What делать, если дома разбился ртутный градусник(thermometer)?

Update: November 2018

If a thermometer with a mercury tip has broken at your home –
it is necessary to implement a clear algorithm of actions for neutralization
hazardous substance. The main thing is not to panic, because
a situation, albeit unpleasant, but not catastrophic, in each
to the family that happens.

To read this article does not hurt anyone – you will
ready for such a household emergency. And yet – talk with your
households, especially children, and explain if any of them
a thermometer breaks – you can’t hide it, you should immediately tell
adults or call the MOE.

What is dangerous broken thermometer?

The mercury that is contained in the thermometer tip is
hazardous substance. Mercury vapor is dangerous
which in the case of a developed thermometer get into the respiratory system
person Wrong actions, alas, can lead to
small balls of mercury will be indoors for a long time and
отравлять air.

The danger of a broken mercury thermometer is that
moving mercury balls can easily become clogged in a slot, roll in
the far corner of the room, they will not be visible and will be extremely
complicated. These very large balls will then evaporate.
toxic toxic fumes.

Mercury evaporates at a temperature of 18 ° C, poisoning vapor
enter the body mainly through the lungs (80%). At large
evaporation when a large metal leak occurred, mercury vapor
enter the body through the mucous membranes and through the pores of the skin, affecting
first of all the central nervous system, kidneys, gums.

It is believed that if a thermometer is so dangerous, it does not
would be sold freely and without restrictions. Of course acute
intoxication mercury from a broken thermometer will not cause, but undermine
health when in the room for a long time can. If a
broken thermometer, health effects occur when
prolonged inhalation of not even significant mercury vapor (see
chronic mercury vapor poisoning).

  • gingivitis
  • hand shake
  • changes in the state of the central nervous system (insomnia, anxiety, decreased
    memory and cognitive function, depression, paralysis)
  • development of irreversible processes in the kidneys, liver
  • affected thyroid, cardiovascular system
  • possible respiratory failure, the development of pneumonia

Mercury is most dangerous for children and pregnant women:

  • changes in the work of the kidneys and lungs can be observed in
  • pregnant women are threatened with intrauterine fetal damage with
    хроническом воздействии mercury

На правах рекламы: Жители Москвы и Московской
in the event of a hazardous metal spill, leave the contaminated
mercury vapor room and ask for advice in
The Environmental Mercury Disposal Service. Certified
specialists with higher chemical education in the shortest possible time
arrive at the place of emergency. Detect and eliminate negative
effects. Works are carried out according to indications of the attorney.
gas analyzer analyzer, before the conclusion in the air of the MPC standard with SanPiN.
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the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO14001: 2004)
rendering all complex of services in the address with waste of the I-IV classes


Итак, разбился ртутный градусник, что do?

If a в панике вы забыли все, о чем прочитали в нашей статье –
dial the Emergencies Ministry number (by calling 01 or 112, if you are calling from
mobile phone) or public health and follow them clearly
directions. If a вы в состоянии справиться с проблемой сами, то
To collect a broken thermometer, do the following:

  • Take people and animals out of the room where the “accident” happened,
    close the door tightly.
  • Prepare:
    • saturated solution of potassium permanganate, as well as soap and soda
    • jar (preferably three-liter) with a tight lid, which is filled
      cold water or a solution of potassium permanganate at 2/3;
    • 2 sheets of paper;
    • syringe or medical bag;
    • a piece of cotton or brush;
    • knitting needle or awl;
    • adhesive tape or plaster or duct tape;
    • torch.
  • Shoe with rubber slippers (but not fabric), which is not a pity
    throw or put plastic bags on your feet.
  • Put a wet gauze bandage on your face (or adjust a piece
    fabrics) to protect the lungs, as well as rubber gloves on hands
    (preferably medical, tight-fitting – in the economic
    gloves it will be inconvenient to perform subtle manipulations).
  • In a strong solution of potassium permanganate, wet the cloth and lay it
    on the threshold of the room where the thermometer crashed.
  • Close the door tightly behind you and open the window. In this window
    other rooms must be closed.
  • Raise the thermometer and all that is left of it, trying not
    scatter the remaining mercury in the tip and place it in
    jar of water.
  • Gently push small mercury balls into one large (they will
    merge) with sheets of paper.
  • Drive large balls onto a sheet of paper with cotton and drain
    их в jar of water.
  • After being seen by the mercury balls will be collected
    you should collect small ones using adhesive tape by sticking it to
    surface where the thermometer crashed. After processing the tape should be
    send in a jar of water.
  • Inspect with a flashlight all the slots and places where they could
    roll balls of mercury (they will glow metallic color).
    From hard-to-reach places, mercury is obtained with the help of a sharp thin
    object (a needle) or absorbed into a pear or syringe.
  • A syringe or a pear with mercury also lowered into the jar.
  • If mercury could roll under the baseboard – it should
    dismantle and collect mercury by the above methods.
  • Close the jar lid.
  • Wash the floor and surfaces where mercury was collected
    potassium permanganate or a soap-soda solution (you can first,
    then second);
  • Remove clothing, gloves, a mask, shoes or bags and fold everything in
    separate package, tightly tied. Next with clothes do as
    described below.
  • Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and find out where you can hand over the bank with a dangerous
    contents, as well as all items that have been contacted or could
    contact with mercury (gloves, pear, cotton wool, floor cloth,
    your clothes and shoes, etc.).
  • Take a shower, rinse your mouth with soda solution.

