What can you eat with pancreatitis: diet, meat,fish, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs

Update: November 2018

The pancreas is a very small but capricious gland, and if with
she is not okay, then man has to refrain from
многих любимых блюд и products. Not to bring to acute
pancreatitis or until chronic exacerbation should be followed
diet, which is called the table 5P.

Что можно есть при pancreatitis? We will tell about it in this
article. Consider the most frequently asked questions regarding
prohibited and allowed food for this disease.

What kind of vegetables can I eat?


When pancreatitis can I eat tomatoes? As for tomatoes,
here the opinion of nutritionists is divided, some believe that they are very
useful because they contain delicate fiber, so necessary for
gastrointestinal tract, remove harmful cholesterol from the blood,
which is very important for the pancreas. Можно ли помидоры при панкреатите

Others feel that it is worth refraining from using them,
more during the acute process or even mild aggravation
хронического pancreatitis. Definitely, you can not eat immature
Tomatoes containing a mass of toxins, loading all organs
пищеварительной system.

But fresh tomato juice, made from ripe tomatoes (not
juice from industrial packages, and squeezed from fresh
Tomato) turns out to be a very valuable work-stimulating product.
pancreas, especially when mixed with carrot
fresh juice. You can also use tomatoes in stew or
baked form. But, in all it is necessary to observe the measure, abuse
even useful products can affect work

Tomato juice – choleretic, that is, choleretic. If you drink it in
exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, it is likely to be more
worse because secondary reactive pancreatitis will develop, as with
gallstone disease. Excess bile will drop in total
pancreatic duct, there activate pancreatic enzymes,
которые будут переваривать не еду в тонкой кишке, а саму gland.
The result is acute pancreatitis, gurney, operating table for
pancreatic necrosis, then either disability or death.

Thus, tomatoes and tomato juice are allowed to remission
chronic pancreatitis, when there is no pain, no swelling by ultrasound, or
increase amylase, diastase, elastase and other signs

ATсе рекомендации в данной статье — это показания к столу 5П при
chronic pancreatitis during recovery after exacerbation and
out of aggravation. Not to bring to acute панкреатита, не надо
drink alcoholic beverages (especially strong) and some


When pancreatitis can I eat cucumbers or not? Cucumbers, несмотря на
the fact that 90% of the water is actually very rich
trace elements and vitamins. There are cucumbers in this disease
it is possible, moreover, for treatment sometimes prescribed cucumber diet with
pancreatitis, when a person eats 7 kg of cucumbers in a week, while
pancreatic discharge occurs and inflammatory diseases are prevented
processes. Again, let’s talk about the fact that everything is useful in moderation, with
excessive use of cucumbers, especially if they contain nitrates
or worse, pesticides, use is reduced to zero.


Is it possible to have cabbage, broccoli with pancreatitis? Colored
cabbage, broccoli, Peking, you can eat, but it is better to stew or
boiled form. Plain white cabbage, which we most
habitual, has a very hard fiber, so use
its raw is prohibited, but after heat treatment, not
often it can also be eaten. And of course, do not forget that from
fried vegetables should be discarded. And from sauerkraut better
refuse, as it strongly irritates the mucous membrane. Beijing
cabbage can sometimes be consumed raw, only injected into
diet any kind of cabbage after the aggravation should be cautious.

Whether sea kale is useful, the answer of nutritionists is yes, it’s the most
useful of all kinds, because it has a very large number
cobalt and nickel, without which normal is impossible
gland functioning. Can sea kale be eaten when
pancreatitis? Да, … только жителям Юго-ATосточной Азии (Японии),
because there enzymatic systems are different from European ones. Even
on drugs in a pharmacy in Japan indicate that Europeans may not
to help. Therefore, there is seaweed with pancreatitis, especially in
aggravation, it is impossible. This is not what other types of cabbage, this
the product is closer to the mushrooms, that is, its utilization will be required
a massive release of pancreatic enzymes that will trigger
утяжеление inflammation. Therefore, sea kale, like mushrooms do not give
children under 12 years old (they do not have the appropriate enzymes) and they
contraindicated in pancreatitis.

