What are the first signs of chickenpox in a child?disease symptoms

Update: October 2018

Chickenpox is an acute infectious disease,
infection which most often occurs through airborne droplets.
Children of preschool age are most susceptible to this disease.
however, cases of chickenpox in adolescents and adults also become
a rarity these days.

Since the incubation period of chickenpox is quite long from
10-21 days, when the infection occurred determine to determine
is difficult. During this period, the child looks completely healthy,
and the virus is embedded in the body, multiplies and accumulates. AND
only at the end of the incubation period do the first appear
signs of chickenpox in a child or adult.

How does chickenpox in a child

Первые признаки ветрянки у ребенка

  • The onset of chicken pox proceeds as a banal acute respiratory disease, with typical
    signs: fever, weakness, chills,
    drowsiness, headaches, children become more moody,
  • With the appearance of a typical chicken pox rash (rounded pink
    specks) we can state with confidence what happened
    infection with varicella zoster virus and so begins chickenpox
  • As soon as after 1-2 days a rash appears, the body temperature
    increases to 39C- 39.5C, this is also the first sign
    ветрянки у baby However, there are cases of leakage of chickenpox without
    высокой температуры у baby
  • Then the rash begins to spread throughout the body in literally
    a few hours after a while the rash takes on
    bubbles with liquid inside, resembling water droplets. At the same time
    child in places with a rash begins severe skin itching (see how
    get rid of itching with chickenpox). Especially worried about itching
    mucous membranes of the mouth, on the skin between the fingers, on the conjunctiva of the eyes.
  • Then in 2-3 days these bubbles burst, they dry out and on their
    the place has a yellowish-brown crust. Later
    week crusts disappear, the wounds dissolve without a trace. If a
    настойчиво сдирать корку, могут  образовываться рубцы.
  • When a child scratches a rash, it is possible that bacteria
    wounds and the development of a skin infection, then at the site of vesicles may
    stay scars.

How to distinguish an allergic rash from chickenpox rash?

For chickenpox, rashes begin on the scalp and
face, gradually capturing the whole body, and with allergies often rashes
all has a clear localization. Also a distinctive feature
chickenpox rash is a wave-like course, that is, one stage
rashes are superimposed on the other and simultaneously on the skin
both fresh pink spots, and bubbles, and dried
crusts. ANDногда высыпания настолько интенсивны, что на теле что
called no living place. In case of allergies rash or
patches of redness, and when chickenpox rash on unchanged
color of the skin and quickly spots turn into bubbles with umbilicate
impression in the center.

When is hospitalization indicated?

In normal cases, the child’s chickenpox is treated at home,
only in extremely rare difficult situations is required

  • Severe chickenpox
  • Complications
  • Sharply weakened children from disadvantaged social

See also how it will not catch an adult and whether it is possible to swim at
chicken pox.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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