What can a child in the first month of hisof life

what can a child in 1 месяц

За первый месяц of life человеку предстоит привыкнуть к новым
условиям существования, адаптироваться к новым условиям of life.
Теперь это уже не новорожденный человечек, а грудной
child. He has learned a lot in the past month, already a lot
is able.

Physical development

  • By the end of the first month, the baby gradually stops taking
    position of the embryo, more actively moving, twisting handles and legs. All his
    movements are still unbalanced, but gradually they become more
    coordinated. It will take another 2-3 months.
  • Некоторым деткам в 1 месяц удается слегка
    raise your head when they are lying on the tummy. Child succeeds
    hold the head for a while when it is held
  • Лежа на животике, он должен уметь одновременно слегка
    lift the ass and head. If at this time he was put under
    heel palm, he will push off from her and move forward a few

Emotional development

  • За первые четыре недели of life ребенок
    уже умеет отличать мамин голос от всех остальных. is he
    knows her smell, her touch.
  • Малыш копирует все, что способен увидеть. More often
    smile at him. And very quickly he will respond to your smile with a smile. AND
    it will not be the reflex involuntary smile of the newborn,
    but quite conscious, meant for you.
  • AT один месяц он уже несколько минут рассматривает яркие
    fixed objects close to his eyes. is he уже способен
    watch the toy, which is slowly sneaked in front of him
  • The kid constantly copies the sounds with which it is addressed. AT
    этом возрасте ребенок начинает гулить, отвечает, когда к
    he is being addressed.
  • AT месячном возрасте ребенок умеет показать свое настроение —
    crying or smiling.
  • The baby reacts to sounds, can determine where it comes from,
    turn your head in that direction.

ATот сколько, оказывается, уже умеет малыш! And you say –

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of the month


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What can a baby in 1 month video

ATидео: Развитие новорождённого от рождения до 1го
of the month. What should be able to? How to develop a baby at this age? how
to deal with the most common problems of this age
(colic, belching, crying, etc.)

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