What are c-peptides in the blood test? About whatsays level of the peptide?


  • What is c-peptide?
  • C-peptide assay
  • The rate of c-peptide
  • Causes of reduced level of the chain
  • The reasons for the increase in the norm
  • What to do when abnormal c-peptide
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  • S-peptide and diabetes

For patients with diabetes, not only insulin levels are important, but also
C-peptide level. C-peptides what is it and what is the rate in blood?
The literal meaning of this expression is “connecting peptide”. By
the level of this element can be judged on the reasons for the decline in sugar in
blood test, evaluate how hormone therapy affects insulin synthesis.

What is c-peptide?

In the pancreas, the hormone proinsulin is produced,
which contains c-peptide. When the sugar level rises
Proinsulin breaks down into c-peptide and insulin itself.

Both of them enter the blood in equal proportions, that is, in terms of
c-peptide in blood is measured by the rate of synthesis of insulin and its

The life span of a c-peptide in the blood is 20 minutes, and
insulin – 5 times less. This explains the difference in content
these substances in the patient’s blood, the normal ratio is
1: 5.

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C-peptide assay

To determine the level of c-peptide, a venous analysis is prescribed.
blood. This study is necessary for all diabetics.
patients suffering from diseases of the pancreas.

Why do they test for c-peptide? Basic goals

  • Determination of the volume of insulin cells, if there are antibodies to
    by him.
  • Accurate diagnosis of diabetes to determine further tactics
  • Detection of tumors in the pancreas.
  • Clarify the cause of the sharp decline in glucose

Byказаниями к проведению анализа являются:

  • Refinement of type of diabetes.
  • Infertility in women.
  • Byликистоз яичников.
  • Frequent repetition of hypoglycemia.
  • Evaluation of the functionality of the pancreas after surgery
    resection of the organ.
  • Оценка эффективности инсулиноtherapy.
  • Byдозрение на инсулиному (опухоль поджелудочной).
  • Cushing’s syndrome.
  • Evaluation of the possibility of withdrawal of insulin therapy.
  • Gestational diabetes in pregnant women (to assess the risks
    for the fruit).
  • Monitoring remission in adolescent diabetes.
  • Patient complaints about the causeless weight gain, increase
    daily diuresis, increased thirst.

The study is conducted using two techniques. By одной из них
blood is taken on an empty stomach, the other involves additional
glucose stimulation. The stimulation assay is prescribed when
a fasting diabetes patient with a c-peptide level is within
norms. In this case, it is impossible to determine what type of diabetes
is sick. Differentiate the form of the disease is possible after
studies with carbohydrate load.

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Method of blood sampling during stimulation:

  • The patient eats carbohydrate food, the amount of carbohydrates
    must be at least 2 bread units.
  • Через два часа у больного проводят забор blood.
  • The patient is given an injection of glucagon.
  • Blood sampling is carried out again.

For the most accurate results, the patient should
prepare for the analysis. Needed one day before the study
exclude fatty, salty, spicy foods, alcohol, medicinal
drugs. If you cannot stop taking the medication, you must
warn the doctor about this.

When analyzing on an empty stomach, the last meal should be
no later than 10 hours before the study, allowed to use
just clean water.

Doctors to assess the condition of a patient with diabetes prefer
analysis of the chain, and not the measurement of insulin levels. The main advantages
measurement of the peptide:

  • Determining the differences between two types of insulin – exogenous
    (derived from the outside) and endogenous (produced by the
    by the body).
  • The ability to assess the status of beta cells that affect the synthesis
    endogenous insulin.
  • Observation of the stage of diabetes remission. If the patient has started
    aggravation, the level of c-peptide drops sharply. When he is in remission
    находится в пределах norms.
  • Evaluation of the degree of insulin secretion in a patient. In the presence of
    antibodies to insulin, the level of peptide increases as the cells
    react with proinsulin.
  • Ability to fix recurrence of insulinoma or
    spread of metastases.
  • Diagnosing insulin resistance after carbohydrate

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The rate of c-peptide

The rate of c-peptide content in men and women does not differ.
The following norms of indicators are adopted:

  • 0.79-1.88 ng / ml;
  • 0.27-0.62 mmol / l.

For children, rates vary according to age. The child has
the amount of c-peptide on an empty stomach may be slightly lower
norms, as it enters the blood after eating.

Not only the level of c-peptide is important, but its ratio and
insulin. It determines the presence of insulinoma and the introduction of elevated
insulin doses to create artificial hypoglycemia. If a
the ratio is less than one, it means that
повышенный синтез insulin. If the ratio is more than one, you can
talk about getting elevated доз insulin.

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Causes of reduced level of the chain

A decrease in the level of c-peptide in the blood can occur in different ways.
reasons. If a показатели существенно ниже нормы, это может
to testify about the following pathologies:

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  • Artificial hypoglycemia caused by the introduction of a large dose
  • Hypoglycemia resulting from the use of large
    amounts of alcohol.
  • The presence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 1).
  • Condition after resection of the pancreas.
  • Strong emotional stress.

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The reasons for the increase in the norm

With some diseases, the blood in the blood increases. To this
contribute to the following states:

  • Acceptance of hormonal drugs of the estrogen group.
  • Insulin-independent diabetes (type 2).
  • Long-term therapy with glucocorticosteroids.
  • Pancreatic neoplasm (insulinoma), its recurrence
    или spread of metastases.
  • Byчечная дисфункция.
  • Byражение печени циррозом.
  • Active growth of beta cells.
  • The use of drugs to reduce glucose levels.

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What to do when abnormal c-peptide

If a отклонение уровня с-пептида от нормы зафиксировано впервые,
further research should be carried out to accurately
determine the cause. The amount of peptide may be affected
hormonal drugs, and after their cancellation everything will come back to normal.
Also a decrease in the amount of peptide caused by a stressful situation,
eliminated after a rest.

If a же этот фактор исключен, то назначают дополнительное
examination. With the help of ultrasound, MRI is possible to detect a tumor
pancreas, metastases, liver condition. Under suspicion
on cirrhosis of the liver or pathology of the kidneys additionally spend
biochemical analysis of blood, renal and hepatic tests.

If a причиной повышения стал прием средств для снижения уровня
sugar, you should adjust the dosage or cancel the medication.
In case of recurrence of a tumor, the pancreas doctor immediately takes
решение о повторной операции и проведении химиоtherapy.

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