What are the first signs of stroke in women?

Update: October 2018

Stroke – a sudden violation of the blood circulation of the brain, blockage
or rupture of any brain vessel. When clogged
vascular arises ischemic stroke, at break –
hemorrhagic stroke. It is considered the most common
brain disease in the adult population. And with
age increases the risk of stroke. By
statistics per year stroke affects 0.1 – 0.4% of the population in
depending on the country of residence. Stroke is a leader among
causes of disability and takes 3rd place among the causes
mortality of the population.

What is the difference between stroke and its causes in women, from stroke in

  • Female stroke affects mainly after 60 years, in men
    risk appears after 40 years
  • It was previously believed that stroke is the lot of the elderly and women
    stroke affects less frequently than men, and also that after 60 years
    the same for both men and women
  • However, at the age of 18 – 40 years in women, stroke became
    occur more often than men
  • Pregnant women are also more likely to have a stroke.
  • Young women often ignore the symptoms of transient
  • Women suffer a stroke harder than men
  • Mortality in women due to stroke is higher than in men.
  • A smaller percentage of women are able to return to the former rhythm.
    life after a stroke, men cope better with it
  • �”Nontraditional” early first signs of stroke in women can
    noted more often than men
  • To the well-known risk factors for women are added – taking
    oral contraceptives, the pathological course of pregnancy,
    migraine pains, women are more prone to thrombosis and
    vascular complications.
  • Women, with frequent mood swings, not stress resistant,
    unbalanced, with a tendency to loop on problems,
    more prone to brain stroke.

In women who smoke after age 30, and taking contraceptives
funds, a 22 percent increase in the risk of stroke. In the last
For decades, severe ischemic strokes are very common,
associated with the popularity of this method of contraception, as oral
контрацептивы  (см. противозачаточные таблетки опасны для
woman’s health).

Forerunners stroke

As a rule, a stroke does not occur on level ground. Before
stroke is always observed symptoms of the beginning of the violation
blood supply to the brain. At risk of stroke are people:
страдающие гипертонией,  курящие, с сахарным диабетом, с
obese, cardiovascular, high
cholesterol levels. The first traditional signs of stroke are
women:Признаки инсульта у женщин

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Noise in the head
  • Speech is difficult
  • Byвышенная забывчивость, нарушение памяти
  • Numbness in the limbs, on the face
  • Movement Coordination

To verify that these are signs of a stroke you can spend
simple test:

  • ask to smile, if half of the face remains motionless –
    it’s a stroke
  • ask to keep your arms raised, with weak muscles
    fail to do
  • ask to repeat a simple phrase, if after you repeat
    fails, it means there are problems with articulation and it is acute
    an attack of circulatory disorders.
  • ask to stick out the tongue – its tip is deflected to the side
    hearth in the brain if there is a stroke

If such symptoms occur, it is an ischemic stroke,
whose symptoms are unambiguous and suggest a violation
circulatory brain. The earlier emergency will be rendered
medical care, the more favorable the prognosis will be so
severe illness. Optimally, if you ask for help in
2-3 hours after the onset of the attack.


Female stroke, signs of which are sometimes at the beginning of the disease
unconventional, often difficult to diagnose the disease early, that
significantly delays the provision of adequate medical care.
Doctors from the University of Michigan examined 470 patients.
ишемическим инсультом, то есть возникшим  вследствие тромбоза
vessels or embolism.

Brain hemorrhages – hemorrhagic stroke,
in this study were not considered. The bulk of the respondents
reported typical signs of stroke in combination with some
atypical signs, but 4 percent of women and 3 percent of men
experienced only “unconventional” signs of a stroke. Considering
other factors, scientists have concluded that 42 percent of women
higher probability of manifestation of at least one “unconventional” feature

By the distinctive atypical signs of stroke according to this
research attributed:

  • Mental disorders – confusion, loss of consciousness,
  • Neurological symptoms – hiccups, nausea, weakness
  • Dry mouth
  • Sharp pain in the face or in one side of the body
  • Headache
  • Heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain

Symptoms of stroke in women and in men primarily depend
from the part of the brain that has been affected. If the left is hit
part, the symptoms of a stroke will appear in the right side
torso. Conversely, with the defeat of the right side brain risk
changes will be noticeable on the organs that are on the left.

Stroke of the right and left side – treatment, consequences. Byсле
first signs of a stroke, the patient’s condition begins to noticeably
to deteriorate. In the acute stage of the disease, according to statistics, 30-35% die
the sick. More than 50% of cases die in the first year after that.
20% of people are able to return to work in the future and 10% remain
disabled people.

Основные признаки инсульта у women:

  • Severe headache for no particular reason.
  • Numbness of the face, weakness of facial muscles
  • Numbness on one side of the upper and lower limbs
  • Byявление неспособности к жестикуляции
  • Disturbance of speech, ability to speak, lack of understanding of speech
  • Impaired vision, before sudden loss of vision, especially on one
    eye double vision
  • Violation of sensitivity, coordination
  • Sharp loss of balance, possible convulsions
  • Nausea, vomiting, hiccups, fever, disturbance
  • Falling and unexplained dizziness
  • Depression, inability to control emotions
  • Short-term loss of consciousness – face turns red,
    breathing is frequent, deep, the pulse is low, intense, the pupils are not
    react to light.
  • While eating, the flow of liquid food from the mouth, when to a woman, to
    For example, eating soup – it flows from one side of the mouth.

Differential diagnosis with migraine

Stroke Migraine
State of consciousness
  • agitation or drowsiness
  • sometimes confusion or loss of consciousness
  • the consciousness is saved, sometimes in the aura program can be observed
    derealization or depersonalization.
  • other disorders of perception (enhancement of light, sound
    irritants, hyperreaction on smells).
Vegetative manifestations
  • sweating
  • face redness
  • heartbeat
  • dry mouth develops regardless of the side of the lesion
    and gender of the patient
  • In normal migraine, the vegetative manifestations are not typical.
  • With a vegetative type of migraine without aura at the peak of pain
    panic attack may develop (palpitations, fear,
    боли в животе, sweating, тремор, диарея)
  • More often vegetative migraine is manifested in right-sided migraine
    among women.
Focal symptoms Depending on which area of ​​the brain is damaged:

  • sensitive disorders (tingling, crawling,
    numbness) and movement disorders (decreased motor
    activity, immobility) in the arm and leg on the opposite hearth
    to the side.
  • Byворот головы и отклонение языка в сторону очага.
  • Byражения черепномозговых нервов (косоглазие, птоз,
    nasolabial fold smoothness, lagophthalmos, sail symptom,
    lagging of the corner of the mouth on the affected side).
  • Speech disorders.
  • Расстройства swallowing, дыхания. cardiac activity with
    bulbar lesions in the brain stem.
  • For migraine, focality is not a matter of practice.
  • With the exception of imitating her auras in the form of paresthesias in
    limbs (numbness, tingling. goosebumps in the arm and leg)

Stroke prevention

A disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. Here are a few
recommendations for reducing the risk of stroke:

  • Limit salt and fat intake
  • If you have diabetes, control your sugar levels.
  • Stop smoking
  • Do not abuse alcohol
  • Exercise daily
  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Get enough sleep, lack of sleep – the precursor of hypertension and disorders
  • Follow the diet if you are overweight
  • Eating fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of atherosclerosis,
    stroke culprit (see treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis

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