What can a child in 11 months

A month before the age of a child a child pleases his parents more likely with quality
development indicators than quantitative. All the skills that
mastered the baby for the incomplete first year of his life, now hard
are improving.

What can a child in 11 months

At eleven months, the child’s day regimen shifts toward
reduce daytime sleep. Most children at this age in
during the day have 2 sleepies, but some kids move to one
daytime sleep. Changing the nature of the pastime during the day,
and behavior karapuza.

At 11 months, the child can already do so much
age, it begins to gradually separate from the adult in
social and domestic plan. Moms notice that they become
a little easier, because the period of complete dependence of the child from adults
left behind.


Article on the development of the child in 11 months (calendar of development)

Skills in 11 months

  • Eleven months – age of first steps
    The child can get up at the support for a long time, by 11
    he had trained his legs well for months
    smartly move along the support. However, interest and thirst for knowledge
    often so strong that, playing, the baby forgets that it is no longer
    keeps, and makes its first steps without any support. Usually
    kids love to stomp their feet and take the initiative to walk,
    urging an adult to support. Parents should be puzzled
    buying quality orthopedic shoes for the baby and gain
    patience, because the child moves on his own two feet is still very
    Uncertainly, he constantly needs insurance. By

    • When the baby starts walking
    • If the child is afraid to walk
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  • Games are becoming more difficult. Diverse
    object manipulation, cubes turret, pyramid folding
    – This is part of what a baby can at 11 months. Byявляются первые
    signs of a role-playing game that immediately takes the child to more
    high stage of development. Kids try to roll a doll carriage
    rock the dolls in the crib, feed them. All this child repeats
    watching the actions of an adult. It is through the role-playing game
    children learn the rules of life in society, social norms
    interactions and produce certain stereotypes of gender role
    behavior. And although at an early age the child does not yet identify
    their belonging to one or another sex in role-playing games
    The behavior of girls and boys is noticeably different now.
  • Development becomes obvious and noticeable.
    The kid masters the simplest thinking
    operations, such as generalization and specification. It means,
    that he is able to unite subjects in groups according to a common feature and
    on the contrary, isolate single objects from a similar set. Behind
    this complex formulation is constantly observable in
    everyday life is a phenomenon. For example, if you ask a child to file
    the ball, without specifying a particular toy, it can deliver an inflatable ball,
    rubber, plastic ball – everything in his mind falls into
    ball category. At the same time, if parents differentiate toys
    on any grounds, then the child learn these toys
    divide. For example, if there is a doll Lena, a doll Masha and
    doll Dasha, the baby upon request will bring the desired doll, keeping
    this understanding that all this – the dolls. Of course, these mental
    operations are not perfect yet and the child can combine objects in
    groups on completely unexpected signs that only he can understand, but
    all ahead.
  • Together with thinking, speech develops.
    Eleven months – the age of the so-called
    autonomous speech. This is a very important stage of mastering speech, because
    it is associated directly with an attempt to call a word a subject or
    act. The name “autonomous” children’s speech received because
    understand it only within the family. This is such a personal language
    understandable only to the baby and his parents, the man of the party
    almost impossible to understand what the kid wants to express.
  • In addition to the emergence of autonomous speech, in speech development there are
    one innovation. Активное звукоподражание – то, что
    must be able to child in 11 months. As the dog bark,
    how the cat meows, how the car hums and the plane sounds like
    little bell – the baby copies any known sounds as it can.
    To activate this process, you can use special games.
    The favorite theme is, of course, animals, but you can draw sounds
    any items.
  • Some babies delight loved ones already real
    conscious words.
    Most often these are the words “mom”, “give”,
    �”on”. Generally, the main engine of speech development is the need
    child to communicate their needs, so parents are important
    stop being too understanding and give the child the opportunity
    ask or inform yourself something.
  • At 11 months, you can already try to teach a child to
    походам на горшок
    , тем более, если есть планы на детский
    garden. Usually за месяц-другой малыши осваивают все премудрости этого
    process themselves begin to ask in most cases. but
    if the child absolutely does not want to be friends with the pot – this is not
    fearfully. Neurologists claim that the brain areas responsible for
    schooling to the toilet, fully matured only by 2-2.5 years,
    so before this age there are flaws and problems with the pot
    нормальны (См статью Как приучать к горшку).
  • Become stronger and develop child behavioral skills for
    . At 11 months, children are ready to eat with
    common table: show increased nutritional interest, capable
    chew and swallow the pieces. Many kids at this age already
    drink from a mug, try to eat yourself with a spoon. Often for
    Mom it becomes a signal that it is time to wean the baby from the breast.
    Of course, in terms of nutrition, breast milk is no longer
    main source of energy but in terms of the relationship of mom and
    baby is a great way to keep in touch with the baby, therefore
    слишком торопиться с отучением не стоит (См статью Как
    wean from the chest).

A month later, the baby will blow the first candle on the cake and continue
please mom and dad with their achievements and skills. If at 11
months, the child has not yet learned something, he will surely catch up
their peers soon. (См статью Как
celebrate the first birthday)

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