Wen on the body, under the skin: symptoms, causes,deletion

Wen on the body (lipoma) is a benign
a tumor that forms from adipose tissue cells. Most
solitary hypodermic lipomas are common, but there are also
multiple growths of lipomas in the subcutaneous tissue and muscle
fibers. Lipoma is benign (with minimal risk
malignancy) disease with slow growth.

As it progresses, the Wen increases in size and
the latter stages begins to cause the patient some inconvenience,
based on the location of the tumor, and when the disease
acquires a common character, forming on the body a lot
wen, limiting the mobility of limbs and causing
acute disorders of muscle activity and tissue blood supply. With
a significant increase in the tumor squeezes the surrounding tissues, blood vessels
and nerve endings, causing characteristic clinical symptoms in
form of swelling, pain, sensitivity disorders, etc. By
lipomas are divided into:

  • Byдкожные;
  • Myolipoma (located deep in the muscles);
  • Perineural (located near the nerve trunks);
  • Adenolipomas (having glandular cells as a part), etc.

In 98% of cases, Wen form subcutaneously, less frequently recorded
intermuscular lipomas located in deep soft tissues.
Usually lipomas are single (94% of cases), less often multiple.
With эндокринных нарушениях, у больных нейрофиброматозом, а также у
women most often have multiple lesions. Byчему появляются

Withчины возникновения жировиков

The initial manifestations of the disease are painless small
Wen on the body, the causes of which, presumably,
are hereditary as well as any provocative
factor. There are still no definite exact reasons for their
Education, the majority are only speculations, hypotheses.
Among the factors contributing to the development of lipomas, there are: 
Withчины возникновения жировиков

  • Injuries, tissue squeezing
  • Diseases, including hereditary, associated with the violation
    fat metabolism;
  • Diabetes;
  • Weakened immunity and insufficient intake of vitamins and
    protein into the body;
  • Smoking;
  • Exposure to ionizing radiation;
  • Age over 40 years.

All of these factors can be considered as reasons.
wen under the skin, as well as any internal organs. Aggregate
one or more of them can aggravate
diseases, causing rapid progression and growth of wen
to large sizes. However, to the fore among the reasons
the emergence of Wen (lipomas) still goes hereditary

Having a sick relative in the family significantly increases the risk
lipoma formation. Opinion of doctors about the effect of nutrition on
growth of lipomas is divided, some believe that the enhanced growth of lipomas
impaired nutrition, obesity, others – whatever
lifestyle or nutrition does not affect the occurrence and
progression of Wen.

  • A characteristic feature of a wen is when a person loses weight, size
    lipoma does not change, sometimes even increases.
  • There is a risk of lipoma degenerating into a malignant tumor.
    but he is not very tall. With разрастании жировика в соединительные и
    muscle tissue the likelihood of transformation into cancer increases.
  • Lipoma can become painful with growth and nerve damage.
  • The only method of prophylaxis is annual monitoring of
    neoplasm of the skin, timely treatment to the surgeon.

Symptoms wen under the skin

What does a wen look like? Жировик на теле  At the initial stage of the disease
asymptomatic, causing unpleasant sensations and deterioration
quality of life of the patient. As a rule, the patient does not attach importance
that the wen appeared on the body and is in no hurry to address
about this to the doctor.

Externally, the lipoma is a tumor-limited
the formation of a soft texture, not soldered to the surrounding tissues
and with skin. The skin over the wen are not changed and retain
normal color and elasticity.

Important! The presence of any neoplasm on the body, including
Wen, is a contraindication to massage.
The masseur simply bypasses the single lipoma, in case of impossibility
lipoma treatment (with multiple fats on the body, under the skin),
then you should refuse to massage this area or completely
from massage. This applies not only to classic massage, but also
canned, honey, stone massage. In addition, during
Physiotherapy courses should also inform the doctor about the presence of a wen
under the skin.

The so-called atheromas are also commonly considered to be
very similar to lipomas, which can only be accurately differentiated
indirect specialist:

  • Atheroma is formed in areas of the body where large concentrations of
    sebaceous glands, and the lipoma is usually localized in places of accumulation
    subcutaneous adipose tissue.
  • The lipoma has no signs of blockage of the sebaceous gland (excretory
    duct), which is observed in atheroma.
  • Both tumors are almost indistinguishable by touch, however the lipoma
    not soldered to the skin surface and is a subcutaneous tumor, and
    Atheroma is part of the skin.

