What are the fetal heart rate by week whencan hear

Update: October 2018

The beat of the heart of an unborn baby is the most pleasant and
long awaited sound for a pregnant woman. It means the beginning of a new
life, hope and joy of the future motherhood. But besides that,
A child’s heartbeat can tell a lot about his health.

The timing of detection and heart rate of the fetus

Detect the baby’s heartbeat can be already in the early stages. WITH
using a conventional abdominal ultrasound transducer, the doctor will determine the strokes
hearts at 5 weeks gestation, and a vaginal sensor will allow
do it in 3-4 weeks, that is, almost immediately after
first strike of a small heart (see the calculation of the gestation period –

The heart rate of the fetus varies not only depending
from its activity, but also varies with the duration of pregnancy.

  • On the period of 6-8 weeks, the frequency of impacts is 110-130 V
    a minute
  • from 8 to 11 week can increase to 190 strokes
  • starting from 11 weeks it is kept in the range of 140-160 shots, with
    small deviations in one direction or another.
gestational age number of strokes / min.     
4-6 weeks 80-85
6 weeks 100-130
7 weeks 130-150
8 weeks 150-170
9 weeks 170-190
10 weeks 170-190
11 weeks 140-160
12-40 week 140-160

The doctor assesses not only what a fetal heartbeat is by week,
but also takes into account additional factors (maternal and child diseases,
listening time and activity phase of the baby).

Causes of heart rhythm abnormalities

The first weeks of pregnancy WITH 12 недели of pregnancy до родов Childbirth
Частота сердцебиений ниже 120 ударов в a minute
  • Small term (less than 4 weeks)
  • Нормальное состояние эмбриона (100-130 ударов в a minute)
  • With a frequency below 80 blows – the risk of pregnancy loss
  • Chronic fetal hypoxia
  • The reaction of the fetus to the compression of the umbilical cord
  • Chronic or acute hypoxia
  • WITHдавление пуповины в момент схватки
Частота сердцебиений выше 170 ударов в a minute
  • More often – the normal variant
  • Sometimes – violation of the placentation
  • The reaction of the fetus to their own movements, stress mother
  • Chronic fetal hypoxia
  • Chronic or acute hypoxia
  • Reaction to a stir or fight
Deaf, bad listening tones
  • Short term or outdated ultrasound transducer
  • Maternal obesity
  • Heart defects and blood vessels of the fetus
  • Maternal obesity
  • Feto-placental insufficiency
  • Placenta, located on the front wall (previa)
  • Water flow or water flow
  • Inconvenient to listen to the location of the fetus
  • Malformations of the heart or blood vessels
  • Active contractions
  • Fetal hypoxia
No fetal heartbeat
  • Short term or outdated ultrasound transducer
  • Fading pregnancy
  • Starting abortion
  • CTG sensor defect or incorrect auscultation site
  • Antenatal fetal death
  • CTG sensor defect or incorrect auscultation site
  • Antenatal fetal death

What determine the fetal heartbeat?

Establishing the fact of developing pregnancy

After the first delay of menstruation and the appearance of two cherished
strips future mother usually goes to the ultrasound. WITH помощью
modern devices already in the third week of pregnancy can
hear the heartbeat of a small embryo. If at the first
Ultrasound does not listen to the fetal heartbeat in the presence of the uterus
fetal eggs, then this is no reason to panic. Usually when repeated
study a week later grown embryo allows you to hear a knock
of your heart. But in some cases the heartbeat never
appears, and the fertilized egg is deformed. This state is called
missed abortion. In this case, using hormonal
drugs produce a medical abortion (complications), and a new
attempt to get pregnant is recommended in 3-6 months.

Fetal assessment

WITHердце малыша реагирует на малейшие изменения в окружающем его
the world. WITHтресс, болезнь или физическая нагрузка матери, состояние сна
or fetal activity, oxygen concentration in ambient air
instantly reflected on the heart rhythm. But these changes are
temporary. If the heart beats too fast for a long time,
it speaks of a violation of the blood supply to the fetus, the so-called
placental insufficiency. Most often she wears chronic
character. In rare cases, the compensatory capabilities of the baby
exhausted, the heart begins to beat slower than normal, which says about
deterioration of his condition. In such cases, emergency calls are often required.
delivery From what week the fetal heartbeat became
pathological, depends largely on the choice of treatment.

