What can a child in 10 months

Your baby is 10 months old and compared to newborn babies
he seems so big! A real hero, and in fact, in fact, they
peers And in a couple of years the age difference will be
completely invisible. Some parents write down what they can
малыш в 10 месяцев, а потом читают эти записи со своим
already an adult child. And then these entries always cause
sweet smiles. So what could you write?

навыки ребенка в 10 месяцев

Physical skills

The kid continues to grow rapidly, grow, learns everything,
Hones his skills in everything.

  • He is not only sitting confidently, but also firmly on his
    two, holding the support with one hand only. It can sometimes be
    �“Mislead” – to give in the pens some small
    a toy Then the baby will be distracted and will hold on to her, and about
    support will forget. But as soon as he finds a hoax, he will either
    grab it again, or sit down.
  • He walks with a chair with pleasure, pushes him ahead of him. But
    sometimes it can do without it – the wall will serve as a support. Maybe,
    your baby at ten months can walk independently. (Does not matter
    do not leave him alone.)
  • Butвое достижение — он может подниматься на невысокую лесенку —
    2-3 steps. In this case, first puts the foot on the step, and then
    raises the second leg to it. A little later he will learn and
    to go down.

Social development

  • The kid has become quite an adult and wants to do everything as big.
    Now it is easy to teach him to good manners – eat from a spoon, drink
    from the cup. And after eating, ask for a pot.
  • He can already do some “errands” – bring you that
    or another object, show how to play with something. Allow him
    choose which tights he will go for a walk in – in blue or
    green, or what blouse will wear.
  • For a short time, the baby is able to amuse himself – in his
    children’s corner finds a lot of urgent matters. Wherein
    can so grunt that does not notice the “wet” accident. Not
    reproach a man – in fact he had no time then!
  • He willingly plays with other children of his age. Only him
    it is necessary to help with this, to teach communication with peers, because this
    skills in 10 months he has not yet.
  • Most often, the child himself does not want to walk with the nipple, so
    to wean him from her is quite simple. If it fails,
    then the pacifier can be “lost” and not give it to him anymore.

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Emotional development

  • Here, too, a real breakthrough occurs – he already understood that
    You can communicate not only with crying or crying.
  • He already understands the words “no” and “no”. But пытается быть
    naughty and he likes it. Notпослушание — пока только такая
    a game!
  • He begins to show a sense of humor. Good perceives
    jokes, he himself can specially make funny sounds and laugh at
  • It can be terribly upset when a toy is taken from him and
    forced to engage in unpleasant things – such as eating or
    sleep. To avoid unnecessary tears, the baby must be distracted by something,
    to interest the upcoming case.

Games and toys

  • At this age in the games of the kid, too, comes a new stage – in
    них появляется небольшой сюжет, игры делаются все больше
    meaningful. Малыш может укачивать куклу, но еще не
    guess that you can play with a teddy bear or
  • The child loves to roll the ball, carry cars, collect
  • At 10 months, the child should be able to pick up a small
    the subject, put it in the bucket.
  • All the same, he likes to play with you and in various “palm” games,
    and playing hide and seek becomes almost real – after all, baby
    prefers to hide behind the chair. It is important to look for him longer – on
    beds or under it, all over the room. And then “find” and
    be surprised


The arsenal of syllables available to the child is growing. He already obeyed
и «ма», и «ба», и «па». He is constantly
working on their pronunciation. Catches your every word. And soon you
услышите требовательное — «дай-дай-дай»! True many
ребятишки, требуя что-то, говорят «на!» Ведь вы,
stretching something to him, say this particular word!

The kid really wants to chat! So much so that even
invents his own language. Speaks it with you and
grieves when he is not understood. Not перебивайте человека, дайте
to speak to the end. Talk to him, as with full
interlocutor. Then, getting used to this, he will communicate with you and
when will become a teenager, and when will be an adult.

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