What can a child in 3 months

What can a child in 3 months

Your baby has become “very big”! Compared with
that little lump of happiness you brought home three months ago,
he has already learned so much! If you look at what you can
child at three months old, it turns out that is not so

Physical skills

  • First of all, he already fully adapted to life outside
    mother’s organism. He can lie flat on his back and not look
  • Now he can consider his hands and feet for a long time,
    pull them together, pull the cams in your mouth. And if it works, then
    leg. Trying to reach the outstretched toy, take it
    fingertips. The kid no longer clenches his hands into cams, he
    gladly tries to hit the toy hanging above him
    (for example, the mobile hanging above it).
  • He is already watching with interest the toys that
    move it before his eyes, turns his head. Easy to find
    the source of the sound turns its head in that direction.
  • At three months the baby is already so strong that it can
    roll over from side to side. Some kids even manage
    roll over on the tummy. The first time this action may scare
    himself, but very soon he will fall in love with this occupation. And will start
    help yourself – push off from the side of the bed. (when children
    start to roll over?)
  • A baby can lie on its tummy for quite a while, leaning on
    forearm He even prefers such a pose, because it’s better
    consider everything. Some kids from time to time do
    �”Boat” – raise the head and legs at the same time, but on the handles
    do not rely. To lie so long at this age is impossible, but
    This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the back.
  • It is still difficult for him to crawl, muscles are too weak for this, but
    the baby can turn in a horizontal plane. Leaving
    him in the crib head one way in a few minutes
    completely different position. These movements develop his skills.
    for further crawling.
  • The baby has much stronger legs – when he,
    supporting, slightly put on a support, he pushes away from it.
  • You can play with him “baby football”! Put near
    legs ball, and your young athlete pushes him.
  • He already knows how to bring handles together and link them into a lock! AND
    very soon will be able to hug you.

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Emotional skills

It may seem incredible, but in such a gentle
aged person shows his character.

  • The little man already knows his family well, comes to life,
    when he sees loved ones. He smiles broadly, starts to laugh,
    squeal with delight. Unfamiliar people can cause him
    alertness, even fright, even crying.
  • A great achievement – in 3 months the baby learned
    act up
     (Важная статья: Как
    to respond correctly to the whims of the child) You will immediately notice this by
    the nature of his crying. When the baby is naughty, his crying is no longer
    plaintive. It is rather a whimper. Baby at this time most often
    just bored, he wants communication. If you leave him alone,
    do not pay attention, whine may be replaced by a cry. But to
    this did not happen, with the baby you should just talk, take on
    pens, a minute to play with him – discontent will pass. Little face again
    will shine a smile. (How to understand the reasons for crying baby?)
  • His speech becomes more expressive, some are added
    consonants. Baby will be happy to sing along. And if you will
    to speak with the baby in his lazy language, he will begin to answer you. AND
    it will be a full-fledged dialogue that brings the child true
  • Bathing procedures bring him special pleasure. He’s ready
    take a bath at least a whole day, and already begins to indulge in it and

AND если вдруг вам скажут, что ваш трехмесячный ребенок должен
be able to do more, do not worry, because you will have so much with him
discoveries and wonders! Good luck to you!

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