Your actions must be careful, but, at the same time, it is impossible
to stretch the most dangerous part of demercurization – the collection of mercury – on
clock. The next 7 days try to exclude the stay of people and
animals in this room, constantly air it, eliminating
draft. Every day you need to wash the floor and the surface,
contacting mercury with a soap-soda solution or water with
the addition of chlorine-containing disinfectant.

If the thought of a possible remaining mercury ball is somewhere in the gaps
gives you sleep – call the laboratory service (at the Ministry of Emergency Situations,
sanstantion), which will measure the concentration of mercury vapor you have
in the apartment. See also what to do if an energy saving crashed.
light bulb.

What you absolutely can not do if you broke

  • Broken thermometer, collected mercury, materials with which you
    collected metal or even if the thermometer broke, and the mercury is not
    flowed out – you can not throw it in the garbage chute, sewer or
    trash can.
  • If you followed the algorithm and put everything in the bank with
    potassium permanganate, this can also not be thrown into the above
    places – the neutralization of mercury does not occur, it is only a temporary measure
    before disposal in a specialized organization.
  • Do not use a broom, cloth or vacuum cleaner to collect
  • You can not wash clothes in a washing machine and shoes in which you
    conducted work on the collection of mercury, they should be handed over to the MOE.
  • Until all sources of evaporation have been collected, you cannot create
    в квартире draft.

 Popular questions and answers to them

What to do if the mercury thermometer crashed, but at the same time on me
was dressed expensive clothes that could contact with mercury,
but do I feel sorry for throwing it away?

If clothing is in contact with mercury, it should be folded in
package and hang out for airing outdoors. Naturally,
not on the balcony where you go out often and you will breathe in pairs
mercury Possible in the attic cottages, in the barn, etc. Clothes should
weathered for about 3 months and then washed several times in
soap-soda solution.

What to do if the thermometer crashed on the carpet, mercury balls
got on soft toys or on a bed?

Collecting mercury from the carpet is much more complicated. Most likely you
will have to part with the carpet and toys and take them to
recycling, moreover, without delaying, but immediately after cleaning. If things
you are dear and throwing away is a pity – you should do the same
as described above with clothes. After weathered carpet and toys
should be dry cleaned. Worse if the thermometer broke on
beds, upholstered furniture, if bedding, it should
weathered for 3 months, if the furniture was not covered with anything, it is better
bring it to 3 months in the garage, shed, to the country.

If mercury from a broken thermometer fell on a hot radiator
heating, can I clean the room by myself
to the above algorithm?

No, in this case, you should immediately leave the room, close
tight door and call the Emergency. Mercury boils already at 40 ° C,
therefore, in this case, all the mercury on the radiators will fall into

What categories of people are prohibited from contacting mercury?

Children under 18, elderly people over 65, pregnant women and people
with pathologies of the nervous and urinary systems.

My child swallowed mercury from a broken thermometer. what

You must call an ambulance for a child to be examined.
doctor. You can not poison with eaten mercury, but the child must be
examined (in addition to mercury, a piece of glass from the
broken thermometer).

Households broke a thermometer and collected the mercury with a vacuum cleaner. how
do in this case?

This is a terrible mistake that leads to the dispersion of mercury on
the smallest balls and release them into the air through the outlet
vacuum cleaner filter systems. It is necessary to carry out demercurization by
algorithm, and the vacuum cleaner to dispose or remove the filter bag and remove
corrugated hose, which pass in the scrap – with these accessories
will have to say goodbye. Vacuum cleaner should be weathered for
several months outdoors.

The child broke the thermometer in the bathroom and carefully washed the mercury in
sewage jet of water. Mercury can poison the room, remaining
in the sewer?

Of course, such actions are unacceptable, but since mercury is heavier
water, it is washed off and goes to the city
collector. If the sewer system of your apartment is
knees, mercury will easily settle there. Therefore, the knee should be disassembled
and check for the presence of mercury globules, if any are found – their
you need to pour into the jar with potassium permanganate, which pass on

Precautions when dealing with thermometers

  • Купите электронный или инфракрасный thermometer: он не менее
    Accurate, but absolutely safe.
  • When measuring the temperature of children tightly press your hand
  • Do not let him in the hands of children
  • Gently beat the readings on it, away from solid objects.
    in order to avoid a sharp blow.
  • Store in a special plastic case.
  • In case it crashed, be sure to collect everything, according to
    recommendations, and properly dispose of.

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