What can and cannot be after an abortion: rehabilitation,discharge, sex life, pain, recovery cycle

Update: October 2018

Many have gone through the abortion procedure or are going to go
many women are partly familiar with potential complications and
consequences, but do not fully represent the whole process
rehabilitation and its need and duration.

Why, after an abortion, it is necessary to exclude some points from
habitual way of life? Certain prohibitions are included in the complex
rehabilitation and help restore not only physical health,
but also to warn of possible infertility in the future (see the effects and
complications of abortion).

Recovery of the menstrual cycle

Termination of pregnancy is the strongest stress for
organism, therefore, after abortion, the regulation of functions
ovarian menstrual cycle. Due to significantly increased
stress on all organs during gestation, the hypothalamus is in
state of arousal, which affects the work of the pituitary gland, which
ceases to synthesize gonadotropins (FSH and LH) in the required

And instead of a periodic release of luteinizing hormone,
characteristic of the normal menstrual cycle is marked by its
monotonous increased secretion, resulting in the ovaries
increase and begin to synthesize estrogen. But with
physiological completion of pregnancy all the changes
disappear without health effects. With violent
abortion develops anatomical stage of violation
menstrual function leading to the development of the following
pathological conditions:

  • luteal (2 phase) cycle deficiency;
  • secondary polycystic ovary;
  • endometrial hyperplastic processes;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • syndrome or Itsenko-Cushing disease.

Listed pathology due to excess production of LH
after its previous uniform selection, therefore on
restoration of ovarian menstrual function is sometimes required
one month, in some cases several years.

How many days after an abortion will menstruation begin, answer
difficult, it depends on a number of factors:

  • the age of the woman;
  • имеющихся хронических diseases;
  • abortion method;
  • the period of gestation when the abortion was performed;
  • during the postoperative period.

Normally, a healthy and young woman has a period after an abortion
should begin in about a month, or rather, through that
period of time that lasted from the previous menstruation to
come on. To calculate an indicative date first
menstruation after the procedure, as a starting point (the first day of the cycle)
следует взять день производства abortion

However, artificial termination of pregnancy can not only
lengthen or shorten the duration of the menstrual cycle, but also
change the nature of the discharge. There may be a scant
discharge after abortion, which lasts for one –
two menstrual cycles and are associated with incomplete recovery
endometrium after the procedure.

If scanty menstruation persists longer
time, this is a reason to consult a doctor, as well as for advanced
survey. Decreased menstrual blood loss can be
due to two reasons.

  • The first is a functional failure in the production of hormones.
    the ovaries, pituitary and hypothalamus. Often this condition
    observed after medical abortion, which is associated with taking
    very large doses of antiprogestins and requires an appointment
    appropriate hormone therapy.
  • The second reason is mechanical damage to the endometrium.
    (too “careful” scraping the mucous and traumatizing it
    deep layers) and / or cervix (atresia of the cervical canal).
    With endometrial injury, synechiae form in the uterine cavity (adhesions in
    pelvis), which reduce not only its volume, but also the area
    endometrium, which is rejected during menstruation.

In addition to the omenorrhea (scant menstruation) may occur
amenorrhea and infertility. Intrauterine synechia requires
hysteroscopic dissection.

If periods after abortion have become more abundant and
repeated over several cycles, also necessary
watch out Abundant and prolonged menstruation may
testify to:

  • either on the development of endometrial hyperplasia
  • or about adenomyosis (endometriosis of the uterus).

And although menstrual flow after an abortion can recover
immediately, that is, they begin after 21 – 35 days, ovulation can
absent for two to three menstrual cycles that
considered normal. If anovulation is observed longer, and visible
there is no violation of the cycle, you need to start looking for the cause of this

Discharge after the procedure

Immediately after an uncomplicated abortion, the discharge is normal.
should be moderate, with a small amount of clots. However and
the volume and duration of bleeding depend on both the duration
aborted pregnancy, and from the method of termination.

  • Notбольшие и даже скудные выделения наблюдаются после вакуумного
    abortion This is due to the short duration of pregnancy, and
    accordingly, insignificant traumatization of the mucous uterus.
  • After surgical abortion, especially in terms of 10 – 12 weeks
    discharge will be more intense and prolonged.

How many days after an abortion do the bleeding continue?
Duration of hemorrhage after a quality procedure performed in
The norm is 7, maximum 10 days. If the discharge continues
more than 10 days, placental should be deleted first
polyp, which is removed when re-scraping the uterus.
That is why the turn to the gynecologist in 10 – 14 days, which is not
only palpating the uterus and suspect subinvolution or
placental polyp, but also prescribe a pelvic ultrasound.

In the event of clots and heavy bleeding after
abortion, regardless of when it was performed, day or 2 weeks
back, you should immediately apply for qualified
medical care, as it does not exclude the presence in the uterus
residues of the ovum or hematometer.

