floor during
    avoid falling. So much the better for the child, because before him now
    huge space to master. With the help of coups children
    will learn to move around the room and even get to interested
    objects. (Read in detail: When babies begin
    roll over)
  • Lying on your back, a four month old baby is trying
    raise your head and shoulders, as if trying to sit down.
    in fact, rarely one of the children sits down from the “lying” position
    Mostly children begin to sit down, as if from the side, leaning on the thigh.
    It used to be that in 4 months the child already had to sit down.
    Attempts to rise from a horizontal position only increase
    desire to quickly seat the baby. On сегодняшний день ортопеды
    categorically do not recommend sitting down children to those
    as long as they do not start to sit down themselves, and even more so do not
    to offer the baby soft pillows as a support. Support for
    seating at any age should be tough. (Read the article: When
    you can begin to sit down children)
  • New skills are demonstrated by the child and lying on the tummy.
    We are talking about the makings of a crawling.
    At 4 months the child can
    lift the ass and push off with legs. Some really
    crawling in their bellies. By the way, many children are easier at first
    creep backward than forward. You can motivate a baby to crawl
    favorite toys laid out in front of him at an accessible distance.
    In this case, the baby should still be able to
    conceived and reached for toys, otherwise interest in such fun
    will quickly fade away. (when kids start crawling?)
  • Innovations appear in the field of vision and hearing.
    If a раньше ребенок мог четко видеть предметы, расположенные в
    within 50-70 cm from him, now he sees well at a distance
    3-3,5 meters. it означает, что малыш легко может рассматривать
    room or enjoy the view from the window. Hearing too becomes more
    thin. The child begins to distinguish well the sounds, respond to
    sounds of music, understand the emotional coloring of sounds. Most enjoyable
    The sound for the child, of course, is mother’s voice.
  • Speech development is very closely associated with hearing. WITH
    four months old, the child can already pronounce the syllables, which are often
    accepted for the first words.
    it могут быть слоги «па»,
    �”Ma”, “ba”. Lips baby is trying to reproduce the articulation
    adults. Guile and babble sound more often. Especially a lot of kids
    �“Talk” when they are in good spirits. On
    This stage is very important emotional communication between an adult and a child. AT
    4 months, children themselves are able to initiate this communication, calling
    Mom to contact with smiles and their “catchwords.”
  • WITHоциальное развитие тоже не стоит на месте. Main
    figures in the life of the baby, of course, are the parents. To four
    months, the child is already beginning to allocate “their” and “alien”.

    And in the category of “alien” can get even quite close
    relatives, if the baby rarely sees them. Usually your preference
    peanut expresses the fact that in the presence of an unfamiliar or
    unfamiliar person baby shows anxiety, crying,
    tenses up with his whole body. By and large, in your circle
    affection a child at that age allows only those whom
    sees daily or at least every other day. The fact is that memorization
    and the little man’s long-term memory is not very developed
    well, so for him there is only what he sees in
    this moment. Therefore, relatives who appear before
    occasionally perceived by the child as new

Подробная статья: Развитие (физическое и
mental) child in 4 months

AT этой статье мы рассмотрели, что должен уметь ребенок в 4
of the month. itт набор навыков является условным для 4 months,
since each child has certain tricks appear in
according to their own pace of development. ATпереди еще много новых
discoveries and accomplishments, so it’s best not to rush things and
enjoy gradual maturation with the baby.

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