Какие фрукты можно при pancreatitis?

ATсе кислые фрукты, особенно с грубой клетчаткой употреблять не
желательно, особенно в период exacerbations. You can eat fruit
только спустя 10 дней после начала ремиссии pancreatitis. With
chronic pancreatitis abuse of various fruits also not
It is enough to eat 1 of any of the allowed fruits in
day. Of course, according to the content of nutrients, vitamins and
minerals, they have no equal and they are useful for the gland, but
the presence of coarse fiber impairs its functioning:

  • You can eat: strawberries, sweet green apples, papaya,
    pineapple, avocado, watermelon
  • You can not eat: pears, all kinds of citrus, sour apples,
    peaches, plums, cherry plums, mango
  • With ремиссии допускается эксперименты с употреблением различных
    fruits, subject to heat treatment – in a double boiler,
    the oven.

There are certain rules when and how to eat fruit when

  • Permitted fruits should be chopped as closely as possible,
    rub up
  • Use better after roasting in the oven or in
  • Do not eat more than one fruit per day.
  • Know exactly the list of permitted and prohibited fruits and
    know the medicines that should be taken if an accident occurs
    use is not a desirable fruit.

Can I eat strawberries, bananas for pancreatitis and why?
Most nutritionists believe that the pancreas is out
pancreatitis exacerbations able to cope with strawberries in
a small amount, but all individually. From use
bananas are better to give up.

Можно ли пить алкоголь при pancreatitis?

Pancreas categorically rejects any alcohol
the drinks. Of all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, this gland
most susceptible to the toxic effects of alcohol. AT отличие от
liver, there is no enzyme that can break down alcoholic drink.
It is known that more than 40% of all cases of acute pancreatitis occur
after heavy drinking, fatty snack, fun long

With хроническом панкреатите при употреблении алкоголя высок риск
repeated attacks of acute pancreatitis that lead to
severe functional, anatomical destruction of the pancreas
glands. And as you know, unlike the liver, this gland is completely
not restored. And with each alcohol intake progresses
the formation of foci of fibrosis, which essentially means that
the pancreas is not just inflamed, but rotting.

 Итак, что нельзя есть при pancreatitis?

Fatty food

The pancreas does not like fatty foods, smoked foods,
foods high in protein or fat.

  • Meat. Therefore, fatty meats (pork, duck, goose), especially
    Kebabs of them, burgers, sausages, stew and canned
    to exclude.
  • A fish. Fat varieties of fish – sturgeon, salmon, trout, salmon,
    herring, sprat, mackerel, catfish, as well as caviar and canned fish,
    salted and smoked fish are also excluded from the diet.
  • Бульоны. According to gastroenterologists difficult
    find a more harmful product for the pancreas than the rich
    broth on the bone, aspic. And many in the hospital are trying
    bring strong chicken broth – improve health. it
    big mistake!
Products containing artificial colors, flavors,

Они also not щадят поджелудочную gland. On our shelves
supermarkets virtually no products without the above
chemical additives, so recently the number of patients
pancreatitis in varying degrees of severity is growing steadily.
It becomes especially scary for children, because they are also in large
quantity consume harmful chemical products under
name “baby yogurt” (stuffed with preservatives,
flavors and flavor enhancers), smoked sausage for children,
�”Baby sausages” – by definition, there can be no children
sausages, children can not eat such foods at all !!!  And then
wonder why a child in 10 years has pancreatitis?

Milk products

Glazed curd bars, fatty cottage cheese varieties, cheeses, especially
smoked and salted – can not be consumed. Ice cream also
contraindicated, especially since recently
not made from natural butter, milk and
cream, and from palm oil, dry cream and milk, which
undergo several stages of chemical processes that iron
It is very difficult to receive such products in
an organism.