Monitoring the state of the fetus in labor

At the time of birth, the child is under tremendous pressure
compression and oxygen deficiency. In most cases, its
the cardiovascular system successfully copes with these
difficulties. But sometimes cord clamping occurs, detachment
placenta or other emergency conditions requiring immediate
medical care. Therefore, in childbirth check the heart rate
child after each bout so as not to miss the signs
incipient acute lack of oxygen.

Fetal Heartbeat Listening Methods


This is the very first method used during pregnancy. With
conducting a study along with determining the heart rate
cuts the doctor evaluates the size of the fetus, the state of the placenta and gives
complex conclusion. Especially carefully listen to heart tones and
study the structure of the heart in developmental defects in pregnant and
having children with cardiovascular defects in the past.
It is very important to identify anomalies of the structure and work of the heart during
mother-borne infections during pregnancy.


This is listening to the heart tones using a special
obstetric stethoscope. Determine the heartbeat in this way.
can be, from 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. An experienced doctor can with
using the tube to determine the approximate heart rate,
clarity of tones, the place of their best listening. But even man
without medical education is able to detect heart tones and
подсчитать их количество в a minute с помощью секундомера.

In some cases, auscultation with a stethoscope is difficult or not.

  • overweight pregnant woman
  • at the location of the placenta on the anterior wall of the uterus (then the noise
    vascular prevents auscultation)
  • with too little or too much amniotic fluid

Cardiotocography (CTG)

Very informative method to assess the heartbeat
baby WITH помощью этой процедуры можно на ранних этапах выявить
oxygen starvation of the fetus and take appropriate measures (see
interpretation of fetal CTG during pregnancy).

The CTG apparatus is an ultrasonic sensor that
sends and captures reflected signals from the heart of the fetus. Everything
Heart rate changes are recorded on tape. Together with
The main sensor and install the sensor uterine contractions. is he
shows the activity of the uterus, which is especially important in the process

В аппаратах последних лет существуют специальные датчики
fetal movements, sometimes using a separate button pregnant
a woman can fix them by herself. All information,
coming from the sensors, displayed on the tape. Duration
The CTG procedure is 50-60 minutes. This time is usually enough
чтобы застать моменты активности и сна baby In special cases
The sensors are attached to the belly of a pregnant woman and left for a day.

Для анализа сердцебиения плода gestational age играет очень
important role. The first CTG study is carried out after 32 weeks, so
how until this date the data will be uninformative. It is after 31-32
weeks, a link is formed between motor activity and cardiac
fetal activity. Usually, a woman passes CTG during pregnancy.
twice (at 32 weeks and immediately before delivery). According to testimony
CTG can be performed an unlimited number of times, since
the procedure is harmless.

Decoding the CTG tape is performed by a doctor who compares
результаты этого исследования с данными Ultrasound и анализов. WITHама по
Myself cardiotocography is not a source of final

�“Good” CTG includes the following parameters

  • fetal heart rate on average from 120 to 160 beats per
    a minute.
  • in response to stirring heart rate
  • There are no heartbeat contractions or they are present at the minimum

Everything эти параметры аппарат самостоятельно анализирует и выдает
результат в виде специального индекса ПWITHП. Normally, it does not exceed
units. But many other things affect the work of the baby’s heart.
factors that only a doctor can assess.

Withчины «плохой» КТГ

  • Hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) of the fetus – the most common cause
    changes on CTG.

If the baby lacks air, then his heart begins
work hard, the frequency of contractions increases. In response to
fight or own movement baby can react by reduction
heartbeat, which is also not the norm.

  • Withжатие пуповины к головке плода или костям вызывает
    short-term changes on the tape. is heи выглядят так же, как и при
    oxygen starvation, but the child at the same time feels good and
    does not lack oxygen.
  • Incorrectly attached sensors

If while listening to fetal heartbeats, hypoxia is detected,
confirmed by other methods, the doctor prescribes treatment or
conducts emergency delivery (depending on the time and
condition of the fetus).


