Wean the child throw things and food: 8useful tips

Tantrum – a powerful weapon of protest, which likes to use
child in the midst of crisis 2 – 3 years. During a tantrum, a baby can
scream, cry, fall to the floor and demand your own, intentionally
expanding the boundaries of what is permitted. But he has another way
attract the attention of mom. The child begins to throw various objects.
and food. It’s also fun! How to disaccustom the child to throw everything,
what will fall under the arm? Read on “I Am Your Baby”.

Throwing things, objects and even food is a new skill that
master children aged 1.5 to 3 years. And he is not bad if
look at it differently. To throw, not drop the subject,
you need not just to open your fingers, but to coordinate the work of the eyes and
hands Purposeful throwing things helps develop petty
finger motility. This is a very exciting ability. Clear,
why a child wants to throw objects again and again. But desire
mothers to wean the baby throw things rightly.

из мультфильма малыш и карлсон малыш раскидывает игрушки and items

Yes, you’re driving crazy about food or nipples in the kitchen, which
lands on the pavement. But for the child it’s all solid.
pleasure. You must understand that the ability to throw things is not only
bring pleasure to the baby, but also develops it. Instructive even
what happens after the throw: the child begins to understand that everything
objects fall only down, not up. Let him not yet
aware of gravity, but he can observe its effects
actions. Throws give the kid to understand that the ball bounces off the floor,
the berry is flattened on it, and the egg is smashed softly.

What can be done to stop the child from throwing food, things
and items

Do not scold or punish the child for what he throws
some objects, unless he is aiming a stone at the cat, the window,
people or car. Make the kid stop 1.5-3 years
scatter things impossible. But there is a solution: take a new one.
control of the child’s passion, limiting the list of things
which you can throw, and reducing the number of “targets.”

Show your baby items that you can

If you offer a child a lot of things that you can throw, he
will quickly understand that it is impossible to do this with other objects and
a meal. Show him the balls and other things (balloons, balloons from
children’s bowling, soft toys and other safe items),
которые он может throw, не опасаясь маминого негодования. And in
Time to walk offer to feed the pigeons: a two-year-old baby
очень понравится отламывать и throw кусочки хлеба.

The meaning of this advice is that the child needs help.
to clarify: it is possible to throw things, but only certain things, in
certain places and at certain times. If he already
prepared to throw sneakers, calmly take him out of your hands and tell me
что обувью throwся нельзя, зато можно кинуть мячик.

Stop aggressive scattering things

What to do if the kid rushes with what it is impossible? Try
pretend that nothing happened try to ignore
this. If you interrupt your business and look disapprovingly at
child, soon he will again try to get your attention. After all he
knows how to do it: you just need to throw something that is impossible, and
он обязательно будет делать это снова и снова.

If a ребёнок начал throw вещи в других малышей, вы должны
develop tactics that you stick to all the time. For children
helps to memorize the repetition of the same. If a
the child threw something, tell him that it hurts, that’s why
can not be done. After that, take him aside by taking a break in
his game, so he cooled and understood what the word “no” means.
But this break should not last longer than 1 minute, otherwise
the kid will forget why he was stopped and torn from work.

If a ребёнок обиделся или обозлился на других детей и начал
кидать в них предметами именно из-за злости и когда «психует»,
explain to him that your feelings can be expressed in words.

Video question in Dr. Komarovsky’s studio: “What to do,
if a child throws objects when angry? “

Do not shout and never raise a hand on a child. By this
An example you will show that anger can be contained, and discontent
to put it in words. That you are upset by his behavior, baby
will understand your tone. If a же он продолжает throw вещи в детей,
and all your efforts to wean him from this were in vain, the exit
one thing remains: watch what falls into your hands

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Attach the toys to the stroller handrail, and the child does not
can throw them

When the baby is sitting in a child car seat or in a stroller, tie
several toys so that he could get them. For this
use laces or elastic bands (so that fingers do not get tangled in them,
cut the ends of the knots). Then the child will understand that not only can
throw the toy, but pull it back towards you. By this вы удвоите
he has fun and save himself from having to lift scattered


Involve the child in the nursery

Do not force collect it all that he scattered. For little
man, this task is almost impossible. Better turn the work into
the game, collecting scattered toys to race. And with that you
You can fix the knowledge of colors in your baby. Just say: “Help me
I find red cubes. “

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Be a good example for your child.

Вы можете на своём примере показать, чем можно throwся, а чем
– not. Drop the pillow on the couch in front of the kid. But do not throw
phone, even if you are sure that he will not get into anyone and not
will crash on the floor. And if the child throws something “forbidden” again,
Walk around the house and put the dirty shirt in the basket together,
candy wrapper from candy in the bin, and a toy in a container for

Stay close when the child eats

Approximately 1.5-2 years comes the most “dirty” period
regarding food intake. And in order to wean the baby not to throw food,
need to sit next to him, stopping any attempt to pulnut porridge or
bread. Every time he starts to threaten food, take and
stop the plate or hand, making it clear that to do so
can not. Yes, and you will be easier if you do not have to wash the floor with
table after each meal. Sitting next to the kid’s lunch, you
You can also make sure that he chews the food thoroughly, not
swallows it in pieces.

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If a малыш кидается едой, подавайте её в небьющейся
dishes for children

Do not put your best china on the table if the baby’s time has come
to eat Buy a set of children’s unbreakable dishes with glasses with
tubes that can be attached to the table or to the nursery
highchair. But remember: it will save you from scattered dishes, but,
most likely, it will not stop the child from trying to tear off the “stuck” to
table plates and glasses.

If a ребёнок раскидывает еду, накладывайте её в тарелку
in small portions

If a в тарелке у ребёнка мало еды, и вы не будете докладывать
addition until it is empty, then it will almost throw
nothing. And do not make the baby eat every last spoon.
Usually, children begin to throw food when they are already full and they
at the table it gets boring.

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Therefore, remove the plate from the table as soon as the child loses
eating interest, not paying attention to how much was eaten. But not
be nervous and do not swear if your baby has something left in his hands:
Adults also occasionally drop food. If a на полу оказались хлебные
baby is not very scary.

Video lesson for women. Ita Minkin. Baby throws food
on the floor … Do not give him food?

If a все же что-то осталось у ребенка в руках, случайно или
on purpose, try not to overwork because of this: we all sometimes
we drop something, so a piece of bread or cheese on the floor is not so

We hope that these tips will help you if your little one
scattering all around, more like a little pig.
Stick to your tactics and be consistent in
their actions. И тогда отучите малыша throwся вещами,
предметами или a meal.

Видео секреты воспитания: ребенок кидается игрушками:

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