What can you eat with diarrhea and childfor adults

Update: October 2018

In the medical sense, diarrhea – frequent loose stools, 3 or more.
once a day. In young children, diarrhea: defecation, appearance,
the smell and the amount of which is not embedded in the usual framework.
Withчин, приведших в диарее, много, тогда как подход к питанию
the same in almost all cases. What can you eat with diarrhea
adult and child, we tell below.

Withнципы питания при диарее

WITHамая основная ошибка людей, столкнувшихся с диареей – полное
starvation. To such a restrictive measure, people resort to
stop diarrhea. Failure to eat leads to the opposite.
effect. The person is weakened, the digestive system suffers and
whole body. With диарее нужно как можно быстрее восстановить
intestinal mucosa, and fasting slows down

How to eat with diarrhea – principles:

  • Fractional power. Frequent food intake every 3 hours reduces
    simultaneous load on the intestines.
  • Small portions, half of the usual. WITHнижают нагрузку на
    Gastrointestinal tract.
  • Mild mode. Elimination of mechanical, chemical, thermal
    irritants improves digestion.
  • Energy usefulness. WITHнижается количество жиров и
    carbohydrates to the lower physiological norm, protein in the diet is not
    going down.
  • Drinking mode. Replenishing fluid and electrolyte loss
    necessarily in the treatment of diarrhea (1.5-2 liters per day).
  • Dietary processing of products. Food in liquid, semi-liquid form,
    boiled, steam products, chopped or pureed, easy
    усваиваются и не создают нагрузку на Gastrointestinal tract.

Меню при поносе

Withмерное меню при кишечной инфекции (нажмите для

WITHоблюдение этих принципов создает благоприятную среду для
rapid recovery without load on the gastrointestinal

What can you eat when diarrhea is an adult

Food “first aid” – crackers made of white bread, rice porridge
on the water. Such nutrition can be followed on the first day. But
The diet is much wider:

  • Мясо: диетическое, нежирное, без пленок,
    fascias, tendons: chicken, rabbit, turkey, beef. Boiled,
    steamed or grated: queli, soufflé.
  • Рыба: нежирная, филе: треска, минтай, судак.
    Boiled, steamed, chopped.
  • Крупы: каши из риса, гречки, овсянки, хорошо
    boiled on water or with the addition of 1/3 of milk, with
  • WITHупы: крупяные слизистые (рисовый, овсяный).
    Secondary broth with pureed meat.
  • Макароны: только мелкая отварная вермишель,
  • Молоко: нежирное, для приготовления каш, в
    diluted with water 1: 3, as an additive.
  • WITHливочное масло: как добавка в каши, пюре,
  • Кисломолочные продукты: допустимы маложирные
    kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cheese – natural, without additives
    (fruits, spices).
  • Яйца: одно-два в день, омлет или всмятку.
  • Овощи: картофель, морковь, тыква, кабачки,
    broccoli, green beans, eggplants, dill, parsley. With
    good tolerance can be tomatoes, but they have a laxative
    Effect. Boiled, baked without a crust, mashed potatoes (baby
  • Фрукты и ягоды некислые: яблоки, клубнику,
    bilberries, baked, in the form of compotes, jelly, jelly, mousse. With
    good portability – half a cup of raw strawberries or raspberries in
  • Напитки: крепкий подслащенный чай,
    rosehip decoction, cocoa on water, bird cherry compote, blueberry
    Kissel, whey, mineral and drinking water without gas.
    Strong tea with diarrhea has a knitting, anchoring effect. AT
    Salt solution recommended for the first days: dry electrolyte mixtures
    for cooking sold in a pharmacy (Regidron, Oralit and others).
    You can prepare a homemade solution: 1 liter of boiled water at room temperature
    temperature – one tablespoon of sugar and salt.
  • Хлеб: несдобный, белый, подсушенный. WITHушки,
    crackers, Maria-style lean cookies, dry toasts.

Allowed and prohibited foods for diarrhea

Allowed and prohibited foods for diarrhea

The fact that kefir overdue for 3 days with diarrhea has
�The “fastening” effect is a delusion. Three day kefir cooked
on technology, and overdue for 3 days – different things.

Prohibited Products

  • Fatty meat, with a crust, offal.
  • WITHосиски, колбаса, полуфабрикаты.
  • Smoked products, canned food.
  • Strong, rich broths.
  • Soup, borscht
  • Fat, fried, salted, smoked, pickled fish.
  • Whole milk, fat cream, sour cream, drinks on
    whey based carbonated milkshakes,
    ice cream.
  • Fried, hard boiled eggs.
  • White cabbage in any form, beets, turnips, radish,
    cucumbers, rutabaga, beans, beans, peas, onions, garlic.
  • Canned vegetables, pickles.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Pasta.
  • Barley, barley grain, millet, corn grits.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Spices, sauces, mustard, horseradish.
  • WITHырые фрукты, ягоды кислых сортов: клюква, смородина, лимон,
    sour apples, gooseberries.
  • Bananaы, виноград, цитрусовые, сливы, абрикосы, персики, груши,
    melon, pineapple.
  • Chocolate, sweets.
  • ATаренья, джемы.
  • Black bread, bran bread, muffins, confectionery.
  • Nuts, seeds.
  • Carbonated drinks, kvass, lemonade.
  • WITHоки.
  • Coffee.
  • Beer and any alcohol.

    Withчины поноса

    Withчины поноса у детей и взрослых

Is it possible to divert from these rules during diarrhea? Given
principles and product groups – medical recommendations. Each
a person is individual: one can give a reaction to the permitted
products, and the other – quietly move the forbidden dishes.

