What detergents can be used children’s things in the washing machine


  1. What to wash
  2. How to wash baby clothes

When a baby appears in the house, a lot of new worries and problems. For example, how and how to wash the clothes of a newborn? AT in the recent past, children’s clothes were washed by hand, applying for this laundry soap. Now there is no need for hand washing – in every second apartment has a washing machine that takes on yourself this tedious job.

But using a machine for washing things a newborn has its subtleties that must not be forgotten so as not to harm fragile body of the child.

What to wash

Washing newborn baby clothes in the washing machineWash things of a newborn are necessary separately from things of adults. Therefore, they should be folded separately, in a basket or plastic package.

It is necessary to start washing children’s clothes no later than in 1-2 days after they become soiled. In addition, things are different colors it is advisable to wash separately.

When baby clothes are washed manually, it’s best to apply ordinary laundry soap because it does not contain chemicals that can provoke allergic reactions or irritation of the baby’s skin. But they’re doing it manually now rarely, so you need to take the issue of choice seriously the right detergent for washing things in the car.

For washing, it is recommended to use special washing powders for children, while paying attention to their composition. Such powders should not include chlorine compounds, phosphates and Surfactant. The following items are recommended for washing children’s items: “Stork”; “Dally Med”, “Eared Nannies”, “Our Mom,” World of Childhood “, gel “Domal”. These tools have passed a number of tests and have shown themselves. completely safe for washing newborn clothes.


Before buying, you should study the box – it should there should be an inscription confirming that this powder allowed to use for washing things newborns.

Washing newborn baby clothes in the washing machineBuy powder in huge packages of several kilograms does not immediately recommended – it is not yet known how a small body will react on this remedy. For starters, you can buy a small pack powder and make sure that the child reacts normally to things, washed with this powder. With a favorable result, you can continue to use this tool.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the shelf life of the powder. – It should not be past due. Do not use in the washing machine powder that is intended for hand washing as it is will lead to increased foaming and possible damage a washing machine. Also, do not exceed specified in the instructions dose of powder.

How to wash baby clothes

When washing newborn things in a typewriter, you must adhere to following rules:

  • Washing newborn baby clothes in the washing machineAdults and children’s things need to be washed only separately;
  • The minimum water temperature should be 90 ° C;
  • Always turn on the baby wash mode as well make a few extra rinses;
  • Particles of feces must be cleaned first, then these clothes must be washed manually, using laundry soap, and only then immerse it to the washing machine;
  • When washing baby diapers, it is recommended in general exclude detergents – instead, you can simply rinse them in water, which will effectively get rid of odor and traces of urine;
  • For washed clothes and linen must be properly to take care, guided by the instructions presented on washing powder packaging;
  • Do not use bleach during washing. recommended because they contain chemical compounds that can provoke an allergy in the baby;
  • When using air conditioners, make sure that they are not have a pungent odor;
  • Dry thoroughly after washing. linen, preferably on the balcony or on the street; if dry things in the house, air humidity increases, which adversely affects the health status of adults and children.

It happens that washed in hot water the thing narrows a little in size – as they say, it “sat down”. Wearing such things is not recommended for the baby, as he will discomfort with too tight clothes.

To return to its original size, it is necessary to stretch it on a three-liter jar, or soak in cold water with a little amount of hydrogen peroxide and, without squeezing, hang dry.

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