What can you eat with gastritis: proper nutrition,diet

Update: January 2019

The man is so arranged that when he is passionate about any activity,
work, his brain concentrates only on creating something, on
work. Often, especially emotional and sensitive people.
don’t think about what they eat when they manage to do something
to eat

But when a person in the stomach rumbled, became ill or nauseous
remembers that he has a stomach, and that he needs to feed his body,
desirable wholesome foods. When stomach pain,
discomfort, belching and nausea appears in a person only
periodically, and when the pain subsides, he forgets about it and
this crazy race continues – work, home, shopping and
pr. Often, such a negligent attitude to their health
turns into serious problems. From poor quality nutrition to
the stomach first suffers and the most common
the disease is gastritis, which can occur in various

The most important thing in the restoration and treatment of gastritis of all types,
except for drug therapy – this is compliance with dietary
power supply. And when after FGDS – the doctor makes a diagnosis, before
a man raises the question – what foods can you eat when

Что можно кушать при gastritis?

  • Каши — это самое полезное
    a dish that should be eaten for breakfast for all who have problems
    with a stomach. This is especially true for oatmeal and buckwheat, their
    can be cooked with milk diluted with water, cereal during gastritis
    should be long enough to cook. Do not eat porridge
    instant cooking that does not require cooking, there is no
    benefits. It is better to buy oatmeal and buckwheat, it’s plenty
    more useful.
  • Сухари и белый хлеб — употребление ржаного
    gastritis bread is not allowed, as well as freshly baked bread
    bad for the gastric mucosa. Therefore, croutons soaked in
    weak tea with milk or dried white bread during lunch –
    the best way.
  • Картофель – это очень полезный и необходимый
    the product that is best eaten as a puree or boiled.
    Fried french fries – a very negative effect on the mucous
    stomach, it should be abandoned altogether.
  • Супы — нельзя готовить супы на очень
    strong broth, be it chicken or beef. If you can not
    eat vegetarian soup with cereals, then you can use meat
    broth, but only highly diluted. Also avoid any
    seasonings for soups with flavor enhancers, use soups in warm, and
    not hot.
  • Мясо – можно есть при гастрите, но только
    low-fat varieties – beef, veal, chicken, rabbit.
    Steam patties are especially useful for gastritis, since meat with
    This turns finely chopped and steam. If just steam
    meat, it should be chewed very thoroughly and not
    abuse the quantity, as any meat products –
    load on the stomach. Naturally, neither smoked nor smoked
    sausages and sausages can not be consumed during gastritis.
  • Рыба – только нежирные виды морской рыбы,
    such as pollock, cod, hake. Among the river fish – better zander and
    pike. It is better to refuse canned fish and fried fish completely,
    at their production all useful properties of any fish are lost, and
    a lot of spices and preservatives, carcinogens can be obtained with interest.
    Like meat, fish is best steamed, limiting spices.

Можно ли  молоко, кефир, творог, йогурт при gastritis?

With gastritis with high acidity

Milk can be consumed, especially with tea. All fermented milk
products – yogurt, yogurt is also useful for gastritis, only
if they are not too sour. But kefir is not very useful, because
has high acidity. Fresh curd is recommended in
shabby form. Among the curd products is very good for the stomach
various casseroles, lazy dumplings, cheese cakes baked in
oven, but only in moderation.

With gastritis with low acidity

But is it possible to milk with gastritis with low acidity?
Consuming it as a whole is not recommended, unless
add in the preparation of various dishes, in drinks and cereals.
Fermented milk products, kefir, sour milk with such gastritis
quite helpful. Natural fresh cottage cheese can also be used in
moderate quantities, in the form of soufflé, puddings, casseroles.

It is advisable to avoid eating the following dairy products.
with gastritis: Spicy, salty cheeses, full-fat milk and sour cream,
shop glazed curd bars.

Можно ли сыр, яйцо, мороженое при gastritis?

  • Сыр — острые или слишком соленые сыры нельзя
    for any gastritis, even ordinary hard cheese should be used in
    limited quantity in small slices.
  • Яйцо — можно есть при гастрите с повышенной
    acidity, but only soft-boiled or in the form of an omelet, 2-3 eggs per
    a week With low acidity, you can also eat eggs
    soft-boiled, baked, scrambled eggs with cheese, but not more than 1 egg per day.
    Hard-boiled eggs are categorically impossible for any gastritis.
    Scrambled eggs fried in
  • Ice cream, торты, конфеты — при гастрите
    categorically impossible, especially with high acidity

What fruits (bananas, apples, grapes, melons and watermelons) can
при gastritis?

