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Update: November 2018

Гастрит —  воспалительное заболевание слизистой оболочки
желудка, atводящее к ее дистрофическим изменениям. Inflammatory
the processes of the stomach are different in origin and course, so in
gastritis medicine can be considered as a primary, independent,
independent disease, and secondary, which is caused by:
intoxication, infectious agent or other non-infectious
diseases. The main characteristic symptoms of gastric gastritis
there are pains in the stomach both after eating and on an empty stomach,
vomiting, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn.

According to statistics, over 60% suffer from various types of gastritis.
Among them, in 85% of cases gastritis has a chronic
flow. The most formidable form of inflammation of the gastric mucosa –
atrophic gastritis, it is about the essence of a precancerous condition and
found in 60% of people over the age of 50, in the population from
30 до 50 лет  — в 30% случаев, у молодежи до 30 лет в 5 %

Types of gastritis

The nature of the course of gastritis is classified into:

  • Acute gastritis

this form proceeds as an acute inflammatory process, it
develops rapidly, literally a few hours after
provocative factors. Most often acute gastritis is associated with
кишечными инфекциями или токсикоинфекцией на фоне atема пищи, в
которой есть бактериальные токсины, наatмер, токсины
staphylococcus. Также к острому гастриту может atводить atем
certain drugs, chemicals that damage
mucous is alcohol, alkaline and acid solutions.

  • Chronic gastritis

it is a constant sluggish process of disrupting the stomach,
accompanied by structural changes in the mucous and progressive
her atrophy. Usually acute illness becomes chronic.
form with periods of remission and exacerbations. Some patients are very
for a long time do not experience serious ailments or bright heavy
symptoms, therefore chronic gastritis does not give itself for a long time
to discover. Factors contributing to the development of the disease include
также и нерациональное питание, и atем горячей, острой пищи, и
food allergies, infections, and metabolic disorders, smoking and

Гастрит atзнакиЧто происходит at гастрите в организме
man? During the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria or
stomach aggressive environment the body’s immune system in response to
mucosal destruction produces special substances that
trying to restore the integrity of the gastric mucosa, and apparently such
the fight is expressed by inflammatory reaction, pain, decrease
appetite, heartburn and other symptoms.

Diagnosis of gastritis

  • The main method for the diagnosis of gastric gastritis is the procedure
    fibrogastroduodenal endoscopy (FGDS). An inspection is made.
    состояния слизистой оболочки желудка с помощью зонда, также at
    If necessary, a specialist can take a mucosal analysis for a biopsy,
    for more accurate diagnosis.
  • For the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori, blood tests are performed with
    the determination of antibodies to helicobacteria – immunoglobulins A, M and
  • In chronic gastritis, it is advisable to do a stool analysis.
    hidden blood.

Симптоматика at различных видах гастрита

The symptoms of this common disease are distinctive.
features depending on the type, nature, duration
inflammatory process.

However, for all forms of gastritis, a number of identical

  • Тошнота натощак и между atемами пищи
  • Feeling of fullness after eating
  • Heartburn
  • Reduced appetite
  • Dull stomach pains that occur periodically

Acute gastritis of the stomach

Symptoms of the acute process begin to be expressed after 10-12 hours
after penetration into the body of a provoking agent or
the occurrence of an annoying factor. By some classifications
различают следующие виды острого гастрита с atсущими им

Banal gastritis or catarrhal simple

most often occurs after food poisoning or due to
длительных больших перерывов в atеме пищи, нерегулярном питании,
еды всухомятку, at аллергии, ротавирусных инфекциях и
Helicobacter pylori. With this gastritis, the mucous membrane is inflamed and
blood vessels in the stomach, but mucosal destruction is usually
slightly because only the surface layer is damaged
epithelium. And with such changes the body copes
on their own. Symptoms of superficial acute gastritis:

  • Bloating, heaviness in the stomach
  • Stomach pain on an empty stomach and after eating
  • Nausea and vomiting with mucus (sour taste and smell) and possibly with
    bile (yellow-green color and bitter taste)
  • Disruption of the bowel – alternate constipation and diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite, слабость, низкое артериальное давление
  • Heartburn, повышенное слюноотделение, неatятный вкус или сухость
    in the mouth
  • Headaches and dizziness, tachycardia


purulent process in the stomach, which occurs quite rarely
либо at попадании в желудок чужеродного предмета, либо как
осложнение во время тяжелых инфекций на фоне сепсиса, либо at
poisoning by mercury or acids. Ему atсущи все симптомы острого
gastritis but he has and отличительные atзнаки:

  • Severe, intolerable stomach pains
  • Heat
  • Fibrinous гастрит требует срочной медицинской помощи,
    emergency surgical intervention, if during not render
    пациенту помощь, то он  опасен перитонитом и может закончиться

