Weight loss after menopause reduces the riskbreast cancer

Update: February 2019

Women after menopause who dropped at least a couple of kilos, less often
suffer from breast cancer than women with stable weight.
This is proven in a new American study and published in
Cancer magazine.

Ожирение – это известный фактор риск breast cancer.
In previous studies of reliable facts, does
losing weight prevent cancer was not.


In the new scientific work, body weight and height were measured twice.
61,000 postmenopausal women, with an interval of three years. Behind
participants in the experiment were observed for 11.4 years:

  • 3061 women subsequently developed cancer
  • in women who have lost at least 5% of body weight during the first
    3 years, the probability of developing cancer was less than 12%.

The author of the study, Dr. Rovan Hlebovsky from the National
The City of Hope Medical Center in California says that
a slight decrease in body weight, even if the total weight
equals excess, helps prevent cancer.

After the cessation of menstruation, the source of esterogens that
увеличивают риск breast cancer, является жировая ткань.
Weight gain of 5% or more was not associated with an increased risk of cancer.
breast cancer, but 54% increased the risk of triple negative cancer
mammary gland: severe oncology

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