Wet wipes harm children’s skin

Update: February 2019

Allergists and dermatologists in the United States conducted a study on the subject
safety wet wipes that are used to care for
skin of children. To test sanitary napkins was investigated
composition of their impregnation. It turned out that chemicals are fragrances,
preservatives and other, harm the delicate skin of the child.

American pediatricians strongly recommend parents
eliminate or significantly limit the use of wet wipes
for the care of not only the skin of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, but
and for school-age children, as well as for adults prone to
allergic reactions (see treatment of dermatitis on the hands).

Chemicals for sensitive skin are
the most powerful irritants and very often irritation, contact
dermatitis (see dermatitis ointment), allergic rash doctors
take for psoriasis (see psoriasis ointment), impetigo, eczema, do not
suspecting the true cause of the skin reactions that are caused
wet wipes.


Wet wipes harm children's skin

Scientists from the University of Connecticut, have established
dermatitis on the face, buttocks, handles of children
с метилизотиазолином.

This preservative is part of the impregnation of wet wipes with
antibacterial action. It was observed that after cessation
use of such wipes skin manifestations in babies during
the weeks went by themselves.

Pediatricians recommend replacing the use of wet wipes.
ordinary, simple, standard water procedures. And apply
modern wet wipes only in extreme cases when there is no
another opportunity to carry out skin care (travel, travel,
walks) choosing quality, non-antibacterial wipes.

Even in these cases, a regular, dry, soft cloth napkin,
wetted with plain water will be more efficient and safer than
questionable antibacterial wet wipes soaked
harmful substances. If irritation, redness occurs,
rash use of these napkins should be discontinued.

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