Echocardiography is used on the 18-28 week of pregnancy
only in case of suspected development of heart defects in a child. it
метод Ultrasound, изучающий особенности кровотока и строения сердца. is heа
shown if:

  • the woman already has children with heart defects
  • there are congenital heart defects of the mother
  • past infectious diseases during this
    pregnancy, especially in the first trimester
  • woman over 38 years old
  • pregnant diabetes
  • intrauterine growth retardation
  • detected malformations in the fetus in other organs and there are
    suspected congenital heart disease

Метод эхокардиографии применяется и как двухмерное Ultrasound, и
используются другие режимы ультразвукового сканера: одномерное Ultrasound
and Doppler mode. This combination of techniques helps to thoroughly
to study and the structure of the heart, and the nature of blood flow in large

Is it possible to determine the sex baby heartbeat?

Most women are in an interesting position and even some
medical professionals believe that the baby’s heart rate
the womb can determine its gender. For some reason there is a belief that
у девочек сердце «частит», то есть бьется 150-160 раз в a minute, а у
boys frequency of cuts 135-150 beats. This hypothesis does not have
no scientific justification, so the floor in this way can
guessing with confidence only 50 percent.

The fetal heart rate reflects the ability of his body
cope with oxygen deficiency. Gender on this
ability does not affect. If the expectant mother wants to know
in advance, what color diapers to buy, you can turn to
хорошему специалисту по Ultrasound, который сможет определить пол малыша с
great accuracy.

Can you hear the fetal heartbeat on your own?

If the expectant mother wants to listen to her heart
it’s not necessary to make an extraordinary visit to the female
consultation WITHуществует несколько способов послушать звук
developing life.


Auscultation акушерским стетоскопом доступа абсолютно всем.
This requires an obstetric tube (which is completely
a little), as well as attentive and patient assistant. If he doesn’t
doctor, it is unlikely to hear the heart before 25 weeks
of pregnancy.

The main thing – the daily workout. Then one day
husband, mom or other stethoscope owner will be able to hear
long-awaited heartbeat sounds. It is important to learn to distinguish them from
sounds of fetal movement, pulse or peristalsis of the mother.

Fetal Doppler – Heartbeat Detector

If there is no time for training in auscultation, then you can
purchase a portable ultrasound detector – fetal doppler.
it устройство работает по принципу обычного аппарата КТГ, но не
writes a graphic image on the film. Often complete with
The device sells headphones for comfortable listening. Hear
the heartbeat of this device can already be 8-12 weeks, but doctors
recommend using it much later when necessary,
the study should last no more than 10 minutes.

Advantages of a portable doppler: Disadvantages of a portable doppler:
  • the possibility of listening to the fetal heartbeat at 12 weeks
    of pregnancy
  • ease of use
  • the possibility of a pregnant woman to hear the work of the heart independently,
    without an assistant
  • high price
  • restrictions on use.

Despite the safety of dopplerometry, everything must be respected.
measure and not use the device often and for a long time

Withложив ухо к животу

When is fetal heartbeat heard in the ear? On late terms
of pregnancy (после 30 недели) можно удостовериться, что
fetal heart rate is normal by simply putting an ear to the stomach
pregnant, but depends on the body fat of the woman. To listen
The baby’s heart needs to be in a certain place in the abdomen, depending on
the location of the fetus in the uterus. If the baby is head down, then
the heart is better heard below the navel of the woman, from the back of the child.
With тазовом предлежании прослушивать тоны лучше над пупком. If a
multiple pregnancy, then every child’s heart is heard in
different sections of the abdomen.

WITHлучаи серьезных патологий, вызывающих нарушение сердцебиения
quite rare. Withрода распорядилась так, что подавляющее
most pregnancies end in birth absolutely
healthy and full child. Therefore, in parallel with the observation
the doctor needs to listen to the nascent life inside and
enjoy future motherhood.

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