What are the first signs of chickenpox in adults?

Update: October 2018

Why do adults have chickenpox? Until recently, chickenpox
was considered an exclusively childhood disease, and in adolescents and adults
this disease was extremely rare.

However, in a modern unfavorable environmental situation,
the abundance of electromagnetic and radioactive radiation, mass
chemical harmful substances in food, air, water,
abundance of stress, increased negative information load on
adult leads ultimately to a decrease in protective
body forces and dysfunction of the immune system.
Therefore, in our time, the occurrence of childhood diseases in adults
possible, and their growth increases every year. Now chicken pox
adults account for about 10% of all cases of this

The causative agent of chickenpox is a herpes virus 3 species –
Varicella Zoster. When infected with them even in preschool age
the child receives lifelong immunity and will never be
be sick of this kind of virus.

There is an opinion that all children and children are infected with chickenpox
can get infected, but not get sick, that is, the symptoms of the disease are not
will, it happens in children with strong enough immune
system, or if the amount of virus that entered the body was

After infection and transfer of acute form of chickenpox, the pathogen
remains in an organism in an inactive form, being located in nervous
ganglia If an adult has already had chickenpox in childhood, this
does not mean that the virus can not be activated.

Первые признаки ветрянки у взрослыхDo not hope for
lifelong immunity, in the event of favorable conditions,
such as corticosteroid treatment, cancer treatment
diseases, powerful irradiation, severe long-term hypothermia,
severe stress, serious infectious diseases, severe injuries
and other adverse factors give impetus to the exit of the virus from
sleeping state, in this case, herpes zoster develops


Those adults who have not had chickenpox in childhood can
carry it in the same way as children, only it flows
much harder.

Chickenpox in adults – how does it manifest itself?

According to statistics in adults after 18 years the severity of the disease
and the frequency of complications after varicella is the same;
a 20 year old man that a 50 year old. However, the older
due to possible immunity disorders and existing
chronic diseases register more cases
осложнений этого diseases. What are the symptoms and the first signs
chickenpox in adults? Chickenpox begins as a cold, flu, with
general intoxication:

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  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Slight increase in temperature to subfebrile numbers
  • General weakness
  • Headaches

As soon as pink spots appear on the scalp and face –
the period of rash begins:

  • Signs of intoxication, high
    temperature up to 40 ° C, chills, weakness and so on.
  • An abundant rash over the whole body creates severe itching, even on
    enantemes are formed in the mucous membranes of the upper airways and in the mouth Have
    people after 20 years of age, rashes appear on the genitals
    organs, which is accompanied by severe pain when urinating. WITH
    a stain begins to appear, then a vial of fluid and depressed
    center. If the crust is burned out with alcohol dye or stripped off,
    there will be a scar. The bubbles then burst, releasing fluid and in
    further form a dried crust, which, with regular
    processing further leaves no trace. When penetrating
    the course of the disease is complicated by the appearance of a secondary infection;
    wet pustules, which, after healing, leave scars on
  • Have больного увеличиваются лимфатические узлы — заушные, паховые,
    submandibular and axillary, they become painful when
  • The undulating course of rashes that continues on
    10 days.
  • If the patient’s immune system is very weak, the rash may
    provoke the development of fasciitis, abscesses and even sepsis.

Sometimes in adults, chickenpox begins with signs of edema.
brain, disorders of the nervous system, as well as primary varicella
pneumonia or encephalitis, while adding the following

  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Irritation from harsh sounds and bright light – sound fear,
  • Movement coordination, convulsions, general muscular

Complications of chickenpox in adults

WITHерьезные осложнения возможны при генерализации воспалительного
process in weakened people, then the varicella-zoster virus leads to
violation of the functions of internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems,
often with a secondary infection joins:

  • The virus may spread in the respiratory system,
    this is manifested by pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis, the development of acute
    respiratory failure.
  • The functions of the organs performing the detoxification in
    In the body, it is the kidneys and liver; toxic can develop
    hepatitis, nephritis, liver abscess.
  • Vascular and heart diseases such as myocarditis, thrombophlebitis,
    hemorrhagic syndrome.
  • The virus can also affect the musculoskeletal system –
    arthritis, myositis, synovitis.
  • If the virus affects the nervous system, the consequences and prognosis
    quite heavy, up to swelling of the brain, cysts in the brain,
    paralysis, meningitis, encephalitis.
  • The chickenpox virus is very dangerous for pregnant women, especially in
    the first 3 months of pregnancy, it leads either to the death of the baby,
    either to severe congenital abnormalities, most often born children
    die from the generalized form of chicken pox.
  • WITHамые частые осложнения ветрянки у взрослых: неврит и парез
    facial nerve. As well as long-term impaired coordination,
    remaining skin scars and areas with atrophied skin may
    form irreversible changes in the liver and kidneys.

Автор: Мельникова WITHветлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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