What are the first signs of stomach cancer?

Update: November 2018

Until now, medicine can not say with certainty which
causes lead to the development of cancerous tumors in humans, including
including stomach cancer. However, there are several factors
provoking, contributing to the occurrence of cancer
diseases of the stomach. Any malignant tumor cannot
arise abruptly, instantly, in a healthy body, and as a rule
oncology is preceded by various chronic diseases of one or
other body. It is believed that the following diseases of the stomach and
concomitant factors are harbingers of malignant growth

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Acute and chronic gastritis
  • Atrophic gastritis
  • Stomach polyps
  • Alcohol abuse, smoking (see video of what they do
  • Eating too spicy, hot and fatty foods.
  • Consumption of excess nitrates and nitrites
  • The use of certain drugs, for example,
  • Inadequate nutrition, excess of harmful foods in the diet,
    large intervals between meals, as well as undertreated
    diseases of the gastrointestinal tract contribute to the development of cancer
  • With age, the risk of malignant tumors also
    increases, especially in men
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Weak immunity
  • The presence of cancer in close relatives.

At the zero and first stage of a malignant tumor in the stomach
may not manifest itself, it does not cause significant
inconvenience. A person does not have any characteristic, special
first signs of stomach cancer, and often in the early stages of a tumor
the stomach can be diagnosed extremely rarely, it usually happens
by chance. In such cases, the tumor is localized on the surface
layers of the gastric mucosa and has a very small size.

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When a person starts complaining of deterioration,
there are already symptoms of stomach cancer, which indicates that
an advanced cancer process. At stage 1-2 of cancer
deeper penetration of the neoplasm into the walls occurs
stomach, and the development of metastases in the lymph nodes and even
remote organs correspond to 3-4 stages of the process.

  • Stage zero cancer cells in the gastric mucosa, lesions
    there are no lymph nodes and distant metastases.
  • Первая – опухоль не выходит за пределы stomach. But cancerous
    cells can be in regional lymph nodes. Distant metastasis
  • Stage 2 – either a tumor is within the stomach and several are affected
    near lymph nodes. Either she sprouted muscle layer and struck
    several lymph nodes. Either went beyond the stomach, but the lesions
    no lymph nodes, distant metastases absent.
  • Стадия 3 — рак прорастает стенку stomach. 3 to 7 lymph nodes
    near affected Metastases are absent.
  • Stage 4 – a tumor of any size, whether or not affected
    proximal lymph nodes. There are distant metastases.

Of course, when a tumor is detected at the first stage, the chances of
full recovery is very high, it is the best prognosis for
patient and up to 90% of patients can count on persistent
cure. Unfortunately, we have an annual physical examination.
A gastroenterologist is not a lot of willing, but those who care about their
health and are at risk of developing cancer
stomach should be given time and money for complex
surveys every year.

The first symptoms of having a stomach tumor, often sick
the person perceives as manifestations of existing gastritis or
seasonal aggravation. Usually more than 33% of patients turn to
specialists a year later, after the onset of discomfort in
epigastric region, malaise:

  • Rare but stable pains under the spoon
  • Discomfort, heaviness after eating
  • Fast saturation from taking a small amount
    of food

These signs are at first poorly pronounced and do not wear systemic.
nature, but as the disease progresses gradually
появляются и прочие местные симптомы развития tumors: Рак желудка

  • burping air
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • heartburn
  • lack of appetite, weight loss
  • aversion to any particular products, most often to
    meat, sausages, dairy products
  • dull, aching pain in the stomach, appearing on an empty stomach and
    eliminated after eating or taking medicines for
    acidity reductions that are indicated for stomach ulcers
  • pallor of the skin
  • aversion to meat

Then the general symptoms of oncological
process, such as:

  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Unmotivated fatigue, weakness
  • Perhaps the appearance of apathy, indifference to what is happening.
  • Sometimes irritability, nervousness

In the later stages to the listed symptoms of gastric cancer may
add the following:

  • vomiting и диарея неприятного запаха и темного цвета, указывающее
    for blood
  • exhaustion from constant vomiting or stomach obstruction
  • swollen lymph nodes, abdominal growth
  • skin becomes dry, becomes yellow

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