What can you eat after giving birth to a nursing mom?first three days?

One of the important periods for the baby and mother are
the first days after birth. В это время женщина должна  проследить
for their food.  She needs to know what to eat.
after giving birth to a nursing mother in the first three days. It is worth eating
pay attention so that the baby does not suffer from pain in the tummy, from
colic and accumulating gases.

что можно кушать первые 3 дня после родов

A woman needs to quickly recover her strength in order to
take care of the baby.  From the food you eat will depend
the amount of milk and its quality. But at the same time it is worth considering
that the baby’s intestines cannot digest most
биологически активных веществ, поступающие с пищей через
milk. Therefore, a nursing woman should limit herself and eat.
only what is possible.

Рацион кормящей матери в первые 3 дня зависит от  того, как
проходили роды, были  ли трудности и осложнения.  When
роды проходят естественным путем без  осложнений врачи
allowed to eat in the early hours. At this time there are
restrictions on the admission of certain products.

What is better to eat a nursing mother after natural childbirth?

The first day

  • Breakfast. Каша, приготовленная  на воде,
    preferably hercules or buckwheat.
  • Dinner.  Vegetable soup (can be put
    potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, a little onion) preferably
  • Dinner. Baked apple or fresh banana. Can
    add macaroni with cheese.

В первый день желательно  принимать обильное питье (около
1.5 liters per day). Это  компот с сухофруктами, морс,
made from sour berries (currants, cranberries), can be weak

 Second day

Can повторить все, что было сказано о первом дне, 
add 100 grams of boiled lean beef and fruit.


 Third day

On the third day milk begins to arrive, it is necessary to limit
yourself in the fluid intake. Не рекомендуется пить более 700
ml. Большое употребление жидкости может вызвать проблемы
with lactation and can cause lactostasis.

If a woman is tormented by thirst, then water
need to drink in small sips.  Well helps to satisfy
thirsty lemon juice. Cut a small slice, put it in
mouth and squeezed out of her juice.  Feeling of thirst
can remove parsley root.

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal porridge is allowed on
    water, where you can add a little butter.
  • Dinner.  Boiled steamed fish with
  • Dinner. Boiled steamed vegetables or vegetable stew
    (разрешаются те же  овощи, что и в первый день). Instead of vegetables
    You can drink a glass of ryazhenka.

Women after childbirth are constipated. Doctors advise to stimulate
the work of the gastrointestinal tract, adding bran soups.

These tips are good only for women who have natural childbirth.
passed without complications. If there were stitches in the perineum, then
vegetables and fruits are best not to eat. You should not eat and bran,
eat only cereal in water and drink ryazhenka.

What can you eat and drink after cesarean section?

Not every woman is able to give birth to a baby by herself, by many
do cesarean section.  After him, doctors restore
the work of the digestive tract. In the first 24 hours after surgery you can not eat anything.
You can drink, but very little, if you are thirsty, you are allowed to suck
a slice of lemon. On the second day, drink kefir or low-fat broth.
Начиная с третьих суток,  можно есть каши на воде.

The doctor usually gives a list of foods that can bring in
Maternity hospital relatives. For a quick recuperation is necessary
follow all recommendations. So a nursing mom will avoid complications and
restore power.

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