What can a baby in 8 months

Eight months – the age of active development
space and new games. By this age, daytime dreams are reduced
up to 2 times 1.5-2 hours each, the baby is already awake significantly
longer. Many children by 8 months have several teeth, although in
this plan does not exist hard rules.


At 8 months, the child already knows a lot of new things. Kid
becomes active, agile and inquisitive. Weight Gain
compared to the first months of life it slows down, many moms even
note that the child is more drawn out in height and looks
thinned out. Daily baby learns something new. New skills
crumbs deserve special attention.


Eight Month Baby Skills

  • Eight-month babies are already crawling well and very much.
    The crawling “in crafting” develops into a full movement on
    fours. At this age, children are able to crawl on any
    distances and devote most of their time to this activity.
    It is very important that the space that is so actively developing
    �The “slider” was safe. It is better to remove the wires from the floor and
    extension cords, and from the accessibility area as a whole – all dangerous items. AT
    this period the trash can is moved to a higher level,
    pet bowls as babies exhibit to these objects
    huge interest.
  • The child begins to train in holding the vertical
    body position. Usually, babies begin to sit down independently.
    It is with all fours, so when crawling becomes for a child
    easy and familiar thing, he tries new actions. Hold
    the child is able not for long in a sitting position at 8 months.
    Usually longer than 3-5 minutes, kids still do not sit. Sit down baby
    still not recommended, especially on a soft surface or in
  • Another vertical pose is standing, her baby is also trying to
    around 7-8 months. ATставание у опоры – один из любимых приемчиков
    in this age. The child crawls to the subject to which you can
    lean, grabs handles, stands up, but for a minute, like
    usually falls on the ass. AT качестве опоры чаще всего выступаю
    sofa, bed, chairs, armchairs. For a baby, this is a kind of exercise.
    and training during which legs and a back get stronger. ATмешиваться в
    this process and offer the baby to stand more often than he tries
    do not do this. Excessive vertical load on the spine
    and joints at an early age can result in problems with
    the musculoskeletal system when the child becomes older (the most
    frequent consequence of early legging – curvature
    spine). Be sure to ensure that as
    the child’s supports on hand were only steady, safe
  • Hand motor development continues to develop. The main innovation
    eight months of age is the appearance of the so-called
    �”Tweezers capture”: the baby begins to take objects not all
    with your thumb and forefinger. it
    The most important skill and bright indicator of the development of the psyche. Now baby
    able to perform more subtle actions, take small
  • New skills появляются и в области манипуляций с предметами.
    Not only must take, hold and release the subject
    baby in 8 months. AT этом возрасте дети умеют еще и специально
    throw what is clamped in the handle. Favorite all kids fun –
    throw toys out of the crib or playpen. As we remember toys
    be sure to return.
  • Another innovation is correlative actions with objects.
    Now baby не только по очереди может брать игрушки и
    consider them, but also perform some actions with one toy
    relatively different. it могут быть попытки поставить одну игрушку
    on the other, knock on it, swap. If before a baby
    there will be a capacity – it will try to put everything into it
    comes into view. That correlative actions lie in
    based on the ability to assemble a pyramid, select the right liners for
    Segen boards, so you should encourage such games.
  • AT речевой сфере тоже отмечаются существенные сдвиги. Main
    the task at the age of 8 months is the accumulation of passive
    vocabulary, that is, words whose meaning to the child is clear. Active speech
    at this stage, while still manifested in the form of syllables and their
    combinations, but the child begins to better and better understand speech,
    which he hears, begins to respond not only to the emotional
    color of speech, but also on the meaning of what was said. it особенно хорошо заметно
    at the request of the baby. At the request of the child may submit
    the necessary toy or show in the book a picture of the already known to him
    an animal. In addition to fulfilling the requests of an adult, the child is already able
    respond to warnings and bans, which is especially important
    because of the irrepressible thirst for knowledge.
  • Social development of the baby is at a critical point. Fear
    strangers who appear at about 7 months old are still
    expressed very brightly. The child refuses to be in the arms of
    unfamiliar people and very scared if the mother disappears from view,
    even if she just left the next room. Parents such a
    the behavior of the crumbs may seem strange, and representatives of the older
    generations often say that such vagaries and crying
    a consequence of “teaching hands”. AT действительности это совершенно
    normal stage of development of affection, ignore it or so
    more, somehow deal with this child’s behavior completely
    what On the contrary, the task of parents is to be responsive to needs.
    baby, let him know that he is safe, mom is near and
    always protect it.

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ATидео 1:

Usually moms do not make work something to occupy and inspire
eight month old baby. Kid сам проявляет огромный интерес ко
everything around is actively playing. You can do creative work
and offer your kid pencils or finger paints. Multicolored
traces and paper prints will certainly interest the crumbs.

ATсе, что умеет ребенок в восемь months, является базой для
the subsequent development of more complex skills, actions and

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