What clothes to wear for pregnant women: we select future mom’s wardrobe


  1. When is the time to buy maternity clothes?
  2. What clothes should be in the wardrobe of a pregnant woman?
    1. Trousers and jeans
    2. Lingerie
    3. Footwear
    4. What to wear in the early stages?
    5. What should pregnant women wear in summer?
    6. What things do pregnant women wear in winter?

Preparing for a baby is an exciting and joyful time. But even before you buy the first tiny sliders, expectant mother certainly looks into the maternity clothes store. Subsequently, it often turns out that many things from this new wardrobe and lay on the shelf. How not to commit unnecessary shopping? Let’s talk about what clothes are recommended to be worn. pregnant women, what will be really necessary and what is not worth it splurge.

When is the time to buy maternity clothes?

stylish clothesFacing a shop window with fashionable outfits for expectant mothers, remember: your figure will change faster than you can expect. The dress that sits perfectly today is only after a month it may turn out to be small. And the closer the birth, the faster changes will come. Isn’t it better to make practical wardrobe than constantly releasing decent amounts of “disposable” new things?

From what month to wear clothes for pregnant women, in many respects from individual characteristics. On average, this is the beginning of the second trimester, but it is impossible to accurately predict weight changes. therefore first advice: do not buy everything at once, because you do not know how You will look after 4-5 weeks.

Second tip: before you go to a specialist department, it is worth conducting an audit in your closet. Remove from there:

  • skinny jeans, trousers and skirts;
  • tight dresses;
  • heeled shoes.

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All these things must be carefully folded into boxes and put away top shelf. Why do you need to do this? Firstly this clothes will soon become out of size, and if you continue to wear it, then she quickly lose shape. Secondly, many styles will seem uncomfortable, and some models are simply unsafe to wear in position. By removing your favorite things now, you will extend your life to your main wardrobe.

What clothes should be in the wardrobe of a pregnant woman?

clothes for pregnant womenThe first purchase should be a few dresses as free as possible. But those that will be appropriate at work, and at events, and in everyday life. Only two or three of these models – and you are quite ready for that moment, when the usual office wardrobe suddenly becomes uncomfortable size.

Regardless of the season, it is also worth buying several long and wide sundresses. They are useful not only in the summer months, but also in the later stages, when only the most free clothes are not will be inconvenient.

Trousers and jeans

jeans with a beltIf everything is pretty simple with dresses, then how to choose trousers? Many people think that under a rounded tummy pick up only dimensionless pants such as harem pants. Perhaps it the thing is comfortable, but completely impractical – suitable only for home and walks in warm weather.

To work and just go out of the way to buy pants or jeans with an elastic belt. The belt can be located under the stomach or on the stomach – in the latter case, it is necessary that it is not too tight, but stretched well. You can also pay attention to models with a belt on the lacing – it will be convenient to adjust it as abdominal enlargement. These pants you probably carry more than one month, combining with tunics and cardigans.


Doctors recommend that pregnant women wear special underwear starting from early dates. Not only for reasons of comfort, but also in terms of health care vision. Therefore buy a pair of dimensionless cotton sets, and for the cool season it’s not out of place also get thermal underwear.

The first obvious changes in the shape will affect the shape of the breast: milk the glands will grow rapidly, which will inevitably cause the discomfort. That is why it is important to purchase a special bra from elastic fabric that will stretch as it grows breast volume. Take a look at pitted models, with multi-level clasp.


What shoes should expectant mother wear? On the upper mezzanines should to go not only high-heeled shoes, but also any tight shoes – sneakers, boots, boots with a narrow top, etc. During pregnancy is generally recommended to give your feet a large attention, since it was at this moment that women first face excessive swelling and varicose veins.

What you need to purchase:

  • for warm weather – ballet shoes and soft sports slippers;
  • in the off-season – men’s shoes with a flat sole;
  • for the colder months – boots without a heel (possibly ugg boots), with the highest, but wide shafts, on non-slip the sole.

What to wear in the early stages?

So, if all the listed wardrobe items are already purchased in the first months, in the future, practically do not have to face what to wear problem. Such a small kit allows significantly save on new things, since these things can be worn at any time.

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Many women have doubts about what kind of clothes they wear. in early pregnancy. Really storm specialty shops are too early. Therefore, it is enough to exclude from everyday wardrobe all synthetics, all cramped and uncomfortable styles, and buy only a set of dimensionless linen.

Starting from the third month, there comes a time of “transitional” things. These are already mentioned loose dresses, tunics, etc. Buy new things in ordinary stores you can still, but be prepared that they will soon will be small.

What should pregnant women wear in summer?

summer dressChoosing outfits for the hot months, be sure to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Thin, breathable materials do not allow excessive sweating, from which they often suffer women in position. We buy linen, cotton, viscose and natural silk, we completely abandon synthetics if its share exceeds thirty%. Remember that the body can also respond to synthetics allergies.

About the main summer thing of the future mother – a free sundress – we already mentioned. What else is worth a look in the summer:

  • tunics – look good even for long periods;
  • dresses with a belt that is tied at the back;
  • light blouses with a free cut;
  • elongated T-shirts and t-shirts;
  • up to the seventh month it is quite possible to wear shorts with inserts from above;
  • before the same period you can choose mid-length skirts with elastic (after the sixth month they will already be uncomfortable);
  • wide trousers with inserts on the stomach.

We say “maternity clothes”, introduce jeans overalls? Indeed, such overalls look cute, in them it will even be convenient. But for too short a period. If acquire this thing then only in the early stages, in the second or In the third trimester, she will simply add to the list of unnecessary purchases.

What things do pregnant women wear in winter?

leggings for pregnant womenA woman in a position is simply necessary dress warmly. By the cold season, the wardrobe must replenish with comfortable things mainly from natural materials: fleece trousers, woolen sweaters and dresses, cardigans. It is also worth stocking up preventative (or medical) tights and elastic, but not tight leggings.

It is rather difficult to choose outerwear for a future mother. To find a suitable jacket or down jacket does not work out in advance – go they should be followed when it is almost time to wear them. Not less to do with just one new thing for the season is quite possible. The main tip here: choose products one size larger, this there may be down jackets, jackets, winter overalls.

Where to go – to a specialized department or to a regular one – depends on how long you decide to buy clothes for pregnant. After all, not all things for expectant mothers are so convenient and necessary, as presented by manufacturers. Nonetheless by opportunities it is better to visit specialized departments where clothes for expectant mothers it is sewn taking into account the anatomical features, and not limited only to products larger by several sizes.

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