What can a child in 5 months

What can a child in 5 months

Пять months для ребенка – возраст, когда темпы
Physical growth slows down a bit and comes to the fore
овладение новыми навыками и совершенствование уже
available. By this age, children double in weight and weight.
finally turn into plump pink-cheeked tops.
Many babies in 5 months delight their parents with the first tooth or his
harbingers. The duration of the active increases.
wakefulness during the day, which means time for communication with mom
getting bigger.

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baby in 5 months – sleep, feeding, walking, games and development

Skills at five months

All these changes form a certain background of development,
which clearly highlights the new abilities and skills of the child. Exactly
talk about them now.

  1. The ability to lift is developed and improved.
    head and shoulders above the surface.
    Such a position
    babies take lying on the tummy. If earlier the child relied on
    forearm and could stay in that position for less than a minute
    то в 5 months ребенок умеет опираться на кисти и
    hands and hold a pose for 3-5 minutes. In a new perspective, the world for the baby
    much more interesting, so for a five-month-old baby this position
    can be called classic.
  2. Coordination reaches a new level
    The movements that the child makes with his hands
    now perfectly coordinated by sight. A child can unmistakably
    take the item of interest regardless of whether it is suspended above
    head, or lies near right or left. Thanks to the coordination
    �”Eye-hand” baby is able to pull the handle in the right direction and on
    required distance.
  3. A significant leap is felt in the development of motor skills.
    For a long time to keep the object in his hands, in every possible way
    touch, take the object from the hands of an adult and arbitrarily unclench
    ладошку, нажимать на кнопки – все это умеет ребенок в 5
    months. Also at this age, kids start to train the skill
    shift the subject from one hand to another. At this stage mom
    can help a little baby in mastering new actions. Good
    the effect has a palm massage, flexion and extension of the fingers,
    and, of course, joint games with rattles and any other
    interesting items: show, offer the child to take
    toy in hand.
  4. The child begins to be interested in his own
    by the body.
    На фоне развития «трогательных» навыков,
    This interest is manifested in feeling your own body and
    limbs. Many babies with real surprise find that
    they have legs, love to look at them, touch them, try
    lick or stick in your mouth. It is absolutely natural, normal.
    interest. Prevent it is not worth it, better on the contrary, using
    a moment, telling the child what the body parts are called,
    show them on yourself, toys and the youngest.
  5. Five months – the age of rodents. Have
    some babies by this time the first tooth appears, but
    if the eruption has not happened yet, then the harbingers of this miracle
    for sure. Usually around 5 months many karapuz begin
    excessive salivation, swelling gums, and the crumb is not only all
    pulls in his mouth to lick, but also begins to gnaw toys and other
    items. Moms can recommend to do baby massage gums
    (either with clean fingers or a glove) and be sure to stock up
    silicone rodent toys. (Читаем о
    help the child during teething)
  6. The development of the oral apparatus leads to another
    interesting changes.
    Before, the kid was capable
    receive only liquid food. Food of any other consistency either
    pushed tongue or provoked gag reflex, getting
    to the root of the tongue. At 5 months, the baby may already have a uniform
    thick mashed potatoes. Many mothers at this age begin to introduce complementary foods,
    although if the baby is breastfed,
    рекомендациям ВОЗ прикорм лучше предлагать после 6 months.
  7. In social terms, the child is already becoming present.
    communication partner and actively interacts with
    for adults.
    The kid initiates and supports joint
    games. For example, throws toys, and mom picks up and returns
    to kid. A well-known game “ku-ku” is very loved by kids.

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должен уметь ребенок в 5 months

Have этих простых игр есть глубокий психологический
For example, the return of a toy to a child fixes
he has a feeling of constancy of the surrounding world: wherever the toy
fell, she returns to her hands. Awareness of the stability of the world –
the most important thing is the formation of the base
confidence in the world and the feeling of solid ground under your feet, without which
impossible harmonious personal development.

Playing “ku-ku” gives a lot for the relationship between mother and baby.
Have ребенка своя логика: если меня не видно – значит, меня нет.
It is very important for the child to feel that mom thinks about him even
when he is not in sight, looking for him. For baby it
confirmation of my mother’s love.

The speech continues to evolve. The child actively utters syllables and
new sounds, expanding the range of pronounced vowels and consonants.
Combinations of different syllables form babble. Often kids repeatedly
the same syllables are repeated (“dya-dya-dya”, “ba-ba-ba”). In these
�“Words” still have no awareness and meaning, but parents must
need to support and stimulate the speech activity of the crumbs. Besides
create a rich speech environment, you can begin classes on the development
fine motor skills. Indirectly, these activities also affect the development

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В среднем все, что прозвучало в статье, должен
уметь ребенок в 5 months. The most important condition for the development
child is, of course, a reliable attachment to mom and
successful emotional background in the family. If with the implementation of these
the conditions are all right, the baby’s interest in everything
what happens around.

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    of the month
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