Can I drink alcohol during diarrhea? Any alcohol has
irritating effect on intestines. The famous recipe “vodka + salt”
only aggravate the situation – this is an extra toxin for
weakened organism, destroying the remaining microflora.

Is it possible to give Coca-Cola with diarrhea? Many use for
treatment of cola diarrhea (original), write how the drink helped
adults and children. The opinion of the doctors on this is skeptical. With
diarrhea is important that the child drank, and Coca Cola children drink with
pleasure. The drink contains electrolytes and tannins,
the source of which is the concentrate of coca leaves.

With ротавирусной инфекции и сильной тошноте и рвоте можно пить
a few sips in order to reduce gag reflexes to
it was possible to drink drugs. Orthophosphoric acid
kills pathogenic bacteria (enterovirus infection), while
body temperature decreases, vomiting and nausea, diarrhea go away.

But this is not the most suitable option to replace the lost
fluid. In addition, carbonated cola irritates the mucous
bowel, increases bloating and causes discomfort, negatively
affects the teeth. But in case of emergency with severe nausea and
diarrhea on the background of rotaviruses, it can be used dosed as
medicine that reduces nausea and vomiting.

Food for children with diarrhea

Diarrhea is not less dangerous for a child than vomiting: for a very short
time there is a loss of electrolytes, nutrients, the body
dehydrated, weakened. Nutrition should make up for these losses
help speedy recovery.

General dietary guidelines for diarrhea in children:

  • Do not allow dehydration.
  • Do not insist on food, but regularly water.
  • Meals frequent, small portions.
  • Nutrition according to age group.
  • Light, ground, past thermal and mechanical
    processing food.

см. Рвота и понос у ребенка без температуры, Лекарства от
diarrhea, diarrhea in infants

Replenishing water-salt balance is important for any child.
age In addition to the mixture, breast milk, soup, when it comes to
подросших малышах, ребенку нужно пить. Withмерный
liquid volume – 200 ml for each defecation act. Will fit
special solutions for oral rehydration (Oralit, Acesol,
Regidron, normal saline solution), children’s water, fennel tea,
decoction of chamomile, compote of dried fruit in the form of heat (not cold and
not hot). You need to drink in small portions, 2.5-5 ml in 5-7
minutes (large amounts can cause vomiting). If the child does not
drinks rehydron, you need to give what drinks – the point is,
чтобы жидкость поступала в организм.

What can be given from diarrhea from medications? Depends on
causes diarrhea and child’s age, so the appointment is made by the doctor
(smect, activated carbon, filtrate STI, enterol, enterofuril,
nifuroxazide and others).Что такое острая диарея

What to feed the child? Depends on age

  • Children on the chest or artificial
    breastfeeding should receive the breast or the mixture in the usual way.
    A nursing mother must follow a diet for diarrhea. Should
    apply the baby to the breast as often as possible, but do not insist if
    does not want. Artificialists can be fed more often without sustaining
    intervals, but reduce portions of the mixture. If diarrhea is associated with
    infection, recommended transition to hydrolysis mixtures.
  • Дети, получающие прикорм, должны питаться в
    usual mode, smaller portions. During this period, preferably
    high-quality packaged, canned food, which is crushed
    to a homogeneous state and is easily absorbed by the body:
    dairy-free cereals, vegetable purees, fruit purees. Fish, meat
    baby canned food for the first 3 days is best removed.
  • Children over 1 year old.

General nutritional guidelines are similar to those for adults.
If the child absolutely does not want to eat (usually this state
characteristic of the first day of diarrhea), it is impossible to force, let him drink
warm liquid. If this condition is observed for more than one day
– urgently call a doctor, with a complete refusal to eat the baby can
start losing weight by reducing muscle mass.

Recommended products / dishes:

  • WITHупы крупяные: рис, овсянка, гречка, протертые
  • WITHвежий кисель из ягод (оптимально — плоды
  • Печеные фрукты и овощи, пюре – без молока и
  • WITHухарики домашние. Common White Bread
    dry in the oven.
  • Dairy products. From the second day:
    low-fat kefir, natural yogurt, narine, lactony, acidophilus,
    cottage cheese.
  • WITHвежие фрукты и овощи (из разрешенных, см.
    above). From the third day, if there is a positive dynamic with a chair,
    in small quantities.
  • Мясные и рыбные блюда (по возрасту). WITH
    the third day, shredded. Optimally – finished baby
    food (turkey, rabbit, chicken, beef, white sea
    a fish).
  • Eggs Enter on the third day in the form of steam

Many parents wonder if banana can be used for diarrhea? Banana
does not loosen the intestines, but can cause bloating and flatulence.
Therefore, it is better to refuse this fruit. But the banana puree
(canned), past heat treatment, it is possible, by 2-3

Can a child with diarrhea give juices to children? No, even juices
diluted, irritate the stomach and intestines.


Single loose stools, even with typical discomfort when
�”Twists in the stomach”, can be ignored by adjusting
meals for one or two days. Non-dangerous duration of diarrhea for adults
subject to a diet and a positive trend – 3 days,
for children older than 1 year – 2 days, newborns and children up to a year –
1 day.

When should I see a doctor?

  • If diarrhea lasts more than 3 days;
  • If accompanied by vomiting;
  • Body temperature rises;
  • With отравлении и диареи;
  • There are blood streaks in feces;
  • There are general signs of intoxication: weakness,
    dizziness, complete lack of appetite;
  • Women have vaginal discharge outside the menstrual period.

For children, these parameters are more stringent – the body quickly
dehydrated with diarrhea, so it’s best not to risk it: go straight to
doctor or call a pediatrician at home.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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