Lipomas can occur as single entities or in
in the form of multiple lesions on a limited small area of ​​skin.
Byдкожная липома может иметь форму узла ограниченной формы,
surrounded by a capsule. Less favorable course of lipoma
characterized by diffuse proliferation of adipose tissue, not
limited capsule and occupying a large area. Size of linden trees
ranges from one to five centimeters or more. Have been described
cases where the lipoma was larger than 10 centimeters.

Tumors of large size during uncontrolled growth begin
to form a characteristic clinical picture of the disease. First
the clinical manifestation of a lipoma is a feeling of discomfort,
gravity in the area of ​​the tumor. Byд собственным весом подкожный жировик
on the body may sag, causing swelling and stagnation in the affected area
blood circulation.


In general, lipomas do not pose a serious threat to health, so
how timely they are diagnosed and treated. Lipoma problem
rather lies in the aesthetic region. The presence of seals under
skin on open areas of the body causes significant discomfort
both for the patient and for others. But do not forget also
about possible complications of the disease with inadequate treatment.

With отсутствии лечения длительный отек приводит к нарушению
tissue supply, ulceration and, as a result, limited
focus of necrosis of the skin. At a later stage, it is an irreversible process,
which causes a number of infectious complications, including

Diagnosis of Wen

With подозрении на липому объем диагностических исследований
comes down to taking a biopsy of tissue from the hearth to histology.

With необходимости определения размеров и границ липомы, а также
in complex cases, additional
examination (ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan and
MRI). As a rule, these methods are used to diagnose lipomas.
internal organs, joints, muscles, etc.

Getting rid of the wen by folk methods is not easy.
useless, but extremely dangerous. Remove the lipoma capsule, and
not the contents, otherwise the lipoma will constantly appear again. Everything
methods of folk treatment with compresses, lotions only soften
the upper layer of the skin, while inflammation may occur and
infection. With самостоятельном лечении может образоваться
scar, as well as “pull out” the contents of a wen to a non-professional
hard enough because it’s hard to define the borders of the capsule

How to get rid of the wen on the body – treatment of lipoma

Most распространенными методами лечения липом являются:
Жировик под кожей

  • Puncture aspiration;
  • Laser correction;
  • The method of radio wave surgery.

Лазерное deletion жировиков на теле является
effective method, widely used in practice in modern
cosmetic surgery clinics. The advantage of this method
is the speed of implementation, low probability of development
postoperative complications and the absence of a tissue defect in place
remove lipomas.

The essence of the method lies in the directional effect
ultrashort wave radiation on the affected area under control
intensity and duration of exposure. In this way,
layer-by-layer separation of pathological tissues in the outbreak is provided
without injury to surrounding healthy structures.

Byказание к удалению липомы — это стремительный рост,
the occurrence of pain wen when he creates
cosmetic defect (wen on the face, on the head), and when
interferes with surrounding organs and tissues.

To get rid of the wen on the body of the second modern and
hi-tech method of treating lipomas is
радиоволновое deletion. В данном случае deletion
Wen is due to exposure to radio wave
radiation heating the fat cells of the tumor. With нагревании до
high temperature the lipoma cells are gradually separated from the skin and
are deleted. This is a low-impact bloodless method that provides
additional antiseptic effect on the area of ​​operation.

Использование пункционно-аспирационного метода
removal of lipoma involves the introduction of special
device, followed by suction of fat cells. Procedure
produced under the control of a microvideo endoscope and shown when
small sizes of limes. With использовании данного метода возможно
subsequent recurrence of the disease, since there is a high probability
preserve residues of abnormal adipose tissue in the capsule
aspirated lipoma.

Any of the listed methods has high efficiency in
regarding treatment of lipomas. The decision on how to remove the wen on
body, you must take in conjunction with your doctor, appreciating all
benefits, possible complications and side effects from

Автор: Коробов Никита Александрович врач-анестезиолог

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