What diapers to choose for newborns(+ video reviews)

Hygiene products like diapers.
used by parents for several centuries. Even in the 18-19 century mothers
made diapers made of cloth and filled them with wool, grass or
moss Modern parents do not need to dodge,
but they are faced with another problem: which diaper should I choose?
This question is particularly relevant in relation to the newborn

The content of the article

  • 1 Why do I need a diaper
  • 2 What are diapers?
    • 2.1 Reusable diapers
    • 2.2 Disposable diapers
    • 2.3 Scary about disposable diapers
  • 3 Choose the best diaper for a newborn
    • 3.1 Вывод: Видео Одноразовые и Reusable nappies,
      what’s better?

подгузники для newborns

Why do you need a diaper

A diaper has two main goals:

  1. Wipe moisture and discharge from baby’s delicate skin to
    avoid irritation.
  2. Prevent (or at least reduce) the soiling of clothes and
    diapers over the diaper.

Obviously, mothers themselves are more interested in diapers, and
not kids, because this mom will have to cope with the arisen
dermatitis and wash diapers.

What are diapers

All existing diapers can be divided into 2 large groups.
based on the duration of use.

Reusable nappies

Reusable nappies

Reusable nappies. The essence of such diapers is that
can be washed and used again many more times until the diaper
stop performing their tasks.

  • Gauze diapers. Our mothers used such diapers.
    and grandmothers. The diaper itself is a square of several
    layers of gauze with a side length of 50 or 100 centimeters. For promotion
    Absorbency Some parts of such diapers are padded with cotton.
    When the diaper gets dirty – it is easy to wash it with warm water
    soap, dry, iron and can be used again.
  • Reusable nappies-трусики. It is quite new and
    modern type of diapers. Their base – panties – made of
    waterproof breathable material. Inside the diaper is inserted
    absorbing liner that needs to be changed as you fill. Themselves
    inserts are erased and can be reused.

Reusable nappies видео отзыв 

Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers. These diapers are used only
once. Being in a diaper is better not longer than 2
часов подряд
, после чего подгузник снимается и
goes to the trash. Disposable diapers тоже бывают
several species.

  • Diapers with Velcro. Dress such
    the diaper on the baby needs to lie down. The diaper is fixed by
    adhesive tape connecting the back and front. Among them, you can
    separate diapers for newborns: at the front
    they have a cut for the navel. It is very convenient because the umbilical
    the wound heals for a few weeks and it should not be allowed
  • Diapers, panties. These diapers are bigger
    Suitable for children over 1 year old. They are identical in structure.
    Velcro diapers and have the same 3 layers: external –
    waterproof, medium – absorbent (turns liquid into
    gelatinous substance and holds it), and internal,
    directly in contact with the baby’s skin and protecting it from
    irritations. The only difference is in the principle of putting on and fixing
    diaper on the body: instead of velcro panty have a wide

Scary about disposable diapers

Some moms have strong prejudices against disposables.
diapers, attributing to them a terrible effect on the health of babies. AND
still fears about using disposable diapers
greatly exaggerated. There is no valid evidence that
that they negatively affect the health of children and cause in the future
any problems.

Mommies’ fears revolve around 3 main

  • Disposable diapers вызывают бесплодие у девочек и
  • ANDспользование одноразовых подгузников мешает приучению ребенка
    to the pot;
  • Wearing disposable diapers leads to deformation of the legs and

The first point especially scares parents of boys, because there are
the view that diapers have a risk of overheating the testicles, which means
provoke violations of spermatogenesis. In fact
sperm cells begin to be produced in a much older
age, so harm this process by wearing diapers
is impossible.

Potty training is generally a matter of maturation of the nervous.
systems and the child’s ability to control their
excretory processes. In terms of neurology, time for a pot
comes no earlier than 1.5 years. (По теме: как приучить
baby to the pot)

The last point in practice is implemented with exactly the opposite.
Disposable diapers — это отличная профилактика дисплазии
hip joints, because the thigh is just allocated to the desired

Video: what’s inside the disposable diaper

Choosing the best diaper for a newborn

Let’s try to figure out what requirements should
fit the best diapers for newborns.

  1. If you are a nice manufacturer has diapers with
    Marked Newborn – choose them. it special model for
    infants with a notch in the navel.
  2. The diaper must be well protected from leakage. Pledge
    such protection – the right size and elastic rubber
    backrest The better the diaper is adjacent to the calf, the less chance
    that its contents fall outside.
  3. From diapers with perfume or impregnated
    Lotion is better to refuse – they can cause allergies.
  4. Because newborn babes pee and poop up to 30 times
    per day, the “right” diaper should be good and fast
  5. Pay attention that the diaper is made of
    eco-friendly “breathable” material.

Separately, I would like to highlight recommendations for use

  1. Do not use diapers expired.
  2. Before putting a diaper on the baby, check it
  3. Don’t stock the smallest size diapers – they
    will be useful literally in the first 2-3 weeks.
  4. Trust the recommendations, but do not miss the opportunity on your
    experience try different diapers. The requirements of moms are very different
    therefore, only your own opinion and feeling of comfort in the baby
    help you choose the perfect diaper.

Полезная информация: Сколько памперсов в
Does a new baby need a day?

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do it right.

Вывод: Видео Одноразовые и Reusable nappies, что
it is better?

Comparison of disposable diapers

Compare Pampers, Haggies, Merries and Gauze

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