Erosive, focal, corrosive, necrotic or toxic
chemical gastritis

Коррозивный или некротический токсико-chemical gastritis — это
chemical multifocal burn of the gastric mucosa. Its development
provokes the ingestion of heavy metal salts into the stomach,
concentrated acids, alkalis. At the same time, they are subject to destruction.
and superficial and deep layers of the mucosa, submucosa tissue
the stomach die off, forming scars that can no longer secrete
mucus and are provocateurs of the onset of gastric ulcer.
Симптомы at этом гастрите следующие: Гастрит желудка

  • Paroxysmal vomiting with blood, tissue particles
  • Severe pain in the chest, in the stomach
  • Labored breathing
  • The voice becomes hoarse, hoarse
  • Неatятный вкус in the mouth
  • Сильные боли at нажатии на живот

Erosive gastritis – damage to the stomach wall within
mucous with the formation of surface defects called
erosions. Которые at заживлении не оставляют рубцов. Frequent
atчина эрозивного гастрита – агрессия Хеликобактер пилори. Because
the microbe lives more often in the antrum. That is exactly the day off
erosive changes are most often observed in the stomach.
Клиника эрозивного гастрита сходна с таковой at язвенной

  • fasting and early pains in sucken
  • hungry character
  • изжога, тошнота, рвота съеденной пищей, atносящая

Signs of chronic gastritis

In 70% of cases, chronic gastritis is secondary
disease, that is, appears as a complication or concomitant
disease of the gastrointestinal tract, such as –
cholecystitis, pancreatitis, etc.

By type of illness chronic gastritis is divided into 3

  • Type A is an autoimmune form of gastritis when immune agents
    направлены  против самой слизистой stomach.
  • Type B – Helicobacter pylori, when the mucous is affected
    bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
  • Type C – or reflux gastritis, when the duodenum
    bile is thrown into the stomach.

The course of chronic gastritis is sometimes blurred,
пациенты не ощущают значительных неatятных ощущений и дискомфорта
and only periodically there are periods of relapses and exacerbations,
которые не восatнимаются человеком как серьезное заболевание.
Однако, at постоянных неблагоatятных факторах у большинства людей
травмирование слизистой atводит к тому, что она становится
восatимчивой к разрушительному действию хеликобактерий. From
action of infection and trauma with age from destruction
mucous membranes start autoimmune processes that
contribute to the progression of disorders, causing ulcers and cancer

Classification of chronic gastritis and their symptoms

Superficial gastritis

This type of gastritis occurs with mild symptoms,
since mucosal damage occurs only in the surface
слое, не затрагивая железы stomach. During periods of aggravation
заболевания, чаще весной и осенью,  у человека появляются
некоторые atзнаки заболевания, такие как боль в желудке, снижение
appetite, nausea.

Atrophic gastritis

With this type of disease, inflammation is involved in and
mucosa, and gastric glands, whose function is to
the production of gastric juice. Gradually glands die,
atrophy, stop performing their functions, in humans
disrupted the process of splitting food. And if atrophic gastritis
affects most of the surface of the stomach, then the production
gastric juice decreases, respectively, the process of splitting and
digesting food slows and shrinks, a person weakens.
Характерные atзнаки атрофического гастрита:

  • Fromрыжка с запахом тухлых яиц
  • Severity, sharp pain in the stomach
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss
  • Heartburn носит постоянный характер
Reflux gastritis

This type of disease is caused by a malfunction.
of the biliary system (biliary) and duodenum
(duodenal). К atзнакам рефлюкс гастрита относят:

  • Chronic heartburn
  • Vomiting bile
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Constant dull pain and heaviness in the stomach

This type of superficial gastritis with high acidity. 
This type of gastritis has no characteristic symptoms, therefore recognize
его можно только at специфической диагностике, но если человек at
drinking apple juice or lemon is experiencing heartburn, heaviness and
nausea, chances are that this is high acidity

  • Heartburn от кислых продуктов
  • Fromрыжка кислым
  • Constipation
  • Тяжесть после atема пищи
  • Night pain in the stomach, pain on an empty stomach

это гастрит с пониженной кислотностью, at прогрессировании
which appear on the walls of the mucous membranes cysts, in fact it
benign tumors that are dangerous with their rebirth in
malignant neoplasms. The diagnosis of gastritis with reduced
acidity can only be set at
fibrogastroduodenal endoscopy and study of the composition of the gastric
content. Однако, если человек очень любит кислые продукты и at
употреблении значительного количества, к atмеру лимонов, не
experiencing heartburn, the likelihood of low acidity in the stomach
him high. The symptoms of hypertrophic gastritis include:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Frequent burp
  • Постоянный atвкус in the mouth
  • Constipation

этот гастрит возникает at заболеваниях щитовидной железы,
Болезни Аддисона и at В12 дефицитной анемии. К его atзнакам можно
include the following:

  • Constipation, поносы
  • Reduced appetite
  • Flatulence, bloating, rumbling
  • Неatятный вкус in the mouth
  • Burp with putrid odor
  • После atема пищи чувство распирания
  • Dull pain and nausea 20 minutes after eating
  • Anemia, dry, brittle nails and hair
  • Drowsiness, weakness, irritability

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