  • Бананы – Можно ли бананы при gastritis? it
    a healthy fruit that contains some fiber, it is soft,
    easily digested and contains a lot of useful substances needed
    to the body. And although diet No. 5 forbids fruits such as dates,
    bananas, many gastroenterologists believe that their moderate
    use can not harm and bananas should and can be eaten when
  • А яблоки при гастрите можно? Apples this one
    of the most beneficial fruits for the stomach during gastritis, applesauce even
    treat this disease. Only there is a difference in the choice of apples
    with different acidity, with increased – should be chosen more
    sweet apples, and sour use is not desirable. And at
    low acidity on the contrary – better than apples with sour. With
    exacerbation of gastritis eat apples can only be in the form
    mashed potatoes.
  • Виноград этот фрукт при
    gastritis is a clear contraindication, neither the berries themselves, nor
    grape juice can not be drunk with any gastritis. Peculiar to him
    the fermentation process and the thick rind of the grapes nullify all of it
    beneficial properties for the body, since gastritis is
    irritates the mucosa and increases the acidity of gastric juice. Even
    with low acidity, it is not recommended to use grapes
    because of the thick skin and bones.
  • Дыня – чуть ли не самый тяжелый растительный
    a product not only for the stomach, but also for the pancreas and
    gallbladder. The digestive tract of even a completely healthy person is difficult.
    copes with melon, so anyone who suffers from gastritis, better
    refuse such a questionable product.
  • Арбуз – это то, что можно есть при гастрите,
    but only quite a bit. With любой кислотности его можно 
    eat only 1-2 slices. It is best to buy watermelons at the end
    August or September – this is because
    farmers in the race for early harvest do not stint on
    chemicals, so the first watermelons and melons in July are just dangerous for
    health By the end of August, the majority of melon crops have time
    get rid of excess nitrates and pesticides, and at this time they
    the most delicious and safe.

Можно ли сок при gastritis?

With повышенной кислотности

You can drink juices only from sweet fruits and berries – sweet
apples, cherries, figs, tomatoes, pears, peaches. Juices are excluded
from citrus fruits – oranges, mandarins, pineapples, grapefruits,
lemons, and also from other sour fruits – apricots, pomegranates,
gooseberry, cranberry, plum, grape. As a healing folk
means, vegetable juices help very well – cabbage and
potato, they have wound healing properties. All fruit
juices should be drunk warm, room temperature, because
гастрите холодные напитки  и пища раздражают слизистую

With пониженной кислотности

You can all the juice, except grape. And vegetable, and fruit –
berry juices in gastritis should be diluted with water, also very
useful decoction of wild rose.

What vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage) can be when

  • Какие овощи можно при gastritis? Ripe
    non-acidic tomatoes without aggravation can be eaten. As for fresh
    cucumbers, then there are two opposing opinions, one that their
    categorically can not be used, and the other that with mild
    gastritis out of aggravation, peeled and grated
    cucumbers can be used. Potatoes, beets and carrots, as well as
    cauliflower and green peas can be consumed, but only in
    boiled form, baked, stewed, or in the form of souffle, mashed potatoes,
  • Какие овощи нельзя пр gastritis? Concerning
    cabbage, then white cabbage to use for gastritis is not
    recommended, as well as turnips, turnips, radishes, onions, mushrooms, all
    canned, pickled and salted vegetables, especially such
    potato products like chips and french fries.

Можно ли чай, кофе, цикорий, шоколад при gastritis?

  • Чай — при повышенной кислотности можно пить
    weak tea with milk, high-quality green is especially useful
  • Кофе — категорически нельзя пить черный кофе
    with gastritis on an empty stomach, also in large quantities, especially with
    повышенной кислотности stomach. With пониженной кислотности
    coffee or cocoa with milk is allowed, but only in limited
  • Шоколад — лучше отказаться совсем от этого
    продукта при gastritis.
  • Цикорий — много противоречивой информации по
    поводу того — можно ли пить цикорий при gastritis? Manufacturers
    soluble chicory convince that it is completely safe and
    most useful product that should be drunk to everyone. However by
    action on the gastric mucosa, it is just as harmful that
    and regular coffee. If you can not отказать себе в этом напитке,
    then soften it with milk and never drink on an empty stomach. More about
    the benefits and dangers of chicory.
  • Газированные напитки и квас нельзя пить при
    любом гастрите stomach.

Можно ли пить пиво, вино, алкоголь при gastritis?

With остром гастрите или обострении хронического гастрита любого
the species is strictly prohibited to use any low alcohol and
алкогольных напитков — пива, коньяка, водки, вина и пр. Even в
periods of remission, the use of alcoholic beverages in a person with
gastritis causes chemical damage to an already unhealthy
слизистой оболочки stomach. Alcohol provokes the production
gastric juice, namely hydrochloric acid, which damages
mucous membrane that aggravates the inflammatory process in
the stomach.

Можно ли семечки, орехи, мед, имбирь при gastritis?

  • Орехи, семечки, бобовые — никакие виды орехов
    can not be used for gastritis, the same applies to seeds, and
  • Мед можно употреблять при гастрите, поскольку
    he has wound healing properties and is considered
    fortified and useful product. However, everything is good in moderation,
    All the more so since many people may have bee products
  • Ginger is a very hot spice that should not be consumed.
    with gastritis in any form.

Is it possible to cure gastritis?

In not neglected cases, with superficial gastritis, it is possible
to completely cure gastritis, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, and
observe the following strict rules that in practice it turns out
quite challenging:

  • Permanent diet, no dry food, fast food.
  • Meals should be 5-6 times a day, at certain hours,
    the last meal should be at least 2 hours before
  • Eliminate any overeating and long breaks in the reception
  • To exclude smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Work on yourself in developing stress resistance
    (stress tolerance), or exclude psycho-emotional
  • Lack of physical overvoltage, constantly monitor
    state of the body, do not overwork, do not overwork, sleep
    at least 8 hours a day at night and preferably 1 hour during the day.

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