What can and should be able to child in one year

Here comes the long-awaited moment: your baby
celebrated his first birthday. This year has been filled
unrest, anxiety and unforgettable moments of happiness. How do
please parents acquired crumbs skills! None
however, each attentive and caring mother to this milestone sets
questions: “What can a child do per year? Is anything missing
important? “

что умеет ребенок в год

Do not worry if your child’s performance does not match.
The list below is one00% complete (this is average data). Maybe,
Your baby will lag a little behind the age norms.

Work out with the baby – soon he will succeed.
Children, who from the very birth were striving to develop, often
ahead of the average, which is the subject of a special
pride for parents.

Basic skills of a one year old child

Важная статья: «Развитие ребенка по
месяцам от рождения и до года»
— ознакомиться


  • Follows the eyes of the light source (when it begins to see)
  • Listens to the sound of a rattle, watching her eyes (when
    starts to hear)
  • Smiling mother (first smile baby mother)
  • Holds the head (when the child starts to hold
  • Переворачиваться со спины на животик и обратно
  • Pulls hands to toys
  • Sit (independently begins to sit)
  • Agukat (when it starts to gnaw and fuck)

Mastering motor skills, a child must
be able to:

  • Confidently stand without support.
  • Walk with the support of an adult for one (both) hands or
    independently (when the child starts walking).
  • Crawl actively (this does not apply to the category of babies who
    do not crawl at all: such children start walking early enough
    skipping the crawling stage, which is a variant of the norm) (when the baby
    starts to crawl).
  • Crawl the stairs up and down.
  • Pacing the stairs
    an adult.
  • Squat, stand up, stand up from any
  • Get on the bed, sofa, chair, go down to the floor.

Cognitive development is normal if the crumb

в год ребенок должен уметь

  • Assemble and disassemble the pyramid (by imitating the actions
    adult and yourself).
  • Open and close the lids of jars, boxes, put in them
    small toys, get back (imitating the actions
    adult and yourself).
  • Make a “tower” of cubes.
  • Can play with various household items
    (dishes, shoes, hats, etc.).
  • Perform various actions with figurative toys: “feed”,
    �“Combing”, “scolding” (imitating the actions of an adult and
    independently if the game situation was created).
  • Grab small items (button, eraser) large and
    index fingers.
  • Roll in front of you a toy on wheels, roll
  • Open and close the cabinet doors, get out of them and
    consider different things, push and pull boxes.
  • Imitate the actions of an adult: “comb”, “make up”
    mother’s cosmetics “,” blow on hot “, etc.
  • Imitate peer actions: knock, clap, pour,
    dig sand, etc.

Emotional and social development of the child aged one
year must meet the following indicators:

  • A kid can emotionally express his feelings: kiss,
    hug mom, dad, favorite toy.
  • Enjoying fun games with older, new toys (sometimes
    the child may even be frightened by the appearance of a new toy).
  • Recognize all loved ones and enjoy their arrival.
  • Recognize loved ones in the photo, show with your finger, where is mom,
  • The baby can be wary, cry when a “stranger” appears.
  • Scroll through the books, with interest to consider pictures, show
    at the request of any image (cat, dog).
  • Emotionally respond to music: “dance”,
    �“Sing along”.
  • Подражать мимике an adult.
  • Express your dissatisfaction with facial expressions (cry, cry, squeak) on
    запрет, строгий тон an adult.
  • Look in the mirror, admire your reflection, play with him,
    make faces
  • Imitating adults to “talk” on the phone.

Assessing the child’s speech development, specialists
Consider two indicators: active speech and speech understanding. In year
ребенок должен be able to:

  • Speak in “childish” language from 2 to one0 words to the question “Who
    is it? ”answer in autonomous words.
  • Pretend familiar sounds and actions: imitate voices
    animals, answer the demonstration to the question “How does Vanechka cry, sing,
    dancing? ”etc.
  • Imitate (intonation), repeating for adults new
    the words.
  • Imitate familiar words, pronounced by peers.
  • Show on request one of the 4 toys and one of the 2
  • To fulfill requests: “bring”, “give”, “put”, “close”,
  • Understand the word “impossible.”
  • Show on request on the called items in the house.
  • Waving the handle “bye-bye”, play “okay”, show how
    a bird is flying (waving handles), playing a game of “cuckoo” (palms
    close and open the face).
  • Knows and responds to your name

By the age of one year old, the baby should master the simplest
household skills:

  • что умеет ребенок в год

    Bite off and chew pieces of bread, crackers, cookies.
  • Drink yourself from the bottle, drinking pot, some kids
    drink from a mug, holding it with your hands (When they start drinking from
  • Make the first attempts to eat with a spoon (some kids are cleverly
    prick pieces of soft food on a fork, but more often kids take food
  • Pulling the handle under the faucet for washing, wipe your face and hands
    a towel.
  • Some kids dress up help themselves to wear:
    stretch the handle into the sleeve, insert the foot into the shoes, but many do not
    love this process and express their squeals
  • Signal with characteristic sounds that the pants are wet or
    soiled (if the baby is not wearing a diaper most of
    days), sometimes it happens that kids at this age already begin
    ask for the pot.

In general, all children are different and

What should be able to child in one year

Monthly skills:

месяц | 2 месяц | 3 месяц | 4 месяц | 5 месяц | 6 месяц | 7 месяц | 8 месяц | 9 месяц | one0
месяц | oneone месяц

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