What a meeting, or a list of strange and funnysurprises awaiting you on the day of discharge from the maternity hospital

When childbirth and all associated experiences are left behind,
the strength returned and the young mother learned to care for the baby,
The last hours before discharge seem unbearably long. At that time
�“On the other side of the barricades” impatiently loved and
relatives – husband, parents, older children, as well as all who are happy
the appearance of crumbs. Such a “temporary madness” is not in vain.
It is likely that happy relatives will present you a number
surprises that can cause a whole range of emotions – from emotion to

So, you can meet …

день выписки из роддома

1. … showmen and musicians

You hope quietly and peacefully leave the maternity hospital building, not
attracting extra attention because you have no strength to do makeup
and hair, no desire to dress up, and indeed you are 3 days ago
gave birth, aching back, legs do not hold, and you want only in the shower and
bed. But for your relatives and friends, an extract –


People close to you almost with fanfare, open
champagne on the porch and pounce on all sides with bouquets
flowers, balloons and cameras … In addition, you are greeted
videographers, animators, orchestra or gypsy ensemble (possibly with
bear). Fireworks, shedding rose and improvised
buffet right on the hood of cars. If you do not advance
agreed with relatives about a “quiet and peaceful” departure from the hospital,
gather the will into a fist and pretend that you like
going on. No need to offend relatives and friends, because they are sincere
хотели устроить для вас яркий и незабываемый celebration.

2. … dad with brief amnesia

Have you ever waited for someone from the hospital? If not, you
lucky. You can not even imagine how many “flights” for several
days the “meeting party” commits between the supermarket, the house and
maternity and postpartum ward. Products, clean water, things,
which you need to bring and take away … Yes, and home cooking –
the final touches of the design and decor of the nursery, the final marathon
shopping, constant, albeit joyful, excitement … This is literally
driving crazy

папа рад новорожденному ребенку

Do not be surprised and try not to get angry if, having gone through everything
this, the husband will inadvertently leave the bag with your clothes at home. Yes it is
It happens, and not so rare.


Of course, the medical staff will donate a robe and slippers for you. Not
luxury class, but you get to the house … It remains to be hoped that in your
In this case, caring relatives did not provide for a detailed
show program (see previous paragraph).

3. … sudden talents

The emergence of a new family member can not only motivate
relatives for unexpected actions, but also to inspire
manifestation of hitherto hidden talents. For example, an older sister may
suddenly rush into the decorators and furnish the niece’s room
кружевно-конфетном стиле и оформит детскую комнату в
juicy pink color :)


Young grandmother, feeling the talent of the designer and knitter,
одарит вас шапочками всех возможных мастей и конфигураций, ну
and dear husband football player to top it off composing a serenade,
which is ready to perform under the windows of the maternity ward.

4. … a horde of guests

Popular wisdom has long determined the place of the uninvited guest in one
along with the foreign invader and even worse. Even stranger
situation – if there are a lot of such guests and all of them are called. But not

You finally got home, dreaming of rest … And here you are
meets a crowd of people, among whom you recognize former neighbors,
fellow students of brother, colleague father and distant relatives from
KhMAO, the last time you visited during your childhood. Name to them
Legion, and everyone vied with congratulations … Take heart. Yours
loved ones just wanted to emphasize your importance to the world
public – at least in the person of those who could
to reach / subscribe.

5. … table with forbidden dishes

Okay, let there be guests. In the end, they will not remain
all overnight You just need to be patient and sit for a couple of hours
At the table – I just wanted to eat. Table i must say
corresponds to the number of guests – the female part of your families
tried to glory.


What do we have there on plates and in salad bowls? �”Russian salad”,
�”Mimosa”, herring under a fur coat, crab salad, mushrooms in mayonnaise, eggs
under mayonnaise, beets and carrots with mayonnaise. It seems in the near
grocery was a total sale of mayonnaise … On hot,
Of course, fattening pork or red fish, liquor and
carbonated drinks, citrus and exotic fruits in
assortment. The table is crowned with a two-story chocolate cake. And near
smiling relatives who went to the holiday, but
completely forgot about the diet of the nursing mother. �“Nursing mom’s diet?
Not, не слышали. Olga, will you drink champagne with us? And the wine? BUT
vodka? Well, half the booze you can, right? “

Board experienced! To avoid unpleasant situations
notify relatives in advance how you plan
spend your first day of “freedom” after the hospital. On their own
Pack the necessary things, put them in a visible place and sign.
Make up menu or describe to relatives what should be included
The diet of the young mother, and then there should not be in any form.
Accompanying events also negotiate in advance. Availability
maximum detailed and unambiguous instructions for any occasion
save you from an unnecessary headache … or bright memorable

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