The drinks

As for drinks, the pancreas does not like
soda, lemonade, which causes bloating and usually
saturated with all possible dyes, sweeteners,
flavors and even preservatives. As for coffee and cocoa,
These are also prohibited drinks, especially on an empty stomach. Firmly brewed
чай и хлебный квас также вредны для капризной glands. Many
soluble chicory manufacturers claim that this drink
is almost a panacea and can be drunk during gastritis, and
pancreatitis, cholecystitis. By action on the gastrointestinal tract
soluble chicory is also harmful as coffee, therefore, subject to
diets for pancreatitis should be excluded or used only
in very rare cases, not on an empty stomach, listening to his
sensations, at the slightest discomfort after its use, should
abandon it altogether (more about the dangers and benefits of chicory).

  • Confectionery – sweets, sweet pastries, chocolate –
    very tense pancreas gland.
  • Eggs Hard-boiled eggs or fried scrambled eggs
  • Vegetables. Such coarse, hard and spicy vegetables like radish, garlic,
    horseradish, salad, sorrel, mushrooms, legumes, bell pepper, onions
    (raw) can not be in any form. The rest of the vegetables are very necessary
    but only in boiled or steamed form.
  • Fast food. Such food is dangerous even for an absolutely healthy person.
    and if we are talking about pancreatitis, that is, almost “poisonous”
    Finished products are a direct way to the hospital bed.
  • Fruits. There are also limitations here, they are raw
    it is impossible, especially sour (citrus, cranberry) and too sweet –
    grapes, figs, persimmon.

Proper nutrition – what can you eat with pancreatitis?

It is known to all that the pancreas during exacerbation
любит  — ГОЛОД, ХОЛОД и ПОКОЙ. And without aggravation is very important
how much, how often, when and what does a person suffer

It is very important to follow certain rules and diet,
most importantly – eating a small amount of food is enough
often, preferably every 3 hours, limit food intake at night and,
Of course, do not use certain types of products.

Compliance with these rules is the key to long-term remission and full-fledged
жизни с pancreatitis. What can you eat with pancreatitis without harm
this little body?

  • Овощи: как мы говорили полезны огурцы в виде
    mashed potatoes, tomatoes, better in the form of juice, broccoli, cauliflower,
    potatoes, carrots, zucchini, beets, green peas – only
    baked or boiled. Very convenient and useful to do vegetable
    casseroles or vegetarian soups. Cabbage should
    limit and eat only in boiled, stewed form.
  • Фрукты: клубника, сладкие яблоки, ананасы,
    avocados in the form of compote, jelly, especially good fruit
    apricot puree, but you can eat a watermelon or melon no more than 1
    a piece.
  • Молоко: Many не знают можно ли молоко при
    pancreatitis? Milk in its pure form is not recommended,
    since for its cleavage, enzymes are required, which when
    pancreatitis and so is not enough, after 14 years of pure milk
    it is not worth drinking to anyone, except that rarely and separately from others
    products. For pancreatic diseases, whole milk
    can cause both diarrhea and flatulence. Of dairy products most
    Kefir, yogurt, and other liquid are considered ideal.
    dairy products. Curd can also be consumed, but up to 9%
    fat content. It is very convenient and quick to make various cottage cheese
    casseroles and lazy dumplings. Sour cream and fatty sharp hard cheeses
    are excluded, so only Gouda, Adygei type cheese,
    Mozzarella, Russian.Что можно есть при панкреатите
  • Мясо: с мясными продуктами все понятно —
    no fat, therefore, only lean veal remains,
    chicken (without skin), turkey, boiled rabbit meat, also
    You can make soup with meatballs, souffles and steam cutlets.
  • Яйца: Не более 2 яиц в неделю и только
    soft-boiled, it is very difficult for the pancreas to overpower the yolk, therefore
    better eat only protein.
  • Каши, крупы, макаронные изделия: it самая
    diet food. Useful oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina and rice
    porridge.  Barley and millet are excluded as very heavy for
    digestion cereal. Pasta can also be eaten with pancreatitis, with
    by adding a small amount of sunflower or cream
  • Рыба: Также рыба должна быть не жирной,
    boiled or baked, you can make steam cutlets. Highly
    useful pike perch, pollock, cod, pike.
  • Хлеб: Черный хлеб относится к запрещенным
    products, so you can eat white, better dried, cookies
    You can only fatty, lean and savory.
  • Сахар: Не многие могут питаться без сладких
    pancreatitis, sugar is a strong irritant, but
    sometimes you can make yourself jelly. But from all purchased sweets
    worth refusing, except for sugar, they contain such harmful
    chemicals that the pancreas is not very easy with them
    cope. You may occasionally indulge yourself with marmalade, pastila or
  • The drinks: Только слабозаваренный чай, лучше
    green, compote, jelly, decoctions of herbs, wild rose.
    Highly полезна при этом заболевании минеральная вода, особенно
    Slavyanovskaya, Smirnovskaya.

