What antibiotics can be taken when feedingbreastfeed?

антибиотики при кормлении грудью

During the period of breastfeeding mother with special care
monitor their health. But what if the disease is still
caught off guard? What to be treated to receive the drug not only
helped the mother, but did not hurt the child?

Antibiotic action

All that eats and takes a nursing woman, sooner or later
enters her baby’s body through breast milk.
Antibiotics are no exception. Moreover, some groups of drugs
tend to increase concentrations in breast milk.
In addition, the excretory system in a child is not yet mature, and in blood
low ability to self-purification, therefore drugs that
get into his body, tend to accumulate.

Если вы все же решили принимать антибиотики во
breastfeeding time, be sure to read the instructions for
application section on contraindications. There are four drugs.

  • prohibited to use during lactation;
  • allowed during breastfeeding;
  • conditionally permitted, i.e. means recommended if
    the expected effect will exceed the potential harm;
  • unexplored, that is, information on the effect of the drug on
    no baby.

Categories of antibacterial drugs

Antibiotics are divided into groups, and each group has a different
possible impact on the child if it enters his body.

  • Penicillins. Get into breast milk like
    a consequence can cause a baby’s bowel disorder
    (cause colic), increased sensitivity to external
    irritants, candidiasis, skin rash.
  • Cephalosporins. When entering the body
    baby through breast milk cause the same effect that
  • Carbapenems. Not learned whether safe
    drugs of this group for babies. (!)
  • Monobactam. Get into breast milk in
    small amount, therefore, recommended for use with
  • Macrolides. Get into breast milk but
    no negative effects on the child’s body.
  • Aminoglycosides. Get into breast milk in
    small amounts can cause work disorder
  • Tetracyclines. Get into breast milk
    cause irreversible changes in the development of dental germs and
    skeleton, high photosensitivity, candidiasis, disruption of work
    intestine. Breastfeeding
    запрещено (!).
  • Хинолоны/ Фторхинолоны. Fall into
    breast milk, cause dysfunction of the joints, which may be
    cause of stunting.
  • Glycopeptides. Fall into грудное молоко и
    may cause an increase in the child’s sensitivity to external
    раздражителям, нарушения в работе intestine.
  • Lincosamides. Fall into грудное молоко и могут
    make the child more sensitive to external stimuli,
    нарушения в работе intestine.
  • Oxazolidinones. Not learned whether safe
    drugs of this group for babies.
  • Nitroimidazoles. Get into breast milk but
    their effects on children have not been studied.
  • Nitrofurans. Not learned whether safe
    drugs of this group for babies.
  • Polymyxin. Not learned whether safe
    drugs of this group for babies.
  • Sulfonamides Get into breast milk
    can cause nuclear jaundice in infants, which often leads to
    brain dysfunction.

Taking antibiotics while breastfeeding

If the drug you are prescribed is included in the
breastfeeding, it should be taken either at the time of feeding,
either immediately after it. So the dose that enters the body of the baby,
will be minimal. Before using the medication is required
consult with the pediatrician, perhaps he will appoint a child
supporting drugs. 

If the designated agent is contraindicated during lactation,
то кормление грудью при приеме антибиотиков следует
stop it. To maintain milk production regularly
to express it – once in 3-3,5 hours from both breasts. After graduation
course can not be resumed immediately, it should take 2-3 days,
so that the drug is completely removed from the mother’s body.

In the case of an illness you cannot self-medicate, only
The specialist can select suitable antibiotics, and
you need to let know that you are a nursing mom.

If you have a premature baby, or have a baby for less than a week,
be extremely careful to take any antibacterial
funds, even permitted. In case of doubt in the absence of
contraindications for nursing mothers need to get
additional information from a breastfeeding consultant
or contact the relevant directories for information.

A nursing mother is responsible for the health of two people, so before
using any antibiotic you need to decide whether
potential benefit to exceed the possible harm, and how to protect against
this harm baby.

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