Wet cough in an infant (like and whattreat)

Мокрый кашель у грудного ребенка

Before you talk about the most important tips on how to
to cure a wet cough in an infant, you need to know about the symptoms
and the reasons for its occurrence.

For тех, кто не знает, кашель разделяют на «сухой кашель» и
�“Wet” (or “wet”). Now we talk about a wet cough.

Wet cough in a child

As a rule, cough with sputum in both babies and children.
adult person says about colds:

  • ORVI,
  • Colds
  • bronchitis (which can become chronic with insufficient
    good treatment)
  • angina,
  • inflammation of the tonsils (pharyngeal),
  • sinusitis and others

However, you should not be alarmed if you noticed a one-time
wet cough in an infant. After all, a normal healthy baby
can cough daily up to 8-10 times. Why? Because in the pulmonary
paths and larynx can get particles of dust or something like that. AT
In this case, the cough is a natural way of cleansing.

But, in another case, coughing is an important symptom,
which parents determine the need to start treatment.
If a wet cough in an infant can

  1. Temperature increase (above 37.5), which does not fall on
    over several days.
  2. ATнезапное и резкое возникновение кашля, не исчезающего в
    certain period.
  3. The appearance of shortness of breath and respiratory failure.
  4. Suffocation.
  5. The appearance of strong sputum and mucus when coughing.
  6. The appearance of a rash or other allergic reaction.

Then you need to start taking action. Immediately pay
attention to the fact that it is impossible to self-medicate because
In most cases, self-medication will lead to severe consequences and
complications. Therefore, immediately make out a pediatrician’s call to the house or
visit it yourself in the clinic.

(!) If a child has a fever with a cough,
нужно вызвать скорую помощь.

Before her arrival, the baby can be rubbed with a solution of vinegar and made
cool compresses. When there is a suspicion of allergic
cough, you need to ventilate the room, remove foreign objects,
for example, toys. What would they be dangerous about? AT них, как
and in bedding, mites and dust may appear.

In addition, pay attention to the appearance of a soft toy and
its composition. Manufacturers can use cheap material and
excessive amounts of poor quality paint; these factors can
become unpleasant allergens for your baby.

AT процессе болезни и мокром кашле у ребенка, помогайте его
The body is free from mucus and normalize breathing. For
When the child is lying, place a pillow under his head.
A slightly elevated position will provide a more intense cough with
sputum output. Do not forget to check the mouth of the child,
to clear it of mucus.

And finally: why it is strictly forbidden to engage
self-treatment? Only a doctor will be able to accurately determine the diagnosis and
prescribe a certain type of treatment and necessary drugs. Pediatrician
will take into account the features of the body of the baby, as a result
helps to avoid complications, allergies, etc. Bless you and
Your children, regardless of age!

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Treatment of wet cough in a child: drainage massage

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