See Pancreatic Medicines and Treatment

Question answer:

Is it possible to goat milk?

Goat milk is quite a heavy product for the pancreas.
Since its fat content exceeds cow and two and a half times.
The people who traditionally use this product as the main one
have more adapted to its use enzymatic
system. But with the habit of goat milk can cause frustration
digestion. Therefore, with the introduction of this type of milk and products from
he must be careful to start with small portions and
gradually increase them with normal portability. Lack of
nausea, liquid or mushy stools will indicate
that the product is digested normally (see about cow and
goat milk for children).

Is it possible to matsoni?

Matsoni, like other dairy products, with chronic
панкреатите не contraindicated. It will be all about milk fat,
from which he (it) is cooked. Too fat milk, of course.

Can yeast baking, puff pastry, gingerbread?

During the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis, yeast pastries are not shown. AT
remission yeast pastries should be reasonably metered. Puff pastry
Dough is not contraindicated. AT пряниках на первое место выйдет степень
sweetening them (for problems with insulin for pancreatitis) and
icing with which they are covered. Often in cheap confectionery
use glaze on the basis of refractory fats (coconut and
palm oil), which does not add to the health of the pancreas

Is it possible to cinnamon?

Cinnamon – a spice that is sold only in specialized
stores or brought by distributors. What we buy in
Hypermarket bags is a cheaper option, called
cassia. Associated with this pseudo-queen were stories that she
helps with type 2 diabetes. This is actually not a job.
pancreas, and the response of insulin receptors in the tissues. Decent
evidence of this is not given anywhere. AT целом же корица усиливает
the production of gastric juice, being a stimulant, so when
exacerbations of pancreatitis are not recommended.

Is it possible to eat liver – stomach, heart, liver?

Liver-related products (heart, stomach), and liver
with pancreatitis are not contraindicated if they are boiled or extinguished.
AT жареном виде эти продукты лучше не есть.

Is it possible to make melted cheese, coffee, chocolate, bread?

It is advisable to choose melted cheese without hot spices and large
amounts of emulsifiers and preservatives. Chocolate does not abuse
worth it. Bread is possible. Coffee is undesirable regularly and during
exacerbations. ATыход – добавлять молоко и пить нечасто небольшими

Can brown and white rice, olive oil?

You can eat rice. Add olive oil to salads and the rest
dishes like they used to. Without fanaticism.

Is it possible cabbage pickle?

Cabbage pickle as a remedy for a hangover is contraindicated, because
что алкоголь разрушает поджелудочную gland. AT целом вне обострения
pancreatitis in the absence of inflammation in the stomach or 12 duodenal
the gut pair of brine spoons can not harm, however, drink it
glasses are not recommended.

Salted lard?

Fat more burdens the liver and biliary tract. Wherein
pancreas may suffer a second time. Against the background of remission of pancreatitis
lard can be eaten, but in reasonable portions a couple of pieces a day a couple
once a week.

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