Abdominal pain in post-abortion period

After uncomplicated abortion, normal conditions are possible.
mild abdominal pain or slight discomfort. Such
sensations can last up to 7 days and do not really bother
the patient. If the stomach hurts so much that it is impossible to lead
habitual way of life and leads to disability, this is the reason
for immediate access to a specialist.

  • Hard and sharp pains indicate residues
    placental tissue and embryo in the uterine cavity and development
  • Dull, constant pains, coupled with increased
    temperature after abortion are a sign of what has begun
    inflammations that can cause sexually transmitted infections,
    proceeding until some time asymptomatic.
  • Generally, in the first 2 days after the procedure, a slight increase
    temperature (37.2 – 37.3) is not a pathology, but only reflects
    the body’s response to surgery. Also possible
    low-grade fever and on the day of the production of medical abortion as
    the reaction of the thermoregulation center located in the brain on
    taking high doses of hormones.
  • But if the high temperature (more than 37.5) remains more than 2
    days – a sign of trouble and a reason for treatment for honey.

To prevent the development of inflammatory diseases after
medical termination of pregnancy for patients, especially with
unsatisfactory smear results and blood / urine tests,
prescribe a prophylactic course of antibacterial and
broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory drugs on
3 to 5 days (maximum 7 days). In case of confirmed
the inflammatory process, the dose of antibiotics increase, and the course

Also for the prevention of septic postabortion complications, the doctor
be sure to recommend to be protected from drafts and colds, warmer
dress in wet and cold weather and take a shower daily. Not
less important is to follow the rules of personal hygiene:

  • water treatment of external genital organs at least 2 times a
  • timely change of pads and underwear, as well as blood,
    poured out of the uterus and lingering on the means of intimate
    hygiene, is a good breeding ground for microorganisms,
    which contributes to their active reproduction and penetration into the uterus,
    where and cause inflammation.

Every woman who artificially terminated a pregnancy
should know that drinking alcohol in the post-abortion period
It is strictly forbidden, especially if it takes
antibacterial drugs.

  • First, under the influence of alcohol antibiotics are destroyed, and
    it means that their reception will be absolutely useless and will not reduce the risk
    development of postabortion septic complications.
  • Secondly, alcohol reduces the tone of smooth muscles,
    (myometrium consists of smooth muscles), which prevents its reduction
    and involutions (return to previous size) after removal
    pregnancy and can cause

Uterus after abortion

The most affected organ after an abortion is the uterus.
Its damage is the greater, the longer it was made
abortion. This is especially true for instrumental cure.

Uterus after abortion начинает сразу сокращаться после удаления
embryo and takes its normal, or almost normal size
by the end of the procedure. However, a wound is formed on the uterine wall.
surface (in the place where the fertilized egg was attached), which
requires a certain time period for its healing and
restoration of the endometrium, ready for transformation and rejection in
period of menstruation.

  • Normally, it takes 3 – 4 weeks, and to the beginning of the new menstruation
    (after a previous abortion) the uterus has its normal dimensions and
    transformed epithelium.
  • But if when viewed in 10 – 12 days, which is mandatory
    after the procedure, increased, softened palpation
    and painful uterus, and the discharge is dark red or color
    �”Meat slop”, with an unpleasant smell, scanty or moderate, then
    we are talking about inflammation of the body.

The causes of endometritis may be poorly performed abortion.
(remnants of the ovum), activation of latent infection or
infection during abortion (violation of asepsis) or after
(несоблюдение рекомендаций), или формирование hematometers. therefore
all women after an abortion are assigned not only the control turnout to
gynecologist, but also a mandatory ultrasound, during which
confirmed that the uterus is “clean.”

Sex life after abortion

Based on the above, it becomes clear that sex
after abortion must be deleted. Gynecologist required
will warn a woman who has gone through an interruption procedure
pregnancy, that you should observe sexual peace at least 3
недели (после мини-abortion and фармакологического аборта).

For a specified period of time, the uterus should return to normal. But in
case of instrumental or classical abortion, especially in
longer periods, the prohibition of sexual activity is extended to 4 weeks,
optimally until the end of the onset of menstruation.

  • First, this is due to the high risk of infection of the uterus and
    development of inflammation
  • Secondly, sexual intercourse may impair contractile uterine
    activity that provokes its subinvolution or hematometer, and
    again lead to inflammation.
  • In addition, having sex can cause pain after

Probability of pregnancy after abortion

Not многие бывшие клиентки абортария знают, что после аборта
you can get pregnant, and very quickly, even before the first
menses. In this case, you can draw a parallel with
pregnancy that occurred immediately after the birth of the child
case of failure of women from lactation.

