What are actually dangerous antibiotics forchildren?

Update: February 2019

The recent publication of the notorious journal “Science Translation
Medicine ”revealed the answer to the questions about the dangers of antibacterial
preparations for children. A group of scientists from the Danish Medical Center
Cincinnati, as well as scientists from the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia
have reported adverse effects of antibiotics on respiratory
newborn system: with their use increases the risk
the formation of pneumonia in the first days of life.


The conclusions of the researchers were based on the scientific
experiments. The main subjects were white laboratory mice.
Scientists have watched newborn baby cubs, immunity
which was supposed to start working as a result of the merger
intestinal dendritic cells and bacteria from normal microflora
little animals. At the cellular level, as a result of this process,
see the movement of lymphoid cells (protective immune cells) on
the surface of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

It turned out that antibacterial drugs are capable
prevent the above merging. Medications interfere
bacteria get into the intestinal lumen, and therefore, interfere and
lymphoid cells respond to them. Thus, the “harmful”
bacteria are left without control of the immune system. And nothing to them
prevents to affect the respiratory organs with the development of a different nature

American researchers believe that this particular feature
antibacterial agents leads to increased risk of death
from pneumonia in newborns. Children are literally unprotected.
in front of dangerous microorganisms. But also antibiotics, maybe
make their contribution to the development of asthma in those people who
not genetically predisposed to it. Anyway, with confidence
You can talk about the feasibility of further study of this
a question.

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