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My name is Ann. Today I want to talk with you about how
to cope with 2 small children who have a very small
age difference.

Anya Eliseeva is the mother of two charming girls Katrusi and
Marousi Anya tells how to cope with two small
children who have a small age difference, combine work and
life We share with you the most useful life hacking:

I want to tell you about my story.

Challenge: work and 2 small children

Between my girls the difference is a year and 10 months. When Maruse was
a year, and I just stopped breastfeeding, went back to work, we
my husband and I started the renovation of our apartment, and then an ultrasound was found out
that we will have another baby.

I just went to work, and even speech could not be about
that I can go on maternity leave again. Therefore I already
I thought through this logistics beforehand, how can I combine work,
and two small children.

The main fears in anticipation of the second child

I immediately had a few major

  1. The first fear, and the main, is that I can not give
    the same time for your beloved baby, your Marus, and that
    I will not be missed as much as I have enough for Marusia, for
    your newborn baby.
  2. My second fear was that Marusia would be very jealous, and
    her world will collapse because she was such a mommy, very tame
    girl. And I was very worried that there would be some kind of aggression, stress,
    that when they grow up, there will be some fights. I am very much about
    этом прочитала (Читаем также: детская
  3. The next my fear was that how can I
    растить двух маленьких деток, не отрываясь от

All fears come true!

Another problem that I encountered, and which I don’t
I thought a lot during pregnancy, these are diseases of children.
When Marusia first fell ill, Katya was only 6 months old.

Naturally, the youngest child caught the virus from the older one, and we
in general, it was all very scary for Christmas. It was very sorry
both girls because both needed a mother, both needed
constantly hug, stroke, be near, heal. And here at least
burst out!

How do I cope with the jealousy of children to each other

1. Prepare dad

The first is to train dad. Dad we have a golden, thank God,
Basically, he’s a mom. Sometimes even more mom than me! We are with
he agreed during pregnancy that he would conduct
more time with Marusya.

He began to put her to bed, he bathed her, read fairy tales to her,
very much walked with her. Therefore, in principle, Maruse dad as if
could always replace mom, or at least not in the sharpest and
In critical situations, you can always go to dad in your arms and
stay with him.

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who is raising a daughter

2. Have fun together

Of course, it is very important to create some such moments
особенно когда маленький малыш подрастает, чтобы они
could play and enjoy together the total time. It is very difficult
do it because little kids can’t play. They can’t
explain, do not know how to communicate, they are good, just when there is
mom or some favorite toys.

3. Bathing together

But, nevertheless, it is good to take a bath together. Maruse already
after 2 years it was interesting that there is some kind of little baby
who floats next to her in the bathroom, lies on the back, gurgling. it
It was a great time together.

4. Listen to music together

You can listen to music together, and not necessarily children’s, not
be sure to go crazy with the next track by Mozart or
Tchaikovsky. You can listen to the music you listen to with your father.
We are with Андреем включали наши любимые клипы, от всей души
relaxed, had fun, and the kids danced, had fun together with
us. it очень сближает!

5. Travel together

A wonderful journey always shows if you can together
to exist or not. Therefore, our children, traveling together to
to grandmothers in Odessa, somewhere just outside the city, also approached,
because the road brings together.

How do I cope with life and work

1. Helpers


The most important, number 1, is helpers. All you can imagine
allow – a nanny, 2 nannies, grandmother, grandfather, girlfriend. I even asked
for the weekend to come girlfriend in order to just exhale and
look up at the white ceiling.

2. Online shopping

I transferred all my purchases online. it очень выгодно

  • it экономит время;
  • it экономит ваши ресурсы – вы не бегаете, не выбираете. You
    exactly focused what you need to buy;
  • And, of course, it saves the budget, because at most
    Sites to buy more profitable and cheaper.

When you buy clothes on the site, you see all at once.
collection. You можете спланировать, что купить, а не просто в
the store you liked the thing and you were distracted by it and forgot that
you do not need it.

And so you clearly know – yeah, I bought red tights, red
dress, red shoes. And, of course, clothes too
buy one I ordered everything, they brought me to fitting, I tried on
right at home. Generally, this is a weekend: you feed the baby,
the courier arrives, you measure – fit, not fit, send
order, and save a lot of time.

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the shops

3. Distribute work

Feel free to say once again at work that you are small
children that you need to decant your chest that you can’t sit and
Trying at meetings is about nothing in debt. I’m in that status
�The “young mother” came, she constantly talked about this to everyone, because
we have, unfortunately, neither law nor such culture in society,
who would protect, protect and help the mother who is forced
работать и организовывать грудное вскармливание.

And all of my meetings, all of my schedule, I arranged exactly
under these expressions. I never answered the phone. I
I just saved them and answered autoreplay that I will answer later, now
I can not. it освобождало мне время для того, чтобы что-то делать
by hands.

Then I had a pool of time when I answer the telephone
calls, and all working meetings, I also endured, or at a clear time
on certain days, or on certain days.

4. To dictate and send all tasks
audio files

When there are a lot of tasks in my head, it’s necessary
write, but even write – not always a notebook and pen under
hand, but always on hand phone. Therefore, you can dictate yourself
all you have to do is send an audio file, for example, to a dad or
someone else. You не тратите время, вся информация у вас сохранена.
In the evening or in the morning you can browse through it and remember what you have
important assignments were recorded.

5. Rebuild the whole schedule from mom

Everything that happens around mom should be happening around mom.
Therefore, you should not be torn to work, to the eldest child, to
younger child, and everything should be organized around you. Even
baby can be brought to the feed to the mother at work.

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Allow yourself to be imperfect

Again, a very important psychological, moral, spiritual
Life hacking is about the fact that at some point you just need
Relax and understand that you can not be perfect!

There is no longer a choice between good and bad. You больше не будете
the kind of perfectionist you were with your first child.
Now there are two of them, some other duties – and just the world will not be
the same. And all the time it will be necessary to choose between worse and better. You все
Equally make this choice, but when you do it for yourself internally
accept, it becomes somehow easier to breathe.

Because it will be like this: or sleep children – it’s better for children, we won’t sleep
we are worse for us. Children will walk, get some pleasure, we all
we will do for them, but we will not have time to do any housework.

You have this choice – it is constantly. Therefore, you need to take this
a situation that you are not an ideal mother, but you are as you are. I себе,
like mantras, I read the same thing all the time:

�“Well, like this, and you can survive this! They will mature, and all
Equally will love each drga, and still will live happily,
peacefully because we love them very much. ”

And indeed, over time, everything comes to a certain rhythm, kids
grow up – but pasaran, moms! :)

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Hold on, believe in yourself and share your life hacking in

  • How do you handle 2 babies?
  • What techniques do you have?
  • How do you reassure them when they quarrel?
  • How do you allocate your time between all duties?

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