What can a child in 9 months

Nine months is an amazing age! Nine months of his
the life of the baby spent at your heart, nine months he already lives
together with you. Unwittingly pulls into romantic moods and
reflections. BUT то, чему научился ребенок в 9 months,
sometimes surprises and delights even his ever-worried grandmothers. AND
only the baby does not share anyone’s thoughts, but simply grows and
learns without even noticing it.

What can a child in 9 months

Physical skills

According to your child, just sit in a crib or playpen.
– this is for kids, and it is already big. Seat – long gone
stage, from this position, he easily gets up, is already firmly on
legs, even trying to walk near the barrier. Now you have to
attach special pads to the legs of the chair – the child will be with
happy to walk around the apartment, holding the chair. But with much
great pleasure he will inspect their homes, holding
your hands. Do not hold it with just one pen – so it can
bend the spine, better give it both (how to help the child
walk). Or you can make a long towel from the reins and drive
him on them.

Playpen for many kids is no longer a deterrent – they are easy
get out of it.

Do not worry if your toddler as if “fixates” on
some kind of action – for example, crawling around the playpen for a long time – baby
practicing movement skills.

He, most likely, has a new wonderful
игрушка-тренажер — ДANDATBUTН! The baby will be happy to climb on
him and slazit – dozens of times a day! AND ходить вдоль него.

But walking is not his only achievement. Now when
If he wishes, he can crawl in any direction, even backwards. BUT
may turn around.


Emotional development

  • Your son or daughter still love to play near you.
    You are his source of confidence and calm.
  • Now he has become so big that he can feel
    anxiety and fear. Especially if you are in an unfamiliar environment. AT
    these minutes you need him especially.
  • New achievement – learned to cheat when you are going
    do something he does not like – wipe his nose, cut
    leggings or put to sleep.
  • A child in 9 months should be able to sit. AND его уже можно
    to teach the pot. This habit can be developed at this age.
    fast enough and easy.
  • AT некоторых вопросах пытается быть самостоятельным — например
    at the table. Easily climb your hand into a plate of porridge and pull
    full cam in mouth. AND это просто здорово, самостоятельные решения
    must learn to take as early as possible!

ATидео 1:

ANDгры и игрушки

  • ATы не поверите, но ребенок в 9 months умеет строить дом!
    True, so far only from cubes, and only two-story. Which immediately
    and destroy it. But this is only temporary! He will soon learn
    make them taller and stronger.
  • ANDграть мячом — что может быть лучше! AND брать его двумя
    by hands.
  • He also needs a variety of pyramids. Rings should
    Easy to put on the rod.
  • Skills in 9 months long play independently in a child yet
    not. But he will play with you and hide and seek, and Ladushki.
  • A wonderful toy for a baby can be his own.
    face. He needs to show the nose, mouth, eyes. He then with
    pleasure will show them to anyone.
  • BUT такая замечательная игра в Сороку-ворону, когда вы делаете
    soft massage for your palms and fingers will help the person as soon as possible
    learn to speak. So “cook porridge” is on both

ANDгрушки теперь можно покупать не выходя из дома в интернет
stores. ATот наша новая рубрика с обзорами лучших детских
online stores. ATыбирайте игрушки, читайте отзывы и сравнивайте

ATидео 2:


ATаш малыш теперь — «маленькая обезьянка», копировать все и всех
became his favorite hobby. He will repeat after you any
movement, try to copy any sounds. And not only for
Cats, dogs, birds can become your teacher. AT это время он
easy to remember the names of the animals that most often surround him. Not
it is necessary to teach him distorted, “childish” names. Let the dog
will remain a dog, and a cat – a cat. He will eventually call
their right, but for now only imitates those sounds that are from them

Например, развивающий ролик: Учим домашних
animals. Pet sounds

Our new heading with educational videos for your baby. Learn
letters and words with pleasure. 

BUT пока в освоении языка произошел настоящий прорыв — малыш уже
said the first word. So everything is going right. Soon these words
will become much more and you will be proud to listen as
family holidays your child will read the first learned

We read a detailed article on the development of the child in 9
months (календарь развития)

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