After a sudden termination of pregnancy, the body begins
actively rebuild and returns to his usual rhythm.
That is, the ovaries are preparing for a new menstruation, under the influence of
pituitary gonadotropins (FSH and LH) are produced in stages
first estrogen and then progesterone that stimulates maturation
follicles and ovulation.

therefore более чем в половине случаев первая овуляция наступает у
women after 14 – 21 days. And when you consider the duration of life
sperm (up to 7 days), then the pregnancy after an abortion is very
is likely.

On the other hand, if a woman after a recent interruption
pregnancy due to circumstances, wants to have a baby, then
necessary for a certain time from pregnancy

It is believed that the minimum period of protection from pregnancy
after a previous abortion is 6 months. Best if
the desired pregnancy will come in a year, and after careful
examination and treatment of identified diseases.

It is during this period that the body is fully restored,
and the risk of pregnancy complications associated with her previous
violent interruption, markedly decrease (cervical
failure, hormonal imbalance, improper attachment
fetal eggs, intrauterine growth of the fetus).

Also, speaking of the pregnancy that occurred immediately after the abortion,
should be said about the tests for its definition. After abortion test
will be positive, and this result is preserved even at
for 4–6 weeks (if the term of the interrupted pregnancy was
a large, positive result lasts longer).

HCG is not immediately destroyed and removed from the body of a woman, this
the process is rather slow, so a positive result is not
can be considered a sign of pregnancy
fetal eggs during abortion, or the onset of a new one).
The only thing that can make one doubt “positivity”
test – the second strip in each new test will be lighter (see test
for pregnancy).

For an accurate determination of the fact of pregnancy ultrasound is performed, and in
some situations a blood test for hCG several times in a row,
in the case of a progressive decrease in the level of hCG in the analyzes,
false positive test result.

Contraceptive issues

Immediately after the abortion, and preferably before the procedure, it is necessary
choose a contraceptive method. The best solution in this case
is taking hormonal birth control pills since they
mitigate the effects of hormonal stress, warn
neuroendocrine disorders, and, in addition, significantly reduce the risk
development of septic complications after abortion, which explains
following mechanisms:

  • decrease in the amount of blood lost during menstruation (blood
    acts as a nutrient medium for microbes);
  • compaction of cervical mucus that not only prevents
    penetration of “zhivchikov” in the uterus, but also pathogens
  • the cervical canal is not expanding significantly during
    menstruation (protection against infection);
  • decreases the intensity of contractions of the uterus, due to what
    decreases the risk of spreading pathogens infectious
    diseases from the uterus to the tubes.

Low-dose oral contraceptives are recommended.
the dose of ethinyl estradiol in which does not exceed 35 mg, since
estrogens increase blood clotting, and throughout the first 20
– 30 days after the termination of pregnancy is celebrated her
hypercoagulation. Such drugs include Regulon, Rigevidon,

Pills should be taken on the day of production. abortion and
continue according to the scheme. The day of the abortion will be considered
as the first day of the new cycle.

Question answer

Can I take a bath after an abortion?

During the post-abortion period (about a month), the bath is not
It is recommended as it may cause bleeding or
endometritis development.

Is it allowed to use after abortion hygienic

From intimate hygiene products after abortion should be given
preference pads, and the use of tampons categorically
is prohibited, since the bleeding absorbed by the swab
remain in the vagina with it and are an excellent medium for
reproduction of microorganisms, which increases the risk of developing
postabortion inflammations.

How long after the abortion can you visit the pool?

Swimming pool, saunas (too high)
air temperature), swimming in the open water should be postponed
for at least a month until the end of the first menstruation. Otherwise
case, you can “catch” the infection or increase blood flow,
up to bleeding.

After an abortion can you play sports?

If the interruption procedure “passed” without complications and the state
women are satisfactory, then you can go back to sports
just a couple of weeks after the abortion. But loads
should not be so intense during the month after

What hurts and bothers the chest after an abortion (abortion was
produced 3 days ago)?

Perhaps the term of the interrupted pregnancy was quite large, and
mammary glands began to actively prepare for the upcoming lactation.
But suddenly the aborted pregnancy led to hormonal
imbalance, the body and the mammary glands including, did not have time
rebuild, which led to the emergence of chest pains.

Do I need any restrictions on food after an abortion?

No, the observance of a special diet in the post-abortion period is not
required. But if the abortion was under general anesthesia and
the anesthesiologist diagnosed an allergic reaction to the anesthetic he
may advise further compliance with a hypoallergenic diet
(restriction of chocolate, citrus, coffee, seafood and other
allergenic products).

A week after the abortion, I wanted to go to the sea, it’s not

A trip to the sea will have to be postponed. First, a sharp change
climatic conditions are unfavorable for the recovery of the body,
and, secondly, you cannot swim